Clive was a royal guard of the Kingdom of Marlon and a loyal follower of King Kyle Marlon. After the events of the Lucifenian Revolution, Clive became the Marlon royal's protector as he solidified his regime across Lucifenia.


Early LifeEdit

Born a citizen of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, Clive eventually became a soldier of the Lucifenian army. During the Lucifenian Revolution of EC 500, the longtime warrior encountered Karchess of the resistance. After he learned the masked man was actually Kyle Marlon, he became the Marlon king's personal guard once Kyle annexed Lucifenia as a Marlon territory, living at the royal palace.[1]

Visitors to the PalaceEdit

Several months after Kyle declared war on the neighboring Beelzenia in EC 505, Captain Ney and her Special Maneuvers Task Force returned from the warfront at Retasan Fortress and Clive went to report the news to King Kyle. Afterwards, he led Ney to the Hall of Sounds at Kyle's request. To weeks later, Clive accompanied the king on his carriage ride to the merchant Corpa's banquet at his mansion in Rolled that night. There he waited in the banquet hall until Kyle was ready to depart and they returned to the palace.[1]

When Yukina Freezis visited the next day, Clive stood beside Kyle while he greeted her and her two masked bodyguards in the Hall of Mirrors, Clive unable to convince the bodyguards to remove their masks. After Yukina left the hall intending to stay the night, Clive was told to notify the guards about her visit and to send a messenger to her father Keel, Kyle explaining how he didn't wish Keel to worry too much. Clive fulfilled Kyle's orders and that night went to sleep in his pink pajamas.

Later in the night he was awakened by a guard reporting an explosion had come from Yukina's room and Kyle had gone to investigate it. Other guards reported that the Special Maneuvers Task Force was causing a commotion around the palace grounds and Yukina and her bodyguards were missing, and Clive rushed to Kyle and reported his findings. Kyle ordered Clive to lock down the palace and have all the guards search for their guests, telling him not to harm Yukina, although they were to kill her guards; Clive inquired afterward about the task force and was told to leave them be.

Once he delegated Kyle's orders to the other guards and changed out of his pajamas, Clive accompanied Kyle to search the Lucifenian Royal Palace. The two ultimately came up empty in their search and returned to the corridors, where they learned the other guards had also found nothing. The two discussed potential hiding places for the guests before they realized Kyle's bedroom had not been checked. As another explosion sounded from Kyle's bedroom, Clive and the king rushed to the room and came upon one of Yukina's bodyguards facing off against the Special Maneuvers Task Force inside.

Clive then watched Kyle confront the bodyguard, who revealed herself to be Germaine Avadonia, on his own. He silently watched the two bicker, before Kyle nearly collapsed and Clive accused Germaine of having done something to him. Clive was then ordered to help the Special Maneuvers Task Force kill Germaine and prevent the Venom Sword from being stolen; when Germaine escaped out the window, Clive pursued her with the task force.

Later during their chase, the royal guard discovered that Kyle had disappeared and blamed the fugitives Germaine, Yukina, and Gumillia, continually pursuing the women for two weeks.[2] Soon after, Kyle returned and removed Germaine and Gumillia from his Witch Hunt, leaving Clive to help manage Lucifenia while the king returned to Marlon.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Clive was a nationalistic and dedicated man, committed to serving his lord and master. A model soldier, Clive loyally obeyed his superiors, serving both the Kingdom of Lucifenia through the tyrannical regime of Princess Riliane and the Kingdom of Marlon under King Kyle.[1] He was particularly protective of the latter, prioritizing Kyle's safety and acting aggressive toward potential threats. True to his obedience, Clive followed Kyle's orders without hesitation.[2] Aside from this, Clive was extremely dependable, to the point that Kyle trusted him to help manage Lucifenia's affairs while he left for Marlon.[3]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a trained soldier, Clive was a skilled enough swordsman to be trusted with serving as King Kyle's bodyguard and aide for years.[1]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kyle Marlon: Clive's monarch and charge. Clive was dedicated to protecting and serving the king, carrying out his orders obediently and confronting any perceived threats. The man was extremely loyal to Kyle, and as a result was seen by Kyle as being trustworthy.



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