The Clockworker Family was a family of craftsmen hailing from the Magic Kingdom Levianta. The family became famous for its work as clockworkers, developing several prominent magic tools.


Early History

At some point, a member of the family in Lighwatch crafted numerous magic tools, including a spoon, and became famed for his works.[1] His son, Kiril Clockworker, took up his name and made several music boxes, earning the title "Clockworker", due to his fame. In BT 004, Kiril gained a sister, Irina, and she later became an apprentice craftsman in Lighwatch.

Project 'Ma'

Kiril later met Elluka Chirclatia and the two fell in love and eventually became engaged. In EC 013, Irina was selected as a potential candidate for Project 'Ma', along with Elluka. Later that year, Irina killed Elluka and became the Ma test subject. Kiril later attempted to revive Elluka with the ark Sin, resulting in the Levianta Catastrophe.[2] In the resulting destruction, Kiril was severely injured and Irina was mortally wounded.


Soon after, Irina's soul was transferred to a stuffed red cat by Seth Twiright.[3] Kiril later settled in the ruins.[4] Afterward, the revived Elluka adopted the Clockworker name. Elluka and Irina then embarked on their own individual quests to collect the vessels of sin, becoming involved in numerous incidents and altercations with one another across Bolganio during the succeeding centuries.[5]

On January 30, EC 611, the two dueled at Pale Noël's tomb in Merrigod Plateau and Irina self-destructed her cat body as a last ditch effort to defeat her nemesis. Transported to Levia's mental world,[6] the awakened god and Irina's souls were soon after fused with Eve Moonlit's spirit during their resulting clash with Banica Conchita, forming Ma.[7]

Hell on Earth

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Clockworker family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[8]

Known Members



Conceptualization and Origin

  • The family's surname refers to people who make or work with springs and toothed gearwheels for creating mechanical clocks and similar devices.


  • Although noted as being part of the family, Kiril and Irina Clockworker are known ghoul children.[9]



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