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The Coulomb Family[note 1] was a family based in Lucifenia which became a part of the Venomania Bloodline after a member had a child with a member of the Octo Family.


Early History[]

Originally settled in Lucifenia, the only known family member at the time, Nagisa Coulomb, became involved in the Lucifenian Revolution by supplying weapons to the revolutionaries. At some point she began an affair with the Venom Mercenaries' leader, Gast Venom and became pregnant by him, but Gast died during the revolution before the son was born.[1]

Cursed Blood[]

Nagisa's son went on to have a daughter; said daughter started working as a prostitute in Asmodean. Eventually she became pregnant by a customer and gave birth to a son, Gatt. The woman raised him on her own, facing discrimination together due to their relation to Gast and her own profession.[2]

Gatt went on to serve in the military and became a lieutenant general. He later allied himself with Julia Abelard and became part of her criminal organization Père Noël as Sixth Venom. Gatt served Julia and completed many assassinations under her orders. Eventually, he was tasked with killing the mage Elluka Clockworker and was trusted with Grim the End to do so, however Elluka electrocuted him and tied him to a tree, leaving him to become arrested.[3]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[4]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The family name may be derived from the coulomb, a unit of electric charge used in science.




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