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The Clockworker's Doll[note 1] was one of the vessels of sin, inhabited by the "Demon of Sloth". Margarita Blankenheim was among its most prominent incarnations, infamous for causing the Toragay Epidemic.



In March of EC 136, the mage I.R. crafted the Clockworker's Doll at the Gine Workshop in Lasaland, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire based on Eve Moonlit's appearance. Afterward, the mage gave the doll to Mikulia Greeonio as a plaything and the "Demon of Sloth" residing in her,[1] Eve Moonlit, moved into the doll as her new vessel soon after.[2] Later that year, I.R. recollected the doll and departed with it.[3]

Flower of the Plateau[]

Sometime after the death of Mikulia, the Clockworker's Doll's hypnosis was activated, hypnotizing Eve into believing she was her former vessel's persona. The fake Mikulia later settled in Calgaround, Elphegort in EC 141.[2] Afterward, the popular florist married Earl Gilbert Calgaround in EC 147, killing any connections to her past she encountered, before poisoning her husband with Gift in EC 151.[4] Sometime after, Eve reawakened from her slumber and the hypnosis ended. The Doll was later returned to I.R.'s possession.[2]

Phantom Thief Platonic[]

Sometime during the early EC 300s, the Doll's hypnosis was activated again, hypnotizing Eve into believing she was the daughter of the Calgaround Family.[2] After the girl ran away from home, she came under the tutelage of an old thief and became the infamous "Phantom Thief Platonic". While employed by AB-CIR to retrieve vessels of sin in EC 324, Platonic ended up captured by Elluka Clockworker for some time,[5] before escaping and returning home to Calgaround in August of the following year.[4] Eventually, Eve reawakened from her slumber and the hypnosis ended. The doll was later reacquired by AB-CIR.[2]

Story of Evil[]

In EC 482, Abyss I.R. gave the doll to Queen Dowager Prim as part of their alliance in Marlon. In EC 505, Prim brought the doll to Castle Hedgehog. During the battle with King Kyle's armies, Prim kept the vessel with her in Heartbeat Clocktower. She later invoked the Demon of Sloth's power to have one of the hand mirrors she possessed control the Demon of Lust and have it repossess Kyle.

Prim was killed by her daughter, Ney, immediately after, dropping the doll and halting its invoked power. Afterward, Kyle brought the doll to Lioness Castle and it was subsequently sealed by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia. Soon after, Abyss I.R. took the doll along with the other vessels of sin assembled at the castle and removed their seals.[6]

Toragay Epidemic[]

In EC 593, Julia Abelard replaced the stillborn corpse of Margarita Felix with the Doll, hypnotizing Eve into believing she was the child.[2] Growing up as a member of the Felix Family in Toragay, Margarita later married Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim in June, EC 608. Learning of her husband's blatant philandering and wistful spending habits, Margarita fell into a depression.[7] After joining Père Noël as Third Sleep Princess,[8] Margarita was experimented with Gift while testing her "sleep medicine" on her husband and father.[2]

Once she finally developed the airborne Sixth Gift, Margarita released the poison upon her hometown.[9] Suffering from the resurging memories of Eve's past incarnations, Margarita developed a Seventh Gift at Mayor Julia Abelard's mansion in Calgaround. When confronted by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia, Margarita ingested her concoction and, unlocking her memories, died.[8]

After Eve's consciousness reawakened, the Doll traveled to the Millennium Tree Forest and confronted Elluka in the guise of Margarita, inviting her to a private talk at her long abandoned home. The two then conversed about her true identity before Elluka grappled the doll by its neck and interrogated Eve regarding her motives. Afterward, Elluka invoked the Swap Technique, drawing out Eve's soul from the doll into her own as the two silently battled for fifteen minutes.[2]

Dark Star Scandal[]

In EC 978, the Doll ended up on the S.S. Titanis and was delivered by Seth Twiright to Nemesis Sudou, who subsequently left it behind at her house.[10] The Doll was then located by Postman and delivered to Ma.[11] Later on, Ma placed the soul of Irina Clockworker inside the Doll,[12] and gave it to Gallerian Marlon, the judge believing it to be his daughter Michelle.[11] As the doll, having lost her memories and assumed a new identity,[12] was confined to a room in Gallerian's mansion,[13] Adam Moonlit facilitated communication between the judge and the doll.[14]

After the completion of Evil's Theater in December of EC 982, the doll was transferred there.[14] The doll was later summoned back to Gallerian's mansion by Adam during the Leviantan Civil War in August of EC 983. Gallerian later comforted the doll until his death;[15] as the mansion burned around them, the doll became severely burned.[16]


Later on, the Clockworker's Doll awakened and began to sing the Clockwork Lullaby.[17] Around this time, she also became pregnant with the irregular twins Adam and Eve. After the clock tower broke down and Gear transferred the Marlon Spoon's power to the doll in EC 990, she dubbed herself the "Master of the Court" and directed the theater inhabitants to find the Golden Key while convicting intruders to death through her "trials".[18] In EC 999, the Doll gave birth to Adam and Eve.[12]

World's End[]

After the destruction of the Third Period shortly after, the Master of the Court's soul separated from the doll and she regained her memories as Irina. Michaela handed the empty doll over to Riliane for her to seal Michelle inside.[19] Riliane then brought it with her to Evil's Theater, where she was taken over by Ma's will.[20] Later on during Ma's confrontation with Nemesis, Nemesis swapped her soul into the doll.[21] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, the doll returned to Gallerian's hands, as he waltzed with it during the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[22]


Similarly to the other vessels of sin containing the demons of sin, the Doll served a container for Eve Moonlit's soul and allowed her to manipulate it to an extent. However, because it was inhabited by a human soul rather than an actual demon, the vessel was unable to possess its owner.[2] The magic tool also served as a soul cage, allowing the wielder to trap another's independent spirit within it at their leisure.[23]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The vessel's representative sin is derived from Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • In literature, dolls often symbolize childhood and innocence.
  • The material the Doll is made from, Nechuha, is likely a reference to Hachune Miku; when reversed, Nechuha's characters spell ハチュネ (hachune).
  • Similarly, the doll's origins as a Gine Doll is likely a reference to Hachune Miku's character item, a green onion; when reversed, Gine's characters spell ネギ (negi), meaning "green onion".
  • Ironically, one of the souls who ended up inhabiting the doll was it’s creator Irina Clockworker. In her stay as the Clockworker’s Doll, she was able achieve what she fought for as Mem Aleph. Birthing a pair of Irregulars who were the reincarnated souls of Adam and Eve.


  • Ironically, Margarita compares herself to a doll, perceiving herself to be used like a decoration by everyone around her and becoming obsessed with proving her independent humanity.[24]




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