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The Comedy of Evil Project[note 1] is a project dedicated to expanding upon events from The Daughter of Evil Series in a satirical nature. It is composed of two serial manga adaptations with their first chapters released April 24, 2013. The manga portray the characters or events of the series through a humorous or exaggerated lens, satirizing events of the novels or the characters themselves. It has since ended circulation with its final chapters releasing on December 24, 2014.


Aku Musu[]

The Servant of Evil ~Opera Buffa!~[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The title "Aku Musu" is a shortened version of Riliane's infamous title "The Daughter of Evil" (Aku no Musume); humorously, it references the truncated nature of the yonkama itself. 
  • The term Opera Buffa is Italian for "Comic Opera", a comedy genre of opera heard on the stage; it humorously references The Servant of Evil and its themes being given a comedic spin. 



  1. 悪ノ喜劇化ぷろじぇくと

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