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The Clockwork Secret Art[note 1] was a powerful magic ritual that manipulated time and space. Primarily used by the Clockworker Family, the difficult and draining spell could be used for great effect across a variety of purposes.


The Clockwork Secret Art allowed the users to distort time and space by the creation of an electromagnetic field in the place of the caster's choice.[1] The caster could use the spell to reduce or speed up the flow of time within the electromagnetic field, allowing people and objects in the field to move in slow motion or abnormally quickly.[2] Similarly, casters could rejuvenate aged or broken down objects in the field by reversing their time, restoring them to working order. It could not, however, be used to revive the dead as the corpse's soul would not return even if the body were repaired; the corpse would instead become a zombie.[3] The spell, if properly powered, could even reverse the effects of demonic possession and uproot demons from their hosts, blasting them into a different dimension.[1]

Casting the spell had the effect of turning night to day and rainy weather to clear, but only while the spell was in force. The technique was activated by reciting an incantation, one of them being the name of the spell itself. The spell was difficult for all but experienced users to do without preparation, and consumed a large amount of magic power.[2] If improperly cast, the technique could be extremely dangerous to the flow of time for the objects it was cast on.[3]







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