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|hair_color = White
|hair_color = White
|eye_color = Red
|eye_color = Red
|affiliation = [[Elphegort|Kingdom of Elphegort]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Lucifenia|Kingdom of Lucifenia]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Marlon|Kingdom of Marlon]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Lucifenia|Lucifenian Republic]]<br/> [[Levin Church]] <small> (Held sect) </small><br/>[[Sisters of Clarith]]<br/>
|affiliation = [[Elphegort|Kingdom of Elphegort]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Kingdom of Lucifenia]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Marlon|Kingdom of Marlon]] <small>(formerly)</small><br/>[[Lucifenia|Lucifenian Republic]]<br/> [[Levin Church]] <small> (Held sect) </small><br/>[[Sisters of Clarith]]<br/>

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"I'm sorry for being alive."

Clarith was a peasant of the Kingdom of Elphegort, hated for her distinct eye and hair color marking her lineage to Sateriasis Venomania. She met an ill Michaela in the Millennium Tree Forest and nursed her back to health. The two became close friends and moved to Aceid where they worked as maids in the Freezis Mansion. After Michaela's death during the Green Hunting, Clarith joined a monastery, hoping to heal from her friend's death.


Early Life

"From the moment I was born, I've been persecuted and scorned. I didn't understand why I was met with such looks. However, as I grew older, I came to understand that my white and red eyes were something unacceptable in this country."

Born in the Kingdom of Elphegort on November 21, EC 479,[1] Clarith was despised and abused by the Elphe people of Yatski. Unaware of why she was so hated, the beaten and bruised child often cried. At some point, she was adopted by a foreign shaman who loved and took care of her.[2] At a young age, her foster mother taught her how to read and write.[3] As she grew older, she learned that her lineage and the characteristic hair and eye color of the Netsuma Clan earned her everyone's disdain and was unacceptable in the Green Country. During that period, she became ridiculed for her clumsiness, called a "demon child" and threatened to be tied and burned on a cross.

As the years progressed and the abuse continued, Clarith eventually began to apologize for ever being alive. When she came of age, the Netsuma started working at the village, growing and tending to the crops to help pay for the home's land fee. Struggling to make enough to pay the fees with broken tools and the villagers' cruelty, the village chief sometimes called the peasant to his home to cook for him. Sometime later, Clarith's mother contracted the Gula Disease, suffering a gruesome appetite for worms and dirt.[4]


"I'm sorry, little birdie. But you know, that child's actually very kind. She brought you here when you were injured. The child's even the one who treated you. So do try to forgive her."
―Clarith's mother to Michaela[src]

In January of EC 499, Clarith went out to the Millennium Tree Forest to pick trauben fruit. Injured from her town's cruelties, she repeatedly murmured how sorry she was for being alive,[5] eventually collapsing in despair as she muttered it to herself.[6] Later on, while picking fruit from the trauben orchard by the Lake of Amusement, she noticed a black rollam bird flying overhead. Horrified to see it attack a small robin, Clarith rushed toward the forest while the green bird fell through the trees.

After finding the unconscious robin, she wrapped it in her shawl and carried it home.[7] She then tried to bandage its wing on the table inside and lay it in a cloth before putting on her shawl again and returning to work; as she kept picking the trauben, the other villagers laughed and mocked the fruit she grew,[8] one villager shoving the basket she carried and causing her to stumble a little.[9] At some point, she was called to the chief's home to cook for him again.

Once she finished for the day, the exhausted peasant farmer returned home. Welcomed by her mother,[10] the sullen girl put down the basket by the door and looked over to see her parent sitting at the table. After reminding the shaman she needed to sleep while she examined the trauben, her mother retorted that it was also unhealthy to be in the sun for so long. When the woman mentioned the robin had woken up, Clarith stopped and looked to see her mother offer the bird her box of worms. Overhearing that the bird wasn't eating them, Clarith suggested the trauben and took one a branch and threw it onto the table in front of the bird before continuing her work.


Clarith denies her mother's talk of spirits

Clarith then coldly questioned if it was still not eating and her mother noted the bird was strange for not eating bugs, wondering if such a beautiful robin was the avatar of a forest spirit. Without even looking at her mother, Clarith interjected that there was no such thing, saying that if there were spirits or gods in the world, they wouldn't be suffering like they were. Staring at her bask of trauben, she added that her "poor quality" trauben wouldn't sell well, recalling the villagers' jeers.

After lamenting about the time it took to grow them, Clarith looked over and saw the robin happily eating and coldly stated the bird had it easy. Afterward, she opened the door and her mother inquired where she was going. Once the frowning girl related she was called to the chief's place again, she left. The peasant then went to the home and made the chief his meals before returning home late that night. Hearing the robin chirp  as she entered, Clarith ignored it. Turning the corner straight for her bed, she removed her shawl and curled up under the sheets, covering her face as she cried herself to sleep.


Clarith befriends the robin

The next morning, she awoke to the sound of the robin's rampant chirping. After getting up and rubbing her eyes, the Netsuma got another branch of trauben and tossed it at the bird, leaving her left hand lightly on the table. She then explained it was because the creature didn't chirp until morning. As she tried to deny the kind gesture, the bird nuzzled her extended hand. Surprised, the Netsuma hesitantly petted the bird's head with a conflicted expression.

Later on, Clarith sat at the table while the bird ate and suggested naming it "Grüne", explaining it meant "green". Expressing her belief it was the perfect name for the color of its beautiful feathers, Clarith questioned if the animal disliked it. When Grüne shook its head, she smiled. As time progressed, Clarith continued feeding the robin her unsold trauben for each of its meals, opening up more to it. At one point, Clarith sat down and fed the robin again from her palm, happily smiling. As it ate the trauben, she asked if it was good and the bird happily chirped in apparent delight.[11]


Chelsea beating on Clarith again

Once Grüne no longer needed its bandages, Clarith collected some junk and clumsily made birdcage for the robin, putting the bird inside before happily sharing her decision. Opening the window, she reached up and put the cage on the window sill, admitting it was a little bent out of shape but should allow the bird to see the outside. Afterward, Clarith left for the fields; while tending to the crops with her broken plow, the villagers continued trampling the ground she silently cultivated and scolding her,[12] her neighbor Chelsea shoving her as she walked by.

After she returned home and brought in Grüne's cage, Clarith sat at the table while holding the robin in her hand, relating how she was endlessly scolded for her work that day. As she began relating the trouble she'd be in if she didn't pick up the day's share the next day, she saw Grüne nuzzled her hand again lovingly. After a short pause, the Netsuma thanked the bird. As the days progressed, Clarith continued putting the caged Grüne on the window sill during sunny days before work, bringing it in again once she got home and happily relating stories of how she got her new injuries from work each day.

One day, Clarith tripped and heavily cut the back of her hand; another day, she scraped her face in the forest. After suffering one grueling day at work, Clarith silently returned home and immediately passed Grüne sitting on the table, ignoring the robin.[13] Two weeks since she first rescued the robin, Clarith put out Grüne in its cage. After confirming her mother was getting proper sleep and comfortable in bed, Clarith happily told her bird friend she was heading out before leaving.[14] Plowing the fields while Chelsea and Alma conversed nearby, Clarith wiped her sweat and looked over at them.


Chelsea rejects Clarith's invitation

Confident enough she could befriend other humans too, Clarith nervously approached them and hesitantly invited Chelsea over for dinner. The disgusted Elphe immediately shoved her and questioned what she was talking about, rebuking that she wouldn't eat with a "filthy" Netsuma. With her confidence completely shattered, the terrified girl trembled while holding her hurt arm, stuttering an apology.

She retreated into the forest immediately afterward, standing against the tree as she held her dress in despair. Breaking into tears again, she cried into her hands and continually repeated that she was sorry. When Clarith returned home late that night, her mother welcomed her home. Seeing Grüne's cage empty on the sill, she asked where the robin was and the old woman answered it went home since its wounds had mostly healed.

Hurt by the news, Clarith began bringing down the cage. As her mother added it would come play with her again, she held the cage close to her chest and off-handedly acknowledged her words without looking at her. When the shaman finally noted the robin might be willing to grant her prayers if it was a forest spirit, Clarith looked over to her mother sitting up in bed. After her parent pointed out it didn't like bugs and only ate her trauben, Clarith stared for a short while before forming a weak smile, mumuring that would it be nice if it did so.

Once the Netsuma put down the cage below the window and tucked her mother into bed, she told the old woman she'd be leaving early the next day and so she should rest easy. Her parent promised she would and wished her goodnight and Clarith smiled. Afterward, she sat curled up against the bed while wishing her the same. Contemplating everything that was happening, Clarith lowered her head into her arms.[15]

A Simple Prayer

"God, I honestly don't believe you exist. But supposing that you... that there is a thing called God in this world... anyone is fine, I just want someone to be my "friend"..."
―Clarith finishing her prayer[src]


Clarith desperately prays to Held

The next morning, Clarith left early and headed straight to the Millennium Tree in the forest. Kneeling before the massive tree, she clasped her hands together and prayed to Held that she didn't have any friends. Afterward, the Netsuma related how she was persecuted and scorned since her birth and came to learn why as she grew older, sharing her developed fear of interacting with these "other people" and thoughts of her life being worthless and wrong.

She then related her encounter with Grüne and smiled while noting how she felt at ease with it. After relating the courage it gave her to befriend people and Chelsea's curse subsequently demonstrating it was just wishful thinking, the Netsuma revealed Grüne's escape and her feeling it couldn't be helped, figuring the robin must have had a place and friends to return to. Noting she didn't have any blood relatives, the girl admitted she didn't get lonely since she had her mother.

Afterward, the girl revealed her terrible illness and that she probably didn't have very long. Her hands trembling at the thought of her dying, Clarith admitted she didn't know if should keep on living when she truly became alone. Addressing Held again, she stated her honest disbelief in his existence. She then quickly qualified that her prayer was should there be a thing called "god" in the world. Tears streaming down her face, Clarith said that anyone was fine, lowering her head and adding that she just wanted someone to be her friend.[16]

Chance Encounter

"Luckily I was just passing by the Millennium Tree Forest when I found you. Generally, only a few pass through there."


Clarith meets Michaela

Over a month later, Clarith went through the Millennium Tree Forest on an errand when she found an Elphe girl unconscious by the Millennium Tree. Discovering she had a fever, the Netsuma took the girl home and laid her down to rest in bed. She then made a wet towel and sat beside the girl while placing it on her forehead to treat the fever. When she regained consciousness, Clarith asked how she was feeling before politely telling her to not overdo it since she still had a small fever.

Wetting another towel, the peasant swapped it out with the previous one on her head. When the Elphe tried to speak, Clarith explained how she had collapsed in the forest. After acknowledging the green-haired girl may be against being cared for by a Netsuma, she kindly asked she be patient until her fever broke. The girl answered that wasn't the case at all and thanked her; surprising, Clarith made a small smile. When the girl asked where she was, the Netsuma clarified Yatski's location, wondering if it was easier to describe it as immediately north of the Millennium Tree Forest or between the Lake of Amusement and Aceid.

Lowering her head, she quietly apologized for her home's tight quarters and filthiness and the girl brushed it off, sitting up from bed to thank her again. Once she introduced herself as "Michaela" and asked about her name, Clarith lowered her eyes and returned the greeting before inquiring why the girl was in the forest. Met with her confusion, the Netsuma explained that few went through the forest. The Elphe claimed she was actually going to Aceid and Clarith inquired why she was heading through the forest to get there, pointing out Lucifenia was on the other side.


Clarith crying before Michaela

When Michaela exclaimed she had come from Lucifenia, the surprised Netsuma asked to confirm she was an Elphe but lived in Lucifenia. The girl explained that many races lived in Lucifenia and, shocked, Clarith made a weak smile, admitting she'd never gone herself while pondering that apparent fact. Once she broke into tears, the Netsuma noticed and immediately covered her eyes, repeatedly screaming she was sorry for being alive while wiping them.

Interrupted by her mother, Clarith was lectured for disturbing the sick child. Upon hearing her mother planned to put in her "secret ingredient" in the soup she brought, Clarith immediately stood from her chair and yelled that she'd do it instead. As her mother tried to argue, Clarith took the platter with the bowl of soup while insisting it was fine. Apologizing, the peasant gave Michaela the platter before sitting down again.

A knock came to their door and Clarith heard the village chief yelling for her, coming in with Eugen to tell her she hadn't paid her rent in a month. Apologizing, Clarith told him she had no money and asked for more time. The chief told her to leave then, qualifying that no other village besides his would tolerate her. Given the option of coming to his place at night to 'work off' her debt, Clarith became pale. Michaela interrupted the conversation, asking for Clarith's help. The trembling girl passed Michaela's bag to the green-haired girl. Like everyone else, Clarith was stunned as Michaela offered a handful of silver coins to pay off the rent.

After the chief and Eugen left, Clarith immediately apologized to Michaela and continued to thank her despite the girl's protests. The mysterious girl then told Clarith she had some pleasing news and, surprised, the white-haired girl jerked her head up, hitting the cupboard and lurching in pain. While holding her head, she told Michaela she was fine and asked her what she wanted to say. Michaela asked if she could stay with them for a while, offering to pay the rent. Agreeing to the offer, the three began living together. Shortly after, Clarith asked Michaela if she wanted to help with the farm labor and she agreed.[17]

First Friend

"Clarith, I like you for who you are. No matter what others say, to me, you're a wonderful person. Your kindness can never be compared to anyone."

The two girls worked together in the fields and, at some point, Clarith had gotten into a conversation with Ayn, the chieftain's son. Michaela arrived and the three chatted about the harvest festival for a while. After Ayn left, Clarith explained to Michaela her difficulty dealing with boys and how Ayn never spoke to her before Michaela came around. Clarith told the green-haired girl that she believed Ayn was using Clarith to get close to her and asked what Michaela thought of the chieftain's son. When Michaela responded that she wasn't interested in men, the pleased Netsuma girl agreed with her.


Clarith cries in Michaela's arms

As they were about to enter their home, Chelsea, accompanied by her two friends, appeared and asked for a moment with Clarith. Following them behind her neighbor's house, Clarith was interrogated for speaking with Ayn, bullied despite her denials and apologies to trying to earn Ayn's love. Trembling, the white-haired girl curled up her body as Chelsea continued to insult her. After the girl grabbed Clarith's arm, Michaela intervened and chastised the three girls for their abuse.

Once they left, Clarith apologized to "Miss Michaela" but the girl told her they were friends so it was just "Michaela". Overjoyed to finally have a friend, Clarith embraced the green-haired girl and requested that she hold her a little longer, never hugged by anyone but her mother before then. Michaela complied. The two continued their duties in the fields each day. Sometime later, in the middle of the night, Clarith discovered Michaela out of bed and found her on a hill near the village.

Hearing the girl singing, Clarith spoke up about its beauty. The surprised Michaela asked why she was still up and Clarith reflected the question back at the mysterious girl. With Michaela's insistence, Clarith timidly sat beside her and they spoke about Michaela's time in the village, her obvious wealth, and her mother's fatal condition. Curious, Michaela asked who owned the mansion nearby and Clarith told her it was the house of Keel Freezis, admiring the amount of friends he invited to his banquets every month. Michaela asked if Clarith wanted lots of friends and she responded yes but states she knew she couldn't make any because of being a Netsuma girl and not being beautiful and cheerful like Michaela.

Her friend retorted that she still accepted her. Smiling, Clarith attempted to confess to the girl but a gust of wind drowned her out. Brushing her friend's curiosity aside, she said that she would be fine as long Michaela was with her, earning the girl's thanks. Noting the wind, Michaela suggested they go home. Shaken by the statement, Clarith panicked and fell; Michaela offered her hand and the two walked together home. Not wanting to wake her stepparent, she gently opened the door, frozen at the sight of her mother on the floor. Crying out, she watched her mother vomit blood and die.

Sometime before the funeral was held, Chelsea approached Clarith and spouted how Michaela was only being nice to her to appear more kind and beautiful. Despite knowing it was only her neighbor's cruel ramblings, Clarith began to doubt the validity of their friendship. During the funeral, Clarith quietly attended with Michaela, biting her lips as she bowed her head. After her mother's burial, Michaela asked what she was planning to do and Clarith responded that she didn't know. In anguish, Michaela asked if they could leave for Aceid and start a new life.


Michaela and Clarith

Clarith rejected the offer, saying Michaela should be living with her rich family instead, revealing Chelsea's words and Clarith's own thoughts on the matter. The Netsuma girl continued, saying that it was okay that Michaela was only using her so long as she remained her friend. Michaela, utterly speechless, reached out and embraced Clarith, tightly holding her despite her struggling. She reassured her saying that she thought Clarith was a kind and wonderful person.

Hearing Michaela's words, she began to cry, crushing her doubts about her friend. Crying out all her anguish and sadness into her friend's arms, she was happy to have a friend who cared for her, even if the whole world despised her. Clarith thanked Michaela when she offered her a handkerchief, wiping her eyes and saying she would come with her to Aceid, asking what they would do afterwards. Michaela said she didn't plan that far ahead, saying they could do whatever with the money she had. Although uncertain of what she could possibly do to help, she smiled and said they could overcome any difficulties together and that she would become stronger.[18]

Flight to Aceid

"Eugen was killed by my father. Father is insisting that he was killed by Clarith. A bunch of people are getting ready to arrest Clarith. We must hurry and escape!"

Ayn suddenly forced the door open, calling for Clarith. When asked what had happened, Ayn said that Eugen was killed by his father and that Clarith was blamed for it. Alerting them that a mob was preparing to arrest her, he told them they needed to escape. Taking them through the Backstreet cliff passe, Ayn led them along the safer routes. Clarith slipped several times but didn't fall and, having eluded the villagers, Ayn pointed at a spot to rest. Exhausted, Clarith fell asleep from her fatigue, not resting since her mother died.[19] Arriving at Aceid, Ayn took them to an inn in the Central District, convincing his midwife to let the girls stay before leaving for Earl Felix's mansion. Being immigrants themselves, Clarith was accepted by the couple owning the inn. Despite their efforts, no one wanted to hire Clarith and they remained jobless.

After a week of running around the city searching for work, Clarith returned to the inn and slept in her bed. The next morning, Clarith went out to search for a job the next day, returning to find Michaela speaking with Mikina Freezis, Keel's wife. In awe at the woman, Clarith retreated at Mrs. Freezis' approach until they were both outside the inn. Noting her being from the Netsuma Clan, she returned to the inn and continued her discussion with Michaela, much to Clarith's confusion. Mrs. Freezis finally chose to hire only Clarith, much to Michaela's sadness. Clarith begged the merchant lady to hire her friend too, explaining that Michaela was the only friend she had, crying as she said that she wanted to be with Michaela at work. With Clarith's pleas, Mrs. Freezis gave in, hiring them both and warning them that it wouldn't be easy. Packing their luggage, the two girls left the inn to live at the Freezis Mansion.[20]

Freezis Maid

"Master said that he wasn't comfortable with being an immigrant. Maybe because of this, he was very understanding and because Clarith also looked different from the others, he hired us."

Cha2 img (1)
After a month of apprenticeship, they were accepted as servants at the estate during the cold season. Given the task to take care of their eldest daughter, Yukina, Clarith met the child and looked after her, playing games and helping Yukina write down her feelings.

After dinner, the two servants met up with each other in the garden to chat. While Michaela and the other servants washed clothes, Clarith came in with a basket full of children's clothes. Michaela thanked her and, despite warning her that water was cold, Clarith dipped a finger in the water and lurched back at the freezing sensation. The other servants laughed and Michaela told her to be careful.

While drying clothes, Gerda called out to them, saying Earl Felix wanted to see them. After quickly learning the proper etiquette for greeting a guest and how to set the table, they nervously entered the living room to serve the earl and his guard. As Clarith set up the snacks, she saw the man was Ayn and voiced a faint cry, and Michaela asked what was wrong before seeing the young man's identity as well. Sent out of the room while Keel and Earl Felix discussed private matters, the shocked Clarith quietly hid behind Michaela while Ayn revealed his father's arrest and how the earl enlisted in him in the army.


Clarith and Michaela happily serving Keel Freezis

Suddenly, the two aristocrats exited the living room and entered the hall, prompting the two girls and Ayn to straighten their posture, seeing Yukina run across the hall and bump into her father. After humoring his daughter and finishing his chat with the earl, Clarith, stuttering, shouted Ayn's name, thanking him for his help. Without looking back, he gently waved to her before leaving.

After dinner that night, Clarith put the adamant Yukina to bed before joining Michaela in the garden. Immediately, she hugged her friend, asking if she wanted to get warm from the cold weather. The two chatted and Clarith eventually mentioned Yukina's impressive creativity with her writing, describing how ingenious her stories were for her age. Foreseeing her father publishing her books and becoming famous, the smiling Netsuma girl described how she wanted to become famous like her.

Seeing Michaela's jealousy, Clarith asked what was wrong and assured her that she was her most important person, leaning against her again. Afterwards, Clarith mentioned Michaela's beautiful singing and asked if she could hear her again. Her friend complied and sang a melody. After her song, they both heard the sound of clapping and turned to see Keel congratulating Michaela's talent. Clarith grew concerned by Keel's interest in her voice and left them after he decided to hire a tutor for the green-haired girl.[21]

King from Overseas


Clarith's stress over Kyle and Michaela's relationship

"Hey, Blue! Even if you're really into another woman, don't leave out that you have a fiancée! It's a bad idea to do as King of a country! If the country is in a bad state, it'll perish!"
―Clarith to King Kyle[src]

Two weeks later in EC 500, Clarith quietly cheered Michaela from the shadows of the stage during her first performance. During another performance sometime later, Clarith walked towards the dining room to see Michaela and King Kyle exiting the room. Nervous, she entered the room and asked what the two of them were doing.

Michaela told her they were just chatting and Clarith then asked about the shell necklace she had. Her friend then said it was a gift from him and Clarith discerned it had to be an engagement present. Instinctively, she begged Michaela not to get close to others, fearing to lose her. Quickly collecting herself, she apologized and ran through the halls until Yukina awoke and shouted at her for doing so. Panicking again, Clarith bowed and asked for forgiveness.[22]

The next day, Clarith was cleaning the hallway when she overheard Keel and Michaela in another room discussing Kyle, learning that he was engaged to the Princess of Lucifenia. Horrified at the news, she predicted that Kyle would throw Michaela away after getting married and vowed to protect her from the blue king. As she was lost in thought, she was taken surprise by Kyle asking her what she was doing on the ground.

When the king explained he had come to visit Michaela and inquired where she was, Clarith glanced at Michaela still cleaning in the other room. She then told Kyle that the maid was out buying green onions in the market and that it would be best if he went on his way. Bidding the king a good day when he decided to go to the market himself, Clarith sighed with relief before overhearing a maid ask Michaela to buy green onions at the market, cursing her inadvertent blunder.


Clarith's failed humiliation attempt on Kyle

Over the next few weeks, Clarith repeatedly tried to sabotage Kyle's visits with Michaela. At one point, she set a banana peel along their paths before hiding in the bushes, only for him to pass over it and she slip on it instead. She later attempted to sic a vicious dog on the King but the dog chased after her instead.

With all her attempts failing, Clarith followed the two while they shopped, planning to push him into the water; jumping out at them, she missed and fell into the river, flailing and calling for help. Shortly afterwards, she was rescued by Kyle and sputtered that she was alright when asked. 

That night, Clarith lamented over her failures at the mansion's kitchen when she was approached by Michaela and told that they had been ordered to deliver liquor to Keel, Thorny, and Kyle after their meeting. Noting that the bottle looked damaged, Clarith asked if they should throw it away. Michaela questioned if that was the case and the white-haired maid then said they should taste it to be certain. After pouring herself a glass and having a drink, Clarith said she still wasn't sure and poured herself another, beginning to drink the whole bottle and noting that it was very good liquor.  


Clarith bursting in, drunk

Shortly after, the drunken Clarith burst into Keel's private room and announced her presence, slamming the bottle on the table and announcing that the liquor they'd waited for was here. She then picked up Kyle by the front of his clothes, chastising him for not mentioning that he had a fiancée if he was into other women and adding that, as king of a country, it would only cause trouble.

She continued on to rant at Kyle to his utter confusion, finally ending in tears about how he would throw Michaela away. When Keel tried to intervene, she pointed at him and, insulting her employer, told "Glasses" to be quiet. She then grabbed the front of Keel's shirt and claimed he hadn't been there from the beginning, arguing with her merchant before she finally calmed down.

Afterwards, Clarith and Michaela were both harshly scolded by Keel for Clarith's outburst; sobering, Clarith went into the mansion gardens and sulked until she was approached by Michaela, who asked if she had cleared up since earlier. Bowing her head, the white-haired maid said how she had been so angry and Michaela responded how rare it was to see Keel so angry. Clarith lamented how she had insulted Keel previously and then apologized to Michaela for getting her into trouble as well.

When Michaela brushed off her apology, Clarith curled into herself and began continually apologizing before her friend patted her on the head. She then silently listened as the green-haired maid said that she should be more open about her feelings and that Clarith was the most wonderful person she'd met. Exclaiming aloud, Clarith asked Michaela if she would marry her and her friend replied she'd have to think about it.[23]

At some point, when the chef was sick, Clarith cooked a meal in his place for Yukina. Impressing the Freezis household, she was put in charge of making the nine-year-old's snacks, sometimes even cooking for guests. Several weeks since her pleadings with Michaela, Clarith grew nervous as the green-haired girl didn't return from her trip to the inn they had stayed at. When she finally returned, she voiced her worry and her friend said she got sidetracked. Laughing, Clarith asked how the couple was doing before asking who the man with the butler, Bruno, was. Michaela explained his name was Allen and that he gave her a ride back to the mansion.

Michaela then quickly asserted they hadn't done anything and the discontented Clarith responded she never said anything about that. The white-haired girl told her friend that Gerda was nagging about the laundry. Michaela said she needed to go and Clarith said goodbye, explaining that Yukina would be angry if her dress wasn't washed. Michaela later returned from the laundry room and the two washed clothes together, Clarith washing them repeatedly and at a much slower pace. That night, the two chatted in the garden about the inn.[24]

Green Hunting

"Clarith, do you have to go?"
"Yes, I have to. Ms. Yukina is a strong girl. You have to protect your brother and sister just like your parents. Do not worry, we will meet again. Then I'll give you a super delicious cream cake. Please look forward to it."
―Yukina and Clarith[src]

The next day, Clarith was among those summoned by Keel, much to her confusion. Clarith listened as Bruno explained that King Kyle retracted his engagement to Princess Riliane due to having a lover in Elphegort, saying Keel speculated Michaela to be his lover. Keel berated Kyle's action and Clarith jumped in fright when he angrily slammed his arms upon the table. After the merchant discerned that Riliane may kill Michaela and told her he had hideouts for her to refuge in, Clarith spoke, wishing to add her input. Gerda responded that she should protect Michaela and be with her at all times and Keel agreed, releasing her of watching over Yukina. Hearing this, Clarith firmly obeyed.

Once the meeting concluded, Clarith embraced Michaela and apologized, expressing her gratitude for everything Michaela did for her and explaining how her smile was the Netsuma girl's happiness. A week later, Clarith saw the Millennium Tree Forest burned and prayed, saying that God lived and blessed the forest. The next day, at the start of The Green Hunting, Keel ordered Michaela to flee to his hideout and harshly asked Clarith if she wanted to give up Michaela, telling her that was fine by him. Glaring at him, she grabbed Michaela's arm and began to leave. Saying bye to Keel, she slightly bowed her head before urging Michaela to hurry up.


Like her mother, Clarith comforts the crying Yukina

Yukina approached the white-haired girl, asking if she had to go. Clarith comforted the child, explaining that the eldest sister had to protect her other siblings like her parents, promising to meet them again and bake her a delicious cream cake. Patting the weeping girl's head, Keel gave Michaela a cloak to obscure her green hair and the two left.

As the two headed to Yatski village, they saw the carnage of women scattered across the city before entering Aceid's Northern District and taking the underground passage to its Western District, leading them to Backstreet cliff passe. Finally arriving at Yatski, the village was mostly destroyed with the village women slaughtered.

Clarith whispered with surprise about their old house, seeing the building miraculously still standing. After rummaging through it, Clarith found some of her mother's sleeping pills and took them before leaving. Hurrying southward, Clarith noticed a noise and told Michaela to wait, asking if her friend heard anything. Realizing the growing sound of horse hooves, the two sprinted, hearing the sound of Lucifenian soldiers chasing after them. Quickly surrounded, the soldiers discovered Michaela and prepared to kill her. At the sound of a shout, Ayn tackled one of the soldiers and screamed for them to run. In the middle of the chaos, they fled but were soon pursued by a Lucifenian soldier on horseback.

Ayn caught up with them and said he would lure them away while they hid in the forest. Hysterical, Clarith asked why he didn't just come with them. Simply smiling, Ayn told them he would catch up later and Michaela grabbed Clarith's arm and pulled her towards the forest. The two ran into the woods and Ayn joined them again, explaining that he cut the horses' tendons to slow the soldiers' pursuit. Afterward, he explained the situation but was interrupted by the sound of reinforcements. Staring at Ayn, Clarith hardened her resolve and told Michaela to give her the coat.

With Michaela's reluctance, Clarith argued she would distract the soldiers while she ran and, shaking, said she couldn't risk losing her, speechlessly clinging to Michaela's shoulder. Asking if her friend could hold her as tight as before, Michaela asked if she would recant her plan if she did. Clarith didn't answer and her friend hugged her; the white-haired girl said she felt at ease with Michaela's warmth before confessing that she loved her. Lightly kissing her, Clarith took advantage of her loving gesture to slip the sleeping pills into her mouth. Once Michaela lost consciousness, she thanked Ayn and ordered him to take Michaela to Keel's hideout while she distracted the soldiers and he obeyed.[25]

Alone Again

"Why... Michaela... Why... Why? Why is it always like this?"
―Clarith lamenting over her loss[src]

After being chased and discovered, Clarith was captured and taken to the city of Toragay. Being interrogated by General Daniel Ausdin for two months, Clarith refused to reveal Michaela's location despite the general's attempts. The interrogation was interrupted by Corpa, claiming that Clarith was an acquaintance and that he was taking her with him, showing his legal permission. Clarith listened as Corpa explained that her value as a source was negated, revealing that "The Daughter of Green" was confirmed dead. In utter shock, Clarith clenched her teeth and bit her tongue, feeling blood spill from her mouth. Unable to breathe, she fell unconscious.


Without Michaela, Clarith sank back into a depression

After being given medical aid, she was sent to Corpa's mansion and told about the Freezis' imprisonment and release a few days before, learning that they stayed at Corpa's home because their mansion was burned. Arriving, she entered to the sound of Yukina calling her name and clinging to her leg. After briefly conversing with the child, she led her into a room and found Mikina there as well.

Relieved to see the Netsuma girl safe, she hugged her. Clarith responded in kind and noted that Mikina had lost weight; the merchant lady stated the poor quality of Lucifenian meals and had missed her cooking. Clarith thanked her and said she would prepare her a meal but Keel's wife refused, telling her to rest. After Mikina confirmed Michaela's death, Clarith collapsed, sobbing and wishing she was dead instead. After draining her tears, Mikina offered a handkerchief to the white-haired girl and she began to well up, remembering Michaela. Yukina asked if she alright and she said she was fine, asking Mrs. Freezis where Keel was.

Told he was speaking to a guest next door, she knocked and asked if she could enter. Told it was alright, she opened the door and was hugged by Keel. When she apologized for not carrying out his orders to protect Michaela, Keel told her it was the war and that he should be apologizing. Perplexed, Clarith asked what he meant but he told her to forget it and Clarith noticed he avoided making eye contact with her. Their conversation was interrupted by Germaine Avadonia, asking if she needed to leave. Apologizing again, Clarith hurriedly bowed and prepared to leave but was stopped by the woman, attempting to recruit her. Keel argued against it and Clarith grew curious.

Hearing Germaine's explanation of her plan to initiate a revolution in Lucifenia, she begged the Netsuma girl for assistance, asking if she wanted to avenge her friend's murder. Clarith replied she would consider it and Germaine threatened her if she betrayed them. Keel calmed her fears and she watched as Germaine and her comrade, York, silently left the room. Clarith commented how scary they were and Keel agreed but said it was just bravado. The merchant encouraged her to rest and Clarith agreed, allowing a servant to bring her to her room. Overwhelmed by her fatigue, she fell atop the bedding and slept.

After several days of playing with Yukina and little else, Keel entered her room and Clarith said he could have summoned her instead. He said he didn't really care, telling her he wanted to discuss her future plans. He alerted her that he decided to support the Lucifenian Resistance, asking if she would assist them. She refused, saying she couldn't wield a sword. Understanding her answer, he said he would leave for Marlon with his family and offered to keep her as a servant. Thinking it over, thoughts of being with Michaela returned and she began to cry and refused, unable to cope with losing her friend.

From the window, they both saw a Levin cathedral and Keel asked if she believed in God. She replied that she did and he retorted that there was a monastery on the west end of Lucifenia where she could work. Clarith questioned if he wanted her to be a nun and he rejected the notion, saying they were understaffed and it would be very suitable for the Netsuma girl to clear her head. Conflicted, Keel bluntly told her that she needed to accept Michaela's death and she needed to move on. Hearing his words, Clarith accepted the offer and Keel told her she would always be part of their family.[26]


Clarith reporting to Germaine

The following day, Clarith arrived at a Lucifenian tavern in Milanais Square, Rolled, to relay information from Keel to Germaine. After attempting a drink, she became drunk and began to laugh and cry before finally sobering up. Afterwards, she told them of Keel's support and, when York commented on Germaine's drinking habit, Clarith interjected that she believed he drank too much. The resistance leader asked if Clarith wanted a glass too but she denied him, saying she was just here to report. Germaine asked again if she wanted to participate in their movement but she remained silent.

Finally answering, she explained that, despite hating The Daughter of Evil, she was, unlike Germaine, weak. Saying she was sorry, Clarith cried and Germaine comforted her, asking what she planned to do now. The white-haired girl explained that Keel gave her a place to work and thanked Germaine for wishing for her safety, responding that she prayed for their revolution. Giving a stiff smile, Clarith left.[27]

Sorceress and Apprentice

Cha28 clarith
After that, she stayed at the Held Monastery near the harbor. For four months, Clarith took care of the children and worked in the fields, praying often and living a busy life. At some point, she wrote a letter to Keel about her time there and was told by the head nun about a legend of the sea and that it was a demon contract. One day, after lunch, two visitors arrived and, after confirming who she was, one of them introduced herself as Elluka Clockworker and the other as Gumillia.

Gumillia said they came to challenge her but Elluka tempered her apprentice, saying they actually came to bestow a gift. Seeing the potted sapling, Elluka said it was her precious friend and asked if she could have some tea while explaining the story. After preparing the tea, Elluka explained that Michaela was a forest spirit incarnated as a human by magic. The sorceress was taken aback by Clarith's surprisingly calm expression and she explained she always felt that Michaela wasn't ordinary.

Elluka continued to explain that Michaela was chosen as the successor of Held, elaborating that the god planned on having her become the next Millennium Tree. During the story, Elluka asked for more tea and Clarith apologized before refilling it and explaining that Keel had told them to give the tree sapling housing Michaela to her. Excited, Clarith was glad to know Michaela was alive but Gumillia contested her friend's custody. Reciting a ritual, Clarith watched as a light blinded her, opening her eyes again to see Michaela in front of her.

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Clarith and Michaela reunite

Crying out her name, the Netsuma girl sprinted at her friend and phased through her, crashing into the wall behind her. Michaela told her she was too bold and she responded that she missed her green-haired friend. Staring at each other for a while, Clarith finally asked if she was back to her full health. Michaela responded that her body was just an illusion and that the spell could not be used many times. Clarith said she wanted to live together with her but Michaela described that her time as a human was over and that Clarith had to move on.

After a brief silence, Michaela said she wanted to tell Clarith something when they met again and the two recited in unison that they loved each other before the ritual ended and the illusion disappeared. Defeated, Gumillia gave the sapling to Clarith and suggested she plant her in the forest but that it was her decision. Just before leaving, Gumillia told Clarith that the revolution was a success and that the princess was condemned, avenging Michaela.[28]

Twin Encounters

A week later, Clarith took the sapling with her to the port town, wondering what she should do. Subconsciously, she joked about Michaela "gaining weight" and searched for a place to rest. Finding a spot to rest, she inspected a cloth to find a boy lying on the ground and quickly took off the cloak he wore and loosened his collar. Surprised, she discovered he was a girl, seeing that she was thin and possibly starving. Knowing she couldn't carry her back to the monastery by herself, she told the child she was going to get help but her skirt was suddenly grabbed by the girl. The sleeping child told her not to leave her alone.[29] Clarith eventually went to the nearby bakery and got the owner and the two of them carried the starving girl back to the convent.

Calling herself Rin, she explained she had nowhere to go and Clarith let her stay at the monastery with no one's objection. Despite the orphan's malicious behavior, Clarith tolerated her attitude and treated her kindly, remembering how she was treated. Although acting selfish, Rin began to open up to her and gain some respect for others, albeit not much. At some point, she asked Clarith for culinary advice. A few days later, during the warm season, Clarith ran to the tool shed after hearing the voice of one of the nuns, finding Rin arguing with the old clergy woman. The white-haired girl offered to take half of the shovels and was scolded by the nun for coddling Rin. Clarith begged the woman to forgive Rin's behavior and told Rin to come with her.

Childishly, Rin refused and Clarith responded that the sisters wouldn't let her eat if she didn't work. Rin said Clarith could sneak her food and she responded that they would get scolded if she did that. Seeing one of the bigger kids, Donnie, she called him over and told him to help her bring the shovels to the fields. Clarith, purposefully speaking loudly, praised the orphan's actions and he played along. With the incentive of being rewarded a snack, the humiliated Rin interrupted them and snatched the shovels from Donnie to save face. Urged on by Rin, Clarith carried the tools to the fields and was roped into helping with the farm work. 

During lunch in the cafeteria, Clarith asked if Rin liked the food and the orphan agreed while the Netsuma watered the plants. Rin asked about the sapling of Michaela and Clarith responded that it was her precious friend, saying all life was equal. Rin disagreed, saying they lived in a world of "dominate or be dominated" where it was impossible for a society to function if everyone was equal. Clarith said she was perhaps correct but that she still supported her beliefs and Rin asked if everyone thought like a saint if they stayed in the convent for a while. 

Chuckling, she told the orphan she should soon understand the idea. Rin denied that, saying she was not a follower of Held; Clarith retorted that regardless of sect, their Levin beliefs were essentially the same. Noticing that the orphan had finished eating, she told her to put away her utensils and Rin complied. With a brief silence, the blonde girl asked if Clarith would still treat her the same even if she was a terrible person. Smiling, she told her "yes".[30]


Over time, Rin's behavior began to improve and, feeling like she had a little sister, Clarith began thinking less and less of Michaela.[31] At some point, Clarith was officially baptized as a nun of the Held sect.[32] In EC 505, Rin asked for cooking tips and Clarith obliged. A few days later, the Netsuma worked in the fields after breakfast. While cleaning the confessional that afternoon, Clarith's hair clip broke and she set it aside.

That night, as she was going to sleep, she discovered it was missing and remembered where she left it. Deciding to grab it before she forgot, the nun grabbed a candle and passed through the cafeteria to the confessionals; glad to see Michaela's sapling growing well, she considered planting her in the Millennium Tree Forest. After finding her way to the confession room in the darkness, Clarith realized she needed to grab the key from the dean's office. Clinging onto one of the door handles, she noticed it was unlocked and quietly opened the door to see someone confessing. Curious, she listened and realized it was Rin.


Clarith discovers Rin's secret

Hearing the girl describe the atrocities she committed and beg God for forgiveness, Clarith came to the realization that Rin was The Daughter of Evil. Not wanting to hear the rest, she crept back to her room. After it sank in, Clarith became overcome with rage, taking a knife from her cupboard and returning to the confessional. With Rin gone, Clarith looked out the window and saw the girl's silhouette leave the monastery. Now midnight, Clarith followed her to the Anonymous Coast, approaching from behind. Seeing her take out a bottle and send it out to sea, she recalled what the head nun had told her about the legend. While hearing a voice whisper to her, Clarith determined she had to kill Rin before the contract was established or she would be killed.

The enraged Netsuma spited Rin for making wishes when she had destroyed Michaela's life and taken away her happiness, hearing Michaela cry out about how she suffered. Blinded by her wrath, she prepared to stab Rin but was suddenly stopped by a sorrowful boy who looked like Rin. After a brief struggle, Clarith turned to Michaela to help her, disillusioned by her friend's devil-like expression. Coming to her senses, Clarith looked down to see a surprised Rin watching her. Realizing her intent, the child closed her eyes and accepted her fate, telling Clarith to do whatever she liked. At a loss, Clarith's conflicted thoughts finally reached consensus and she cried out and stabbed down with her knife, cutting Rin's hair.[33]

The next day, Clarith brought Rin with her to the Millennium Tree Forest to plant Michaela's sapling. Asked if there was there at the Millennium Tree, Clarith said yes and that it was where she should be planted. After praying, the duo began digging. During their work, Clarith apologized to Rin for cutting her hair short but the blonde brushed it off, saying it was easier to handle. After transplanting the sapling into their hole, Rin asked if Clarith would teach her how to make brioche and the white-haired girl agreed to do so. Finished, they knelt down to pray again. Clarith followed Rin's apology and tears with her own, and the two cried together till nightfall.[34] Later, she taught Rin how to make brioche and was impressed by her cooking's improvement.[35] Thinking back about what had occurred at the beach, she questioned who the boy she saw at the harbor was.[36]

Life at the Convent

In EC 505, Clarith was visited by Mikina, escorted by Rin so that she could find the monastery and the noblewoman left sometime after.[37] Over the next six months, Mikina occasionally visited with Clarith and donated Yukina's books to the nun, while speaking about her search to find the "vessels of sin". During her next visit, Clarith noticed Mikina looked dazed before she left. Soon after, she heard from a Freezis messenger that Mikina had been missing from home.

Four days since Mikina's visit, Clarith was gathering tools from the shed with Donnie when she overheard the teen grilling two visitors. Reproaching his behavior, she approached the thread and bowed her head. As she apologized, she heard Germaine express surprise at seeing her. Looking up to see it was really her, Clarith stammered out her name and asked what she was doing there.

Looking back to the girl again, she stared for some time before recognizing her former charge, Yukina, and tears gathered in her eyes. As the girl jumped and hugged her, Clarith stroked the child's head and remarked on how big she'd grown. The nun then took them inside and showed them to the guest rooms. While pouring them tea, Clarith told Yukina and Germaine about the monastery's custom of hosting travelers while taking them into one of the guest rooms.

Noting that the monastery generally received a form of donation, the nun said that she wouldn't ask Yukina or Germaine to donate since her family had already given so much money. After Yukina sent Germaine away, Clarith smiled at the girl as she noted how long it had been. The nun then noted that Yukina still liked to write books and took out her latest work, relating how she kept many of her books in her room's bookshelf. When Yukina stated she bought them, Clarith clarified that as a nun she wasn't allowed to spend money, and they were donated to her.

Yukina then guessed her mother had given them to her and Clarith recounted Mikina's recent string of visits. When Yukina asked where she went after the last visit, the nun admitted she had thought she returned home. Asked what day it was, Clarith stated it was four days ago. As Yukina asked if she could stay in the monastery for a time, the nun smiled and replied she could and would be given every hospitality as a Freezis. Clarith then listened with surprise as Yukina chatted about her adventures over the last five years, before noticing they were out of tea.

When Rin came and replaced the pot, Clarith suggested she replace it in the adjacent room as well, and then instructed her to have the workers on cafeteria duty prepare a two-person meal. She watched as Rin and Yukina became acquainted; when Rin sarcastically noted how first Mikina and then Yukina appeared, she chastised her for her rudeness. Rin asked then if the woman in the other room was Yukina's servant, and Clarith replied that she was Germaine Avadonia. Seeing Rin's shock, she began to ask if the girl knew the name before remembering her friend's past, also beginning to panic.

She then declared she would take the tea to Germaine and told Rin it was best to not come back. Preparing the tray, Clarith stammered that they'd continue their conversation tomorrow and told her to rest easy, pushing Rin out of the room. She then opened the door and saw Germaine. Terrified, she then witnessed the swordswoman's brief and tense meeting with Rin, before she said it was nice to meet her and left. Drenched in sweat, Clarith collapsed on the bed and sighed.

As Yukina questioned her friend on the relationship between the two, Clarith paused and then said she couldn't talk about it now. She then stated that when Yukina was older, she would tell her the story of the Daughter of Evil of five years ago, asking her to forgive her until then. Announcing it would be dinner soon, Clarith stated her confidence about the quality of the meal despite not being as lavish as those in the Freezis mansion. She then smiled again and left the room.[38]

Later Life

At some point, a young Netsuma boy was abandoned at the orphanage and Clarith cared for him, naming him Ayn and raising the boy.[39] Sometime after EC 529, distressed by the continued discrimination against her clan, Clarith left the monastery and founded her own monastic order: the Sisters of Clarith. Campaigning to eliminate discrimination from society, Clarith directed her other sisters to care for the poor and orphaned throughout Evillious;[40] throughout the period, she continued to remain in contact with Rin.[41]

Sometime during the EC 530s, after the Millennium Tree's death and Michaela's discovery by the Held sect, Clarith published a discourse regarding the new "reincarnated" Millennium Tree, declaring it a protector of humanity and worthy of their reverence and love. She then inspired the Sisters of Clarith to promote respect for the tree and forbade it from becoming damaged.

Around the same time, she established a church at the entrance to the Millennium Tree Forest, through which potential visitors to the forest could be examined prior to entry. After the examination process was streamlined with the issuing of forest traffic permits, Clarith gave permits to Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia so they could pass freely into the forest.[42] Later in life, Clarith published an autobiography of her life and her discovery of faith following hardships before and after the Lucifenia-Elphegort War.[43]


Following her death, Clarith was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[44] She later reunited with Michaela at the destroyed Millennium Tree Forest and learned about Allen Avadonia meeting with several of the Demons of Sin's previous contractors in the destroyed world.

When Eve Moonlit's new Eighth Gift began spreading through the ground world's air and put all the afflicted souls to sleep, Clarith was tasked by the immobile tree god with reaching Allen and summoning his aid to stop the rampaging Sleep Princess in Toragay. Given the god's temporary blessing as protection from the poison, Clarith took Josephine from the Lucifenian Royal Palace stables and the horse was given the same blessing. She then rode into the palace and found Allen in the halls by Princess Riliane's room.

After greeting him, Clarith described her purpose for being there. She then explained the alarming situation to the boy and remarked that she couldn't imagine what would happen in the future. When he asked how they should stop her, Clarith explained that he was the only one able to since only he could move freely across the ground world currently and that they should head to Elphegort to stop her. Seeing Allen hesitate while looking at his sister's room, Clarith told him she understood how he felt before pointing out the danger Riliane would be in if the Sleep Princess wasn't confronted immediately.

Once Allen agreed, Clarith instructed him to get on the horse and explained that it had Michaela's blessing; as Allen asked why she wasn't affected by Gift, she stated that she too was given a blessing by the earth god. The Netsuma then told him to hold tight and pulled on Josephine's reigns, galloping out of the palace.[45] As they approached the ruined city, Clarith spotted Hänsel on the path in the form of Lemy Abelard; startled, she pulled up the reigns and stopped.

Hearing the boy offer to help with Eve, the slightly confused Netsuma smiled and told him that he and the Sleep Princess shouldn't meet. When the boy asked if that was Michaela's desire, she affirmed it was. Calling him Hänsel before noting it was likely more accurate to say "Fifth Pierrot" at the moment, Clarith explained that him coming in contact with her would only lead to further chaos.

When Hänsel countered by bringing out the Clockworker's Doll and saying it was a tool to aid them from Michaela, the former nun rebuked that it was only a husk without the demon and insisted that they couldn't take him with them. The pierrot then chastised her for not knowing how to use it and Clarith insisted they couldn't take him with them. As the two became more hostile, Allen moved between them and reminded Clarith that they didn't have time to waste.

After Allen gave Hänsel permission to accompany them, Clarith started to speak before realizing they didn't have time to argue. Saying it couldn't be helped, she told Allen they would keep going and got into another tense exchange with Hänsel before taking off with Allen on Josephine.

Once they entered the decimated ruins of Toragay and spotted the Sleep Princess, Clarith approached her with Allen and watched as the boy try to reason with the mad witch. She then whisped to him that it was useless to try doing that with someone who'd lost their sanity. When Allen wondered if this was due to the world's collapse, Clarith cited it was unlikely as she had already been in that state. She then admitted she may have been acting more wild due to finally being free after so long.

The former nun then stated she was definitely unaware of her own actions and might've been just acting on instinct. When the boy then questioned how they were going to stop her exactly, Clarith admitted she didn't know, saying Michaela simply told her that Allen would handle it. Clarith then anxiously watched as the Lucifenian prince tried to stop the Sleep Princess before Hänsel arrived and sealed her back in the Clockworker's Doll before leaving for the forest again.

Afterwards, as Allen faced her again and asked if she would be able to guide him to the next contractor, Kayo Sudou, in Jakoku, Clarith began to explain that it was the Demon of Envy who would do so before hearing clapping and seeing the the amused demon had already arrived. Seeing Allen prepare to depart with the demon, Clarith gave her farewell since Josephine couldn't cross the sea.

When the boy then thanked her, she protested the gratitude. Clarith then thanked the "Crab Demon" for helping him; chastised by the Demon of Envy for mistaking her from a crab, Clarith hurriedly tried to explain that she thought she had a crab avatar given the scissors her humanoid form was carrying and the furious demon reluctantly forgave her for the insult. Afterwards, she watched as the demon transformed into her true fish form and leaped off towards the sea with Allen.[46]


In the years following Clarith's death, the Sisters of Clarith continued her mission in protecting the new Millennium Tree and spreading good works across Evillious. Clarith's life with Michaela was detailed by Yukina in one of her Freezis Fairy Tales "Tree Maiden", deriving the character of "The Daughter of White" from the Netsuma. Clarith and her actions were also detailed in another of Yukina's novels, "The Daughter of Evil", gaining popularity around the world during the succeeding centuries.[47]

The Netsuma orphan she saved, Ayn, later became the first chief commissioner of the World Police and his name was later passed onto his grandson, Ayn Anchor. While consulting the constable regarding a recent murder case in Toragay, Elluka shared her knowledge about his name and its origin with Clarith and her dear friend, inspiring Ayn to work to live up to his namesake's heroism.

Centuries after Clarith's death, the playwright Ma wrote a screenplay regarding Clarith and it was adapted into a film.[48] She later wrote another screenplay with Gammon Octo regarding her relationship with Michaela and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court.[49] While reviewing the "motion", Gammon expressed his uncertainty on whether the two were friends or lovers, but noted their relationship was inevitably doomed either way.[50]

Personality and Traits


Clarith shared a close bond with Michaela

Clarith was a kind and caring person but lacked the confidence to believe in herself. Earning her more hatred and abuse, or because of such abuse, Clarith was timid, quiet, and clumsy, often causing accidents or not speaking up about things that weren't her fault. Over time, she grew to hate her hair due to the discrimination it attracted and lost all confidence in a happier life, resigning to her misery. Despite this, she feared becoming completely alone and harbored a deep desire to have a friend.[51] After meeting Michaela, Clarith slowly came out of her shell, gaining confidence and respect for herself and becoming more happy, carefree, and vocal.

However, she became fearful to lose her happiness and acted rash and hysterical at the slightest thought that she would lose her only friend and love of her life to someone else.[52] After The Green Hunting, Clarith lapsed into a depression but regained her cheerful and dedicated demeanor while working at the monastery, remaining kind to the orphans she nurtured, including Rin. Empathizing with others' sadness, Clarith lead by example to help others escape from their suffering like how Michaela helped her escape from hers.[53] Although initially lacking faith in God because of her past, her experiences with Michaela changed her into a devout believer.[54]

Skills and Abilities


Clarith working hard despite her clumsiness

Due to her clumsiness, Clarith fumbled with much of her work, often working slower than most and having to repeat herself; her lack of confidence only reinforced her slow pace, and tasks like farming and doing laundry were noticeably difficult for her.[55] Due to living most of her life in a land-locked village, the Netsuma didn't know how to swim.[56]

However, Clarith was a skilled at cooking, capable of making delicious foods, especially brioche.[57] Elluka noted that she also contained a small amount of magic, allowing her to "feel" that Michaela was more than merely human.[58] Likewise, emulating her mother, Clarith was a natural with children, easily earning Yukina's love and admiration.[59]

After joining the monastery, Clarith gradually improved in performing laborious tasks and perfected her abilities with children, able to tolerate any rude behavior from them and even goad Rin into helping with the work. Because of her own past, Clarith was patient with the children, especially Rin, and tolerated them to eventually earn their trust and respect, acting as a leader and example for others.[60]

Character Connections

Michaela: Clarith's friend and love. While lonely enough to accept it, Clarith was initially unable to believe Michaela truly cared for her. Over time, however, the two became close and, with her friendship, Clarith began to heal from years of emotional abuse. In time she grew to love her, to the point of being jealous of Kyle and frantic to protect her during the Lucifenia-Elphegort War; while lapsing into a depression upon her death, Clarith was able to receive closure with Michaela's spirit and found strength from her memory.

Keel Freezis: Clarith's employer. Before coming into his employment Clarith envied Keel for his famous banquets and the many friends he had, and after coming into his employ she regarded him with gratitude and respect. Eventually Clarith came to see Keel as family and accepted his help to try and move on from Michaela's death.

Mikina Freezis: Clarith's other employer. Clarith was grateful to Mikina for employing her despite her telltale "demon child" characteristics, and eventually Clarith came to see her as family, accepting comfort from her after the Green Hunting and often being visited by her in the church.

Yukina Freezis: Clarith's charge in the Freezis' employ. Clarith became fond of Yukina in her employment, playing games with her and helping with her writing, and would affectionately refer to the child as her little master. This close relationship continued following Clarith's life as a nun, accepting visits from Yukina and trusting her enough to later learn the truth about her friend, "Rin."

Rin: A girl Clarith helps at the monastery. Initially Clarith was exasperated with Rin's arrogance and refusal to work, but she persevered in being kind to her, seeing her past loneliness in the girl. Over time Clarith started to see Rin as a little sister and mentored her in the monastery, such as helping teach her how to cook. She was horrified to learn Rin was actually Riliane, but the two remained friends after Clarith forgave her.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: The princess who ordered Michaela's death. Clarith hated her for her role in the Green Hunting, wishing luck to the revolutionaries who wanted to dethrone her. Her hatred for Riliane allowed her to be influenced by the Demon of Wrath when she discovered her in the monastery as "Rin"; At the last moment, however, Clarith managed to forgive the princess after realizing how similar they were.

Hakua Netsuma: Clarith's distant ancestor. Due to her Netsuma heritage and characteristics, Clarith was easily identified and maltreated from devout Levin believers and the people of her village.

Sateriasis Venomania: Clarith's distant ancestor. Due to his actions, Clarith's birth plagued her with discrimination and hatred from devout Levin believers and the people of her village.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Clarith's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid derivative, Haku, with Clarith's romanization beginning with the letters "ku".
  • Her name is also derived from Clarisse d'Cagliostro, a character from The Castle of Cagliostro.[61]
  • In an interview, Akuno-P stated that Clarith had been part of the story since the very beginning, albeit her character's set-up and role changed several times during development.[62]
  • Originally, Clarith's line said at the beginning of The Daughter of White was planned to be "I'm sorry for being born" but was later changed to "I'm sorry for being alive" to better suit the song lyrics.[63]


  • Clarith shares the same birthday (November 21st) with her Vocaloid derivative.[64]
  • Interestingly, Clarith somehow acquired and kept the vessel of Wrath in her cupboard at the convent, despite Yvette having sealed it away.[65]
  • In Chrono Story, the color representing Wrath is white, alluding to Clarith almost murdering Rin with the vessel of Wrath;[66] after the act was averted by Allen's intervention, the sin was represented by the color green, possibly alluding to Nemesis Sudou acting under the Demon of Wrath's influence.[67]
  • In The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Hakua Netsuma is listed as unemployed, foreshadowing Clarith's state in Aceid before being hired by Mikina Freezis.
  • A portion of Clarith's drunken rant towards Kyle inadvertently breaks the fourth wall, including references to the Vocaloid engine which many of mothy's characters are based on.[68]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Clarith was voted as the second most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans.




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