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The Clockwork Lullaby Series[note 1] is a series of Vocaloid songs conceptualized and developed by Akuno-P. It belongs to mothy's larger Evillious Chronicles. Including some of his earliest songs, it is one of the music producer's oldest series and has since developed as a bridge between mothy's other series as well as elaborating upon the later event's in his story. Like its name, it is recognized for incorporating the "Clockwork Lullaby" into each song.


The series is set in Bolganio, a fictional continent in the series' world, with all of its major actions taking place in its western region, Evillious. The majority of the known storyline occurs throughout the final few decades of the EC 900s. However, several parts of the story occur during a currently unknown location and time.


Clockwork Lullaby[]

A spell song that can be learned by those with an affinity for magic and singing voice. A practitioner who sings the distinctive, calming melody ("Lu Li La" or an arrangement of the pattern) is able to spread their voice across a large area. The spell can be used as a type of exploration magic, such as detecting and locating the vessels of sin.[1]

Kiril's Music Boxes[]

Special music boxes created by Kiril Clockworker following the Levianta Catastrophe. They could turn gears of "karma" and reveal information about certain events,[2] even those occurring in the future.[3] They could also be connected to a Black Box system, with some requiring the assistance of a god to be completed.[4]


The series has fifteen songs, thirteen of which are labeled as a "Clockwork Lullaby" from "Zero" to "12"[5] and the other two labeled as "A" and "R"[6]. Although not reaching the same amount of popularity as some of his other series, the Clockwork Lullaby songs became important for fans of Akuno-P's larger Evillious Chronicles due to their connections to the characters or events of his other series. As the years progressed, a series of albums featuring the characters from some of the later songs were released. The booklets included with these albums developed the story and many of the characters featured in them.

Song Listing[]

  1. Wordplay (Clockwork Lullaby 0)
  2. Clockwork Lullaby (Clockwork Lullaby 1)
  3. Miniature Garden Girl (Clockwork Lullaby 2)
  4. Re_birthday (Clockwork Lullaby 3)
  5. Heartbeat Clocktower (Clockwork Lullaby 4)
  6. Chrono Story (Clockwork Lullaby 5)
  7. Capriccio Farce (Clockwork Lullaby 6)
  8. Seven Crimes and Punishments (Clockwork Lullaby 7)
  9. The Song I Heard Somewhere (Clockwork Lullaby 8)
  10. Swear an Oath on that Bridge (Clockwork Lullaby 9)
  11. Banica Concerto!! (Clockwork Lullaby 10)
  12. The Karma of Evil Will Not End (Clockwork Lullaby 11)
  13. Song of the Third Period (Clockwork Lullaby 12)
  14. Screws, Gears, and Pride (Clockwork Lullaby A)
  15. Recollective Musicbox (Clockwork Lullaby R)


As part of the Seven Crimes and Punishments album, a 150 page prose was written by Akuno-P and included in the limited edition version of the album. Like the Deadly Sins of Evil and The Daughter of Evil light novel series preceding it, the story expanded upon the characters featured or mentioned in the original song PV, as well as adding new characters and plot details. The story was illustrated by Ichika.


A yonkoma manga was included with the limited edition purchase of Seven Crimes and Punishments album from Animate, released on February 25, 2015. The manga was illustrated by Tamara. It portrayed Sickle gathering up the contractors with Allen to pose for the cover of the two different versions of the album.


Note: This list contains all major recurring characters that appear in the series. For a list of all characters that appear or are mentioned in passing, see the List of Minor Characters in the Clockwork Lullaby Series.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In-universe, the Clockwork Lullaby is a spell song with twelve variants, each variant producing a different effect.
  • A clockwork is a mechanical device that utilizes a complex series of gears to perform its function; in the Evillious Chronicles, gears often represent fate, destiny, and the passage of time.
  • A lullaby is a soothing melody, usually used for the purpose of putting a child to sleep, reflecting the calming nature of the spell.


  • In a livestream, mothy stated he planned to make twelve songs for the series.
  • In August 2017, mothy tweeted a "personal note", which is a list of twelve songs, the first nine of which being "Clockwork Lullaby 1" to "Clockwork Lullaby 9", and the last three listed with question marks.[7]
  • At the end of Chrono Story PV, a golden gear is shown with a roman numeral in each tooth, from 1 to 12.



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