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Marlon Spoon in TLoDV manga
The Clockworker Spoon was a magic tool created by the artisan Clockworker during the days of the Magic Kingdom Levianta. Sealed away in a crypt, it was later uncovered by his daughter Irina while searching for vessels of sin.


Sometime before the Levianta Catastrophe of EC 013, the spoon was crafted by the artisan Clockworker in the Magic Kingdom Levianta.[1] The spoon was then sealed in a mountain tomb in a Leviantan city in southern Asmodean, along with jewels and other riches.[2] In April of EC 136, I.R. and Duke Sateriasis Venomania recovered the tool before realizing that it was not the presumed vessel of sin they were searching for. The magic tool was returned to the crypt shortly after and left in the ruins.[1]


The spoon was imbued with impressive magical power, giving off an aura comparable to that of a vessel of sin. It was also extremely long-lasting, being able to exist in pristine condition for over a century without degrading or decaying.[1]




  • Interestingly, the spoon is found in the stone coffin among gold coins and jewels;[2] the Marlon Spoon has the power to attract wealth to its owner.[3]
  • Although stashed away in a tomb, no corpse is seen or mentioned with the magic tool.




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