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The Conchita Family[note 1] was a noble family of the Beelzenian Empire. Originally serving as Barons and later Marquises, it was promoted to being one of the families of the Five Dukes, governing the Conchita province. Following the Disappearance of Evil Food Eater Conchita, the family was immortalized in folklore.


Early History[]

Born in EC 106 in the Beelzenian Empire, Baron Tae Conchita eventually married and served under Princess Maylis Beelzenia as her personal adviser.[1] Unable to have any children with his wife, the Baron took in Maylis' daughter and raised her as their own when the imperial family refused to keep the child.[2] The girl later birthed two children and the family continued on and eventually gained the noble title of Marquises.[3]

Rise and Fall[]

After the death of Duke Gastolle in the civil war with Asmodean in EC 212, Marquis Tetippea was promoted to replace him as one of the Five Dukes due to his royal lineage; the imperial family subsequently gave him control of the eastern half of the newly divided Retasan province and moved into the "Re Tasan" province's town of Gasto. Later in the century, Tetippea's successor, Duke Tasute, requested the territory be renamed the Conchita province and the imperial family approved the change.

After Duke Tasute's death, Muzuri inherited the title in the late third century EC.[3] The duke later married Megour Glassred, and the two sired their daughter Banica in November, EC 296. Duke Muzuri then enforced heavy taxes upon his subjects, resulting in a heavy famine in EC 306. In March of that year, Megour attempted to borrow her husband's sword and was killed in the ensuing struggle.[4] Afterward, Empress Juno stripped the Conchitas of their authority and took possession of their territory.[5]


Under order of the imperial family, Duke Muzuri betrothed his daughter to Prince Carlos Marlon in June, EC 311. In February of EC 312, the engagement was cancelled due to Banica's disgusting behavior during a formal dinner. Embarking on journeys abroad throughout EC 316, Banica brought back many recipes and greatly enriched Beelzenia's food culture, becoming famed for her exploits. Following Muzuri's death in August of EC 321,[6] the Empress appointed Banica as his successor two months later and restored control of the Conchita province to her.[3]


In July, EC 323, Duke Banica collapsed and waned between life and death for three days before making a full recovery. She later debuted her new slender figure at a banquet at the Oruhari Mansion, disgusting the residents by eating insects for dessert. In November of EC 324, Banica refused to meet with anyone on account of her illness, transferring management of the province to her twin servants.[6]

In EC 325, Banica entered a romance with her former fiancé, Carlos,[7] and became pregnant with his son. After Banica devoured herself in August of EC 325, the infant was taken in by Elluka Clockworker and eventually given to a servant at the Beelzenian Imperial Palace, ending the Conchita name.[8]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Conchita family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[9]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The Conchita name is a Spanish diminutive of Concepción, meaning "conception"; the history and culture of Beelzenia, the family's native country, is partially inspired by that of Spain.


  • Many of the family's members' names are anagrams of eating-related English words; its most prominent member, Banica Conchita, devoured and replaced Vlad Tuberci as the Demon of Gluttony.




  1. コンチータ家