The Crimson Robed Masses[note 1] was an extremist group in Jakoku. Originally founded as a mage order by Julia IR, the group eventually became an anti-foreigner organization over the centuries, opposing Jakoku's interactions with the western world.



Sometime during the EC 540s, Julia IR established a following of mages to serve her. After Julia and her forces allied with Princess Jahime Hatsune, they assisted her faction in the Jakoku Civil War. Following the Hatsunes' defeat at the Battle of Jagahara, Julia IR was targeted by the princess and soon after vanished from Jakoku.[1]

Foreign TerrorismEdit

Once the Tokugawa shogunate established hegemony over the entire archipelago, the Crimson Robed Masses continued resisting the new government. By the 9th century EC, the organization devolved into an anti-foreigner terrorist group, expanding its influence within the government and in the common citizenry, while keeping their activities discreet so as to avoid war with the reigning government.[2] The group also began to split into various factions as it grew.[3] At some point, the group began sending threatening letters to the Freezis Foundation's local manager, Perrié Cutie Marlon, hoping to scare off the foreign trade leader to no avail.[4]

Enbizaka Murderer ScandalEdit

In December of EC 838, a member of one of the Crimson Robed factions, Kai Miroku, attempted to set fire to the Freezis trade house and accidentally let the fire spread to the neighboring buildings, destroying most of the town.[3] Eventually, some members of the terrorist group began convening on the top of Mount Izasa.[2] In EC 842, Kai was murdered by Kayo Sudou shortly before the tailor was arrested and later executed. Ten years later, the group resisted the Maistian army's arrival to Jakoku and was subsequently eradicated.[1]

Organization and StructureEdit

During its earlier history, the Crimson Robed Masses were made up of Jakokuese mages and were led by the organization's founder.[1] After it devolved into a terrorist group by the 9th century EC, the group was composed of non-magic users, most of them passing as ordinary citizens of Jakoku or members of the Jakokuese government.[2]

Additionally, the group in time split into multiple factions, with some having no tolerance for even Jakokuese with foreign ancestry, while others directed their hatred towards only foreigners without Jakokuese blood.[3] One of the latter groups made their encampment on Mount Izasa following the fire in Enbziaka.[2]

Known MembersEdit



  • The group's name may be a reference to the red clothes typically worn by its founder, Julia IR.




  1. 紅衣衆
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