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The Court[note 1] was the judgment place conjured by Eve Moonlit. Created by Irina Clockworker through her experiments on the mad witch, the dimension functioned as an arena for judging those enclosed within its space for the mage's plan to destroy the gods and everything they created.


Existing within the conceptual world manifesting the mind, the Court had a very simple structure composed of a large, black, box-like shape with glowing white gridlines lining the floor and walls. When activated, the Court dismantled the preexisting space it was conjured in, tearing much of it apart; it also affected the gravity of non-living things within the space, causing much of them to be pulled apart and float upward.

Due to the nature of the Court, all souls existing within its boundaries were equalized under its jurisdiction, making all beings "fairly" mortal. As a result, any being within the Court was able to be killed without reincarnation. As a conceptual dimension, all beings had access to the innate magical presence in their soul, making anything theoretically possible for its users if given enough power and time to utilize it. While designed to entrap its inhabitants, the space could be entered through dimensional portals from the outside and could only be maintained so long as its Master of the Court, Eve Moonlit, kept it conjured.[1]


Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • In an alternate timeline, Rahab Barisol meets with the Demon of Lust in another Court located deep beneath the sea, capable of projecting holograms.[2]




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