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The Corpa Firm[note 1] was a merchant guild founded by the Corpa Family. The firm became a massive business specializing in the entertainment industry, at one point being a member of the Evillious Commerce Alliance.



Established by the Corpa Family and operated from their mansion in Rolled, the business prospered over the centuries. After the foundation of the Kingdom of Lucifenia in EC 399, the Corpa Firm eventually made connections with the Lucifenian Royal Family and began trading with the royal palace.[1] When Keel Freezis proposed the creation of a commerce alliance in the late EC 490s, the Corpa Firm joined the trade union and its president began meeting with his business partners at Keel's monthly banquets at his mansion to exchange information and negotiate transactions.[2]

Lucifenia-Elphegort War[]

After Princess Riliane installed herself as ruler in January of EC 499, the Corpa Firm was subjected to heavy taxes and trade restrictions by the aristocracy.[3] Several months after the Freezis Family was arrested by the Lucifenian royal government during the Green Hunting in EC 500, the Corpa Firm bribed the royal palace to release Keel under house arrest at his mansion. Shortly after, the firm liberated their servant Clarith per Keel's request.[1] After the Freezises relocated to Marlon, the Corpa Firm joined the other commerce alliance guilds in supporting the Lucifenian Resistance.[4]

Marlon Occupation[]

Following the Lucifenian Revolution and Marlon's annexation of Lucifenia the year after, the Corpa Firm was freed of the regulations from Riliane's regime; flourishing under the reign of King Kyle and seeing Keel Freezis was siding with his royal friend, the Corpa Firm and fellow commerce alliance guilds joined in supporting the Marlon King's occupation. In EC 505, the firm's president hosted a banquet at his mansion.[3] By the time Keel retired and his son Shaw reorganized the Freezis Firm into the Freezis Foundation in EC 531, the commerce alliance had dissolved.[5]


Sometime during the late sixth century EC, Ton Corpa became president of the firm, taking in children for cheap labor and later disposing of them. At some point, the Corpa Firm began sponsoring the traveling circus Cirque de Lune. In EC 606, the circus' child animal tamer was mauled by a lion just prior to its performance at Milanais Theater. Shortly after, Ton's ward Rin Chan made her debut as a diva to the theater audience. Growing in fame across Evillious, the diva later began performing at various concerts across the region.[6]

Following the controversy regarding Rin Chan's alleged lip-syncing in September of EC 609, Ton kept Rin locked within his mansion to avoid the press. Shortly after, the firm scheduled Cirque de Lune to perform on October 10 at 6:00 PM, hosting the performers on the grounds of the Corpa Mansion. In the early morning of October 6, President Ton was murdered by Lemy Abelard before the boy abducted Rin and fled Rolled.[7]

Organization and Structure[]

Functioning as a business firm, the Corpa Firm maintained a president as its chief executive employee and was owned by the Corpa family. After joining the Evillious Commerce Alliance, the firm made ties with other businesses in the region and was benefited by the Association's vast information network.[8] Around the 7th century EC, the firm staffed child employees for its labor; it also sponsored Cirque de Lune and managed the international diva Rin Chan.[6]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In business, a firm is a private company that works for the purpose of economical profit.



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