The Crim Family[note 1] was a family of Marlon nobles holding the title of Count. The family was famed for its involvement with the Venomania Event and the Disappearance of Evil Food Eater Conchita.


Early HistoryEdit

After its foundation, the family became nobles in the Kingdom of Marlon. In EC 110 Karchess Crim was born and later grew to become a Count. In the EC 130s, he entered an affair with Queen Yufina Marlon, who was married to Martius Marlon at the time.[1]

Venomania EventEdit

In EC 136, Yufina was kidnapped by Duke Sateriasis Venomania during the Venomania Event. Princess Maylis of Beelzenia then appointed Karchess to investigate the case of the missing women and he began traveling around the Beelzenian Empire in search for leads, getting some assistance from the mage Elluka Clockworker. After determining the Duke was the culprit Karchess killed him, freeing the women, and escaped with Yufina when their affair became publicly known. Two years later they returned to Marlon and overthrew Martius' rule, with Karchess being crowned king in his stead.[2]

Disappearance of ConchitaEdit

In EC 320s, a member of the Crim family, Josef, pursued a culinary career. He became famed for his skills and often traveled the world for new recipes. However, by EC 324 he was murdered by AB-CIR in Lioness and identity was then stolen by a distant relative of his, Prince Carlos Marlon.[3] Using the chef's identity, Carlos served under Banica Conchita, his former fiance. After some months of service, Carlos was devoured by the Duke after conceiving a child with her.[3] Historians continued to believe that Carlos was the real Josef, there being rumors that Josef was related to the royal family.[4]

Hell on EarthEdit

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Crim family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[5]

Known MembersEdit



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Crim (クリム) matches several characters in "ice cream" (アイスクリーム), the character item of Karchess' representative Vocaloid, KAITO.




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