The Corpa Mansion[note 1] was the residence of the Corpa Family in Lucifenia. Located in the city of Rolled, the manor also served as the the headquarters of the Corpa Firm.


Early HistoryEdit

The mansion was built sometime prior to the turn of the sixth century EC in Rolled, Lucifenia. At some point, it came under the ownership of the Corpa Family, managing their Corpa Firm from the estate.[1]

Story of EvilEdit

In EC 500, the Corpa family head of the era harbored the Freezis Family at his home following their release from the Lucifenian Royal Palace dungeons; he soon after allowed their servant Clarith to stay for a short time.[1] After Lucifenia was annexed by the Kingdom of Marlon in EC 501, Corpa's business flourished and the merchant began regularly holding banquets at the mansion to attract his business associates and King Kyle Marlon.[2]

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

After taking over the Corpa Firm, Ton Corpa eventually began hiring children to serve as cheap labor around the mansion up through the turn of the sixth century EC. In EC 601, Ton adopted Rin as another servant; after discovering her singing talent and turning her into a diva, Ton allowed "Rin Chan" to use his mansion as the headquarters for her new idol career. In EC 609, Ton adopted Chansaux to sing in place of Rin, letting the child also stay at his mansion.[3]

Sometime after Rin's lip-syncing was discovered that September, Ton murdered Chansaux in the basement and locked Rin in her room. On October 6, EC 610, Lemy Abelard infiltrated the mansion early in the morning, abducting Rin and murdering Ton.[4] Ton's corpse was discovered later that morning and the World Police soon after investigated the incident at the manor.[5]



The grounds surrounding the mansion. It maintained lush gardens and was frequently open to guests during banquets. The grounds were also enclosed by a wall for protection and privacy and were large enough for an entire circus to camp on them.[2]

Banquet HallEdit

A large dining room. It was furnished with tables and chairs, and could seat a large number of people. It was richly decorated.[2]

Rin's RoomEdit

A small bedroom on the mansion's second floor. It was used by Rin Chan when resting for her work as a diva.[3]


The basement of the mansion. It was used by Ton as a makeshift prison for his child workers.[3]

Known InhabitantsEdit




  1. コーパ邸宅
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