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"I'm sorry for being alive."

Clarith was a peasant of the Kingdom of Elphegort. Hated for her distinct eye and hair color marking her a member of the Netsuma Clan, Clarith suffered harsh discrimination within her village. She later found an ill Michaela by the Millennium Tree and nursed her back to health, the two becoming close friends. After her foster mother's death, the two moved to Aceid where they worked as maids at the Freezis Mansion.


Early Life[]

"Ever since I was born, I have been persecuted and scorned. When I was a child I couldn't understand why I was put through such experiences. When I grew older I came to understand that my white hair and red eyes were traits that weren't accepted in this country."

Born in the Kingdom of Elphegort on November 21, EC 479,[1] the young child's father and mother died, leaving the baby orphan. She was subsequently adopted by a foreign shaman, who named her Clarith. As she grew up, Clarith was bullied, threatened, and abused by the Elphe people of Yatski, eventually learning that it was because of her heritage as a member of the Netsuma Clan, marked by her red eyes and white hair. Meanwhile as she grew up, her loving foster mother taught her how to read and write.[2]

As the years progressed and the abuse continued, Clarith eventually began to apologize for even living. When she came of age, the Netsuma started working at the village, helping grow and tend to the crops to pay her family's land fee to Earl Felix. Struggling to make enough to pay the fees with broken tools and the villagers' cruelty, the village chief sometimes called the peasant to his home to work for him, often abusing her. One day, Clarith's mother contracted the Gula Disease, suffering a gruesome appetite for worms and dirt.[3]


"I'm very sorry, little birdie. But, she really is a very kind girl. She brought you here when she saw you were injured, and your dressings she also did herself. So please forgive her."
―Clarith's mother to Michaela[src]


In January of EC 499, Clarith went out to the Millennium Tree Forest to pick trauben fruits; as she picked fruits from the orchard at the Lake of Amusement, she saw a black rollam bird attack a small robin. Rushing to the forest, Clarith rescued the unconscious bird and brought it home, trying to bandage its wing before she had to go back to work. At work, Clarith was bullied by the other villagers and called to the chief's home again.

Once she finished for the day, the exhausted girl returned home. As her mother welcomed her,[4] Clarith chastised her for not getting some rest before learning that the robin had woken up. She then fed the robin, giving it trauben when it refused to eat worms, and when her mother suggested that the bird was the avatar of a forest spirit Clarith waved the notion off. After sulking over her "poor quality" trauben, Clarith left for the chief's home and returned late in the night, crying herself to sleep.

Chelsea shoves Clarith

The next morning, Clarith fed and bonded with the robin that she had rescued, deciding to name it Grüne, after its green feathers. As time progressed, Clarith continued feeding the robin her unsold trauben for each of its meals and opened up to Grüne even more.[5] Once Grüne no longer needed its bandages, Clarith collected some junk and clumsily made a birdcage for the robin, placing it and Grüne on the windowsill so the bird could see outside. Afterward, Clarith left for the fields and was again bullied by the other villagers.[4]

After she returned home and brought Grüne's cage down, Clarith confided all of her problems to the robin and Grüne comforted her; since then, Clarith began making a habit of talking to the bird after coming home from work.[5] Two weeks since she first rescued the robin, Clarith set Grüne out as always and went out to work.[4] As she plowed the fields, she looked to Chelsea and Alma conversing nearby and screwed up her courage to approach them.

Clarith desperately prays to Held

Hoping to befriend them as she had the robin, Clarith nervously invited Chelsea over for dinner, only to have her offer harshly rejected. She retreated into the forest immediately after and broke down in tears; once she returned home, Clarith's misery was compounded when she learned that Grüne had left, having recovered enough from its injuries. Although comforted by her mother with the possibility that Grüne was a forest spirit, Clarith spent a lonely night after putting her mother to bed.[5]

The next morning, Clarith left early and headed straight to the Millennium Tree in the forest. Kneeling before the massive tree, she related aloud how she had been persecuted and scorned, how she had befriended Grüne only to lose the bird later, and how her adoptive mother didn't have very long to live. Addressing Held, Clarith prayed that, if he existed, he would send her a friend.[5]

First Friend[]

"Um, well, I just happened to be going to the Millenium Tree by chance... but it's unusual for other people to be there..."

Clarith meets Michaela

Over a month later, Clarith went through the Millennium Tree Forest on an errand when she found an Elphe girl unconscious by the Millennium Tree, sick with fever. Clarith took the girl home and tended to her until she regained consciousness, gently explaining to her how she had a fever and had collapsed. As Clarith apologized that the girl had to be cared for by a Netsuma, the girl thanked her for her care instead, surprising Clarith.

After learning her location, the girl introduced herself as "Michaela" and Clarith introduced herself in turn and inquired of Michaela why she was in the forest. She learned Michaela was trying to get to Aceid, having come from Lucifenia, where many kinds of races live.[4] During their talk Clarith broke down, crying hysterically, before her mother interrupted them both to give Michaela her soup.

Upon hearing her mother planned to put in her "secret ingredient" in the soup she brought, Clarith immediately stood from her chair and rushed to prevent her mother from feeding Michaela worms.[5] A knock came to their door and the village chief arrived with his henchman, Eugen, come to collect her rent. As the chief bullied her, Michaela interrupted and offered to pay the rent for Clarith as thanks for her help earlier.

The village chief left and Clarith continued fretted over the girl's gesture. Michaela then told Clarith she would pay the rent in exchange for her staying with them and Clarith agreed to the arrangement.[4] Shortly after, Clarith explained the way things worked in the village, such as with Earl Felix having jurisdiction over the region and the chief simply paying the land fees to him. The two eventually retired for the night.[5]

One morning, as Clarith began leaving for work, Michaela insisted on also learning how to work the fields and accompanied her as well, Clarith teaching her how to tend to the soil and crops. As she worked, she noticed how Michaela gained the villager's attention, happily associating with the other Elphe villagers over the next six months and becoming more and more popular. Over time, the village chief's son Ayn also began approaching Clarith and talk to her.

One day that summer, Clarith saw Michaela exhausted and tried calling out to her, when Chelsea offered to take a break with her instead. Following the two to the work shed, Clarith hid behind a wall and listened as the two talked. As Chelsea continually insulted her, Clarith returned to the fields. When she tried to approach Michaela later that day, she saw her talking to other villagers and gave up to return home by herself.

Along the way, Ayn greeted and spoke casually with her, before Michaela arrived and conversed with him instead. After Ayn left, Clarith went back home with Michaela, speaking on the way about how she'd gotten better with men and how Ayn might have begun speaking to her out of affection for Michaela. When Clarith heard Michaela say she wasn't interested in men, however, she was pleased and revealed she felt the same.

Michaela protecting Clarith from Chelsea

As they were about to enter their home, Chelsea vehemently called to Clarith and dragged her to the back of the house. Chelsea then accused Clarith of "leering" at Ayn and interrogated her over it, warning her to stay away from the chief's son. Right as Chelsea prepared to hit her, Clarith watched, shocked, as Michaela intervened and warded the bullies off. Relieved, Clarith thanked Michaela profusely and the two held each other.[5] The next day, the two went out to work, Clarith cutting the back of her right hand during it. During their next break, Clarith met up with Michaela behind the work shed and Clarith was embarrassed to discuss her injury.[5]

Uncertain Bonds[]

"No matter what anyone says, to me you are a very wonderful person. More than anyone, more than anyone in the world."
―Michaela to Clarith[src]

Chelsea sharing her speculations with Clarith

Over the next several months, Michaela continued spending more and more time with Clarith; in the meantime, a doctor came to check on her mother and diagnosed her as in the final stages of Gula, the woman not having much longer to live. As the disease was currently incurable, Clarith only treated her mother's symptoms with painkillers and sleeping pills. That November, Clarith met with Chelsea, who suggested to her that Michaela only hung out with the Netsuma to make her own beauty stand out, saying she treated her kindly to look extra kind and wonderful to everyone else.

One night, Clarith noticed Michaela leave the house and secretly followed her to the flats overlooking Aceid. There she watched Michaela sing in amazement before addressing her directly.[4] Sitting together, the two talked under the stars about village life, Clarith's suspicions that Michaela was actually nobility, and the worsening condition of Clarith's mother.

Michaela then asked Clarith about the mansion belonging to Keel Freezis in the distance and Clarith described his vast wealth and monthly dinner parties. Although Clarith admitted her envy for his having so many friends, she said aloud that her own fate and friendship with Michaela was enough, unable to voice her concerns from her conversation with Chelsea. Michaela then suggested they return home and Clarith agreed, the two walking back to the house.

Once home, the two found Clarith's mother dead, having vomited blood and collapsed;[5] after Michaela fetched the chief Clarith silently stared as the man prepared to move her corpse. Over the following days, Clarith lapsed into depression and overheard the village gossip that the woman suffered and died because she adopted a Netsuma. Soon after, she attended her mother's funeral with Michaela, thinking over what everyone had said during the ceremony and silently watching her mother's grave after.

Clarith breaks down

After returning home from the cemetery, Clarith and Michaela discussed what she would do next, including moving to Aceid; during the conversation Clarith broke down, finally voicing to Michaela what she had heard from Chelsea. As Clarith insisted Michaela was only friends with her to satisfy her own conceit, Michaela hugged the other girl and told her that she was a wonderful person. Realizing Michaela spoke the truth, Clarith returned the embrace as she cried in her friend's arms.[6]

After calming down, the two decided they would indeed move to Aceid together and discussed preparing for the journey, before Ayn burst inside looking for them. To Clarith's shock, he explained that Eugen had been murdered and his father, accusing her of the deed, was preparing a mob to arrest her.[4]

Clarith and Michaela immediately fled the village with Ayn, escaping through the mountains; during the trek, the three took a break by a tree and Clarith slept. Afterwards, they went the rest of the way to Aceid and checked into an inn at the Central District whose owners Ayn was familiar with. Exhausted, Clarith collapsed into bed and rested for the night.[6]

Over the next week, Clarith and Michaela exhaustively searched for a new job from dawn to dusk while staying with the innkeeper and his wife, although they failed to find a business willing to hire a Netsuma. After returning from another fruitless job search that morning, Clarith returned to find Michaela speaking with Mikina Freezis. After studying her features, Mikina initially agreed to hire Clarith but not Michaela, only agreeing to take the Elphe on at Clarith's insistence. Deciding to live-in at the Freezis Mansion, the two quickly gathered what little luggage they had and left the inn.[2]

Freezis Maid[]

"I'm so relieved to see you two are doing well."
―Ayn commenting to Michaela and Clarith[src]

Cha2 img (1).jpg

After moving into the Freezis Mansion, Clarith and Michaela began training to become proper maids, learning about their various duties from Mikina. A few nights later, the couple assigned Clarith to take care of their eldest daughter, Yukina, or otherwise help the other maids.[6] Over the next month, Clarith struggled to learn her duties while playing with Yukina and reading over the girl's writings, meeting with Michaela at the garden fountain after dinner each night to chat. At the end of their probationary month, both she and Michaela were accepted as junior maids.[2]

On December 28, Clarith played with Yukina and then joined Michaela and some other maids outside to help with the laundry,[6] getting startled by the cold water.[2] The two chatted with the maids until they were summoned by Gerda to serve Earl Felix, who had specifically asked for them. The two, confused, obediently served the earl with proper etiquette as instructed and realized that he was accompanied by Ayn. Once Keel entered, all three left the room so he could meet privately with the feudal lord.

Clarith and Michaela working as maids to the Freezises

Outside, Ayn explained he had heard of their new job and accompanied the earl to see them, revealing his father had been arrested and he had enlisted in Elphegort's army. Their discussion was interrupted by Keel and Earl Felix exiting the room, Keel subsequently tackled by Yukina. As Ayn and the earl left, Clarith thanked him for all he had done.[6] That night, Clarith put Yukina to bed and joined Michaela in the garden; there she talked to her about Yukina and her incredible writing prowess, reassuring Michaela when she admitted her jealousy of how much attention Clarith gave her charge.[2]

After a short silence, Clarith requested Michaela sing the song she had sung in Yatski and listened to her subsequent performances. Clarith then watched as Keel revealed he had overheard and announced his intention to hire Michaela a singing instructor to refine her technique. The two were sent to bed,[6] and two weeks later, in January of EC 500, Clarith accompanied Michaela in the banquet hall as Keel prepared to show her singing off to his business associates. Backstage, she supported her friend as she dazzled the audience. As time passed, Clarith began to get jealous as the "Diva of Elphegort" became increasingly popular and was sought after by numerous male suitors.[6]

King from Overseas[]

"Hey, Blue! Getting infatuated with another woman despite having a fiancée! It's a bad idea to do as King of a country! If it goes badly the country will perish!"
―Clarith to King Kyle[src]

Clarith revealing her envy

After Michaela's performances at another of Keel's monthly banquets, Clarith saw the King Kyle Marlon from the Kingdom of Marlon speak with Michaela in the drawing room and questioned her about what he said immediately afterwards. Noticing the shell pendant Kyle gave her, Clarith realized Kyle was trying to romance Michaela as well and tried to warn her off from seeing him. After she admitted her fears of Michaela leaving her,[6] she apologized and went to attend to Yukina.[2]

Several weeks later, Clarith was mopping the hallway overheard Keel and Michaela discussing Kyle in another room, learning that he was engaged to the Princess of Lucifenia. Horrified at the news, she vowed to protect Michaela from the apparent playboy Kyle; when Kyle, who had arrived on business, approached Clarith immediately after and asked where Michaela was, Clarith told him she was busy at the market. As Kyle left to go find her, however, another maid sent Michaela to the market as well and Clarith cursed her blunder.

She then tried numerous methods of humiliating or chasing off Kyle, including siccing a dog on him and putting a banana peel in his path, only for each method to backfire on her. As the couple crossed a bridge on their way back to the mansion, Clarith tried to push Kyle into the water and, as a result, fell in herself. As she flailed and called for help, Kyle jumped into the water and saved her; that night, Clarith lamented over her failures the mansion's kitchen.

Clarith bursting in, drunk

When Michaela approached her and said they'd been ordered to deliver liquor to Keel, Thorny, and Kyle following their meeting, Clarith suggested they taste the liquor to make sure it was alright and subsequently drank the whole bottle. Drunk, Clarith burst into Keel's private room and "delivered" what was left of the liquor, before she began drunkenly yelling at Kyle for not mentioning his fiancée and planning to throw Michaela away. When Keel tried to intervene, she drunkenly argued with him until she eventually sobered up.

Afterwards, Clarith and Michaela were both harshly scolded by Keel for Clarith's outburst, and Clarith went into the mansion gardens to sulk until Michaela arrived. As Clarith lamented her behavior, Michaela tried to cheer her and gently told her to be more open about her feelings. As she did, Clarith blurted out if she would marry her and Michaela replied she'd have to think about it.[7]

On one occasion, when the chef was sick, Clarith cooked a meal in his place for Yukina and impressed the Freezis household, given more cooking duties from then on. She also became worried on one occasion when Michaela took a long time to return from her visit to the inn they stayed at; when Michaela finally arrived back and apologized for getting sidetracked, Clarith also noted the boy who accompanied her back to the mansion, Allen. She then directed Michaela to the laundry and the two washed clothes together. That night, the two chatted in the garden about the inn.[8]

Green Hunting[]

"Clarith, you're leaving?"
"...Yes. It's alright, you're a strong girl Miss Yukina. Please look after your siblings with your parents for me, won't you? Don’t worry about me. I know we'll meet again. When we do, I'll make some excellent brioche for you. Look forward to it."
―Yukina and Clarith[src]

The next day, Clarith was among those summoned by Keel and listened as his butler, Bruno, explained that King Kyle had retracted his engagement to Princess Riliane due to having a lover in Elphegort. As he explained Keel speculated Michaela to be his "lover," Clarith then listened as Keel berated Kyle's actions discerned that Riliane may kill Michaela; she spoke up when Keel told Michaela he had hideouts for her to take refuge in, and during the meeting determined she should protect Michaela and be with her at all times.

Clarith comforts the crying Yukina

A week later, Clarith saw the Millennium Tree Forest burned and prayed to God for the forest. The next day, at the start of The Green Hunting, Clarith prepared to flee with Michaela on Keel's direction and comforted Yukina when the girl cried over her departure. After Keel gave Michaela a cloak to obscure her green hair, the two left for Yatski village; along the way, they saw the carnage of women scattered across the city of Aceid and in the destroyed village of Yatski itself.

To Clarith's surprise, they stumbled on their old house miraculously still standing, and Clarith took some of her mother's sleeping pills from it before leaving. Hurrying southward, the two were suddenly pursued by Lucifenian soldiers on horseback and surrounded; as the soldiers discovered Michaela and prepared to kill her, Ayn arrived and gave them a chance to escape. As they fled, Ayn caught up with the girls and he would lure the soldiers away while they hid in the forest. The girls reluctantly ran into the woods until Ayn joined them again.

As she heard the Lucifenian soldiers approaching once again, Clarith told Michaela to give her her cloak, planning to distract the soldiers while she ran for safety. The two friends hugged and Clarith confessed her love to Michaela before finally kissing her; as she did, Clarith used the opportunity to slip her mother's sleeping pills into her mouth. As Michaela lost consciousness, she thanked Ayn and had him take Michaela to Keel's hideout while she distracted the soldiers.[8] From there she was chased, captured, and then taken to the city of Toragay for questioning.[9]

Lucifenian Revolution[]

"I see... Well then, take care, okay?
Thank you... Germaine... I will pray for the success of your revolution.
―Germaine and Clarith[src]

Without Michaela, Clarith sinks back into a depression

For the next two months Clarith was interrogated by General Daniel Ausdin on Michaela's location, refusing to disclose the information despite the general's attempts. The interrogation was interrupted by Corpa, who arrived to liberate her. As he discussed this with Daniel, Clarith learned that Michaela had been confirmed dead and she harshly bit her tongue in shock. Having a hysterical fit and bleeding from the mouth, Clarith fell unconscious and was given medical aid.

Afterwards she was sent to Corpa's mansion in Rolled, and she learned the Freezises were stayed there following their release and the destruction of their mansion. Upon arrival, Clarith greeted Yukina warmly and met with Mikina as well. Once Mikina confirmed Michaela's death, Clarith collapsed and broke down, comforted by Mikina and Yukina. Clarith then went to meet with Keel, who was in a meeting with a guest next door. After greeting Keel, Clarith met his guest Germaine Avadonia, who shortly after attempted to recruit her.

From Germaine, Clarith learned of the Lucifenian Resistance that planned to initiate a revolution in Lucifenia, and was asked if she wanted to avenge Michaela's murder; Clarith replied she would consider it and Germaine threatened her not to betray them. Keel calmed her fears and Germaine left with her comrade, York. After commenting on his guests, Clarith left to rest on Keel's direction and slept. She spent the next several days playing with Yukina and doing little else.

Clarith reporting to Germaine

One day, Keel approached Clarith to discuss her future plans and told her he had decided to support the Lucifenian Resistance. Affirming Clarith had decided not to join them, Keel offered to keep her on as his family moved to Marlon and she refused, unable to cope with losing Michaela. Studying a Levin cathedral through the window, Keel suggested she work in an understaffed monastery on the west end of Lucifenia in order to clear her head. As Keel told her that she needed to accept Michaela's death and move on, Clarith finally accepted the offer.[9]

For a small time, Clarith met with the Lucifenian Resistance so that they could communicate with Keel through her. One day she arrived at a Lucifenian tavern in Milanais Square, Rolled, to relay to Germaine that Keel had finally decided to support the resistance. There she was once again asked to join but refused, saying that she was too weak and that she had already been given a place to work. After wishing Germaine and her revolution well, Clarith left the tavern.[10]

Starting Over[]

Cha clarith.png

For the next four months Clarith worked at the Held Monastery by the harbor, taking care of the children, working in the fields, and often praying. During her time she wrote a letter to Keel conveying her progress, and she was also told by the abbess about a legend of the sea that was a demon contract. One day, after lunch, Clarith was visited by the sorceress Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice Gumillia, bestowing on her a potted sapling.

Elluka explained over tea that the sapling housed Michaela, who was originally a forest spirit that had been incarnated as a human by magic. Unsurprised by the news, Clarith further learned that Michaela had been chosen as the successor of Held and was to become the next Millennium Tree; in the meantime, Keel had suggested giving the sapling to Clarith. Although Clarith was glad to know Michaela was alive, Gumillia contested Michaela's custody and recited a spell to summon her spirit from the sapling.

Clarith and Michaela reunite

As she saw her friend appear before her eyes, Clarith spoke with Michaela and learned to her disappointment that the short illusory spell could only be used a few times. Finally understanding that she had to move on, she and Michaela confessed their love to each other in unison before the ritual ended. As the illusion disappeared, the defeated Gumillia gave the sapling to Clarith and suggested she plant her in the forest; before departing, she also told Clarith that Michaela had been avenged and the Daughter of Evil had been killed in the revolution.[9]

A week later, Clarith took the sapling with her to the port town as she wondered what to do with it. Once she found a spot to rest, she found a child collapsed on the ground and found it was a girl suffering from hunger; although the delirious girl begged her not to leave,[11] Clarith fetched help and had the girl carried back to the convent. There they learned the girl, Rin, had nowhere to go and Clarith allowed her to stay at the monastery.

Although Rin soon revealed a selfish and bratty attitude towards everyone in the monastery, Clarith continued to treat her kindly in remembrance of how she herself was treated once; slowly, Rin began to open up and show respect to others, even asking Clarith for cooking advice. A few days after that Clarith, with the help of another child named Denis, finally convinced Rin to help with the farm work after getting her out of an argument with a clergy woman.

During lunch, Clarith watered the plants as Rin enjoyed her food and then the child asked about the sapling Michaela. Clarith replied the plant was her friend and declared that all life was equal, discussing this belief with Rin's less egalitarian mindset. They then got to talking about their religious beliefs and Clarith asserted that, regardless of their sect, their Levin beliefs were essentially the same. As Rin cleaned up Clarith heard her ask if she would still treat her the same even if she was a terrible person, telling the girl she would.[12]

Clarith discovers Rin's secret

Over the years, Rin's behavior improved and, feeling like she had a little sister, Clarith began to move on from Michaela's death;[12] in time she was officially baptized as a nun of the Held sect.[13] In EC 505, a few days after Rin had asked her for cooking tips, Clarith broke a hairclip and left it in the confessional; that night, remembering the hair clip, she went down to the confessional for it and found the door unlocked, the confessional occupied.

As she quietly eavesdropped, Clarith realized it was Rin who was confessing inside; as the girl described the atrocities she had committed and begged God for forgiveness, Clarith came to the realization that Rin was really Riliane, the Daughter of Evil. After the news sank in, Clarith was overcome with rage and took a knife from the cupboard. Finding Rin gone from the confessional, she secretly followed the girl from the monastery to the coastline.

From there, Clarith watched Rin take out a bottle and send it out to sea, recalling what the head nun had told her about the legend. As a voice began to whisper to her, Clarith determined to kill Rin before her contract was established. Believing the voice was Michaela, Clarith grew ever angrier until she prepared to stab Rin, before a vision of a boy appeared and stopped her. After a moment of struggle, Clarith realized the hateful voice could not be Michaela's and came to her senses, with Rin now calmly watching her. Conflicted, Clarith stabbed down with the knife and violently cut the girl's hair instead.[12]

The next day, Clarith brought Rin with her to the Millennium Tree Forest to plant Michaela's sapling. As they arrived at the site of the Millennium Tree, the two prayed and then began to dig; during their work, Clarith apologized to Rin for cutting her hair and was casually brushed off. After transplanting the sapling, Clarith promised to teach Rin how to make brioche and they both knelt to pray again. Once Rin broke down apologizing, Clarith followed suit and the two cried together till nightfall.[14] Later, she taught Rin how to make brioche as promised.[15]

Life at the Convent[]

Clarith and Yukina reunited

In EC 505, Clarith received occasional visits from Mikina over the next six months, the woman donating some of Yukina's books to the nun and speaking about her search to find the "vessels of sin". During one of these visits, Clarith noticed Mikina looking dazed before she left, and not long after she learned that Mikina had been missing from home. Four days later, she found Denis grilling two visitors, whom she quickly learned were Germaine and Yukina. After happily reuniting with her former charge, Clarith brought them inside and took them to the guests rooms, discussing the monastery's custom of hosting travelers.

Once Germaine left the room, Clarith caught up with Yukina privately, discussing how she'd received many of her books from Mikina. She then recounted Mikina's recent string of visits, after, said she would allow Yukina to stay in the monastery for a time. The two chatted about Yukina's adventures of the last five years until noticing they were out of tea; Clarith summoned Rin to replace the pot, as well as telling her to replace it in other rooms and have the cafeteria workers prepare meals for their guests.

Clarith watched as Rin and Yukina became acquainted, and saw Rin's shock when she learned Germaine Avadonia was in the next room. Quickly remembering her friend's past, Clarith prepared to deliver the tea to Germaine herself and tried to hurry Rin away, only for them to run into Germaine on the way out. She watched as Germaine shared a brief and tense moment with Rin, before saying it was nice to meet her and left. Questioned by Yukina, Clarith refused to talk about it and promised to when the girl was older. She then left the room after announcing dinner would be ready shortly.[16]

Later Life[]

"We all must honor the Millennium Tree. All people must protect this sacred tree, not just the followers of Held. For to us she is a most respected god, our most precious friend, and our most cherished love."
―Clarith in her discourse[src]

Much later, when Germaine and Yukina had moved on from the monastery, a young Netsuma boy was abandoned at the orphanage and Clarith raised him, naming the boy Ayn.[17] Sometime after EC 529, distressed by the continued discrimination against her clan, Clarith left the monastery and founded her own monastic order: the Sisters of Clarith. Campaigning to eliminate discrimination from society, Clarith directed her other sisters to care for the poor and orphaned throughout Evillious;[18] throughout the period, she continued to remain in contact with Rin.[19]

During the EC 530s, after the Millennium Tree's death and Michaela's discovery by the Held sect, Clarith published a discourse regarding the new "reincarnated" Millennium Tree, declaring it a protector of humanity and worthy of their reverence and love. She then inspired the Sisters of Clarith to promote respect for the tree and forbade it from becoming damaged.

As part of this protection, Clarith established a church at the entrance to the Millennium Tree Forest, through which potential visitors to the forest could be examined prior to entry. After the examination process was streamlined with the issuing of forest traffic permits, Clarith gave permits to Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia so they could pass freely into the forest.[20] Later in life, Clarith published an autobiography of her life and her discovery of faith following hardships before and after the Lucifenia-Elphegort War.[17]

World's End[]

Following her death, Clarith's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[21] She later reunited with Michaela at the destroyed Millennium Tree Forest and learned about Allen Avadonia meeting with several of the Demons of Sin's previous contractors in the destroyed world.

When Sleep Princess's new Gift began spreading through the ground world's air and put all the afflicted souls to sleep,[22] Clarith was tasked by Michaela with rescuing Riliane and bringing her to Marlon, where she and the other Demons of Sin were gathered. There, the demons were to lend Riliane their power in stopping Sleep Princess' rampage in Toragay.[23] Given the god's temporary blessing as protection from the poison, Clarith took Riliane's favorite horse Josephine, who was given the same blessing, and rode into the Lucifenian Royal Palace.[22]

Seeing the soldiers from the Tasan Party attacking Riliane, Clarith rescued her, and the two fled the palace before stopping to rest. The two then caught up with each others' lives, Clarith explaining Michaela had sent her to save her and that she wasn't at Riliane's party due to her dislike of crowds. As the two reasoned that the Tasan Party was after demon contractors, Clarith prevented Riliane from going back to save Kyle who was also a contractor.

They were then interrupted by the Demon of Pride, who explained that it was only contractors with high compatibility that were being hunted and that they needed the aid of the other Demons of Sin. The three soon set out for Marlon, where Michaela was with the demons.[23] After the three reunited, Riliane departed with the Master of the Hellish Yard while Clarith stayed with Michaela. Later, after Clarith and Michaela witnessed the irregularities in the sky being caused by Ma, Clarith was tasked with watching over the Demons of Sin while Michaela traveled to Evil's Theater.[24] Later, Clarith participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[25] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[26]


In the years following Clarith's death, the Sisters of Clarith continued her mission in protecting the new Millennium Tree and spreading good works across Evillious. Clarith's life with Michaela was detailed by Yukina in one of her Freezis Fairy Tales called "Tree Maiden", deriving the character of "The Daughter of White" from her. Clarith and her actions were also detailed in another of Yukina's novels, "The Daughter of Evil", gaining popularity around the world during the succeeding centuries.[27]

The Netsuma orphan she saved, Ayn, later became the first chief commissioner of the World Police and his name was passed onto his grandson, Ayn Anchor. While consulting the constable regarding a recent murder case in Toragay, Elluka shared her knowledge about his name and its origin with Clarith and her dear friend, inspiring Ayn to work to live up to his namesake's heroism.

Centuries after Clarith's death, the playwright Ma wrote a screenplay regarding Clarith and it was adapted into a film.[28] She later wrote another screenplay with Gammon Octo regarding her relationship with Michaela and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court.[29] While reviewing the "motion", Gammon expressed his uncertainty on whether the two were friends or lovers, but noted their relationship was inevitably doomed either way.[30]

Personality and Traits[]

"The pride to have things her own way, the kindness to sacrifice herself for someone, the bravery to resist authority, she didn't have any of that on hand."
―Ma describing Clarith[src]

Clarith's close bond with Michaela

Clarith was a kind and caring person but lacked the confidence to believe in herself. Because of her abuse, Clarith was timid, quiet, and clumsy, often causing accidents or not speaking up about things that weren't her fault; as this behavior often earned her further abuse, she became even more timid to a point of appearing cold or unsociable to others, and often apologized or had hysterical outbursts at inappropriate moments. Over time, she also grew to hate her hair due to the discrimination it attracted, hating the rest of her appearance as an extension.[4]

After gaining friends, Clarith slowly came out of her shell and had more confidence and respect for herself; as a result, and at Michaela's urging, she became more vocal about her feelings, more carefree, and hopeful for a happier life. She also began demonstrating a calm and sensible attitude as a maid of the Freezis family, particularly as Yukina's caretaker. Despite this, she remained fearful of losing her happiness and acted rash and hysterical at the slightest thought that she would lose Michaela to somebody else.[8]

After the Green Hunting, Clarith lapsed into a depression and seemed to return to her old self-loathing. After spending some time to grieve, however, she regained her dedicated demeanor while working at the monastery, remaining kind to the orphans she nurtured, including Rin. Highly empathetic as a result of her background, Clarith led by example to help others escape from their suffering like how Michaela helped her escape from hers.[12] Although initially lacking faith in God because of her past, her experiences with Michaela changed her into a devout believer.[9]

Skills and Abilities[]

Clarith working hard despite her clumsiness

Due to her clumsiness, Clarith fumbled with much of her work, often working slower than most and having to repeat herself; her lack of confidence only reinforced her slow pace, and tasks like farming and doing laundry were noticeably difficult for her. Over her services to the Freezises and the Held monastery, however, Clarith improved in performing laborious tasks.[3] Due to living most of her life in a land-locked village, she didn't know how to swim.[7]

Clarith was skilled at cooking and baking, especially when it came to making brioche.[31] Likewise, emulating her mother, Clarith was a natural with children, easily earning Yukina's love and admiration;[2] after joining the monastery, Clarith perfected her abilities with children and was even able to successfully deal with the bratty Rin.

Because of her past, Clarith possessed extraordinary patience and empathy, as well as a dedication that allowed her to earn the trust and respect of others.[12] As a result she was able to successfully found and run a separate sect in the Sisters of Clarith; her abilities to read and write were such that she published a persuasive discourse and her own autobiography later in life.[17] She also possessed a small amount of magic potential, allowing her to "feel" that Michaela was more than merely human.[9]

Character Connections[]

Michaela: Clarith's friend and love. While lonely enough to accept it, Clarith was initially unable to believe Michaela's friendship was real. Over time, however, the two became close and Clarith began to heal from years of emotional abuse. In time she grew to love her, to the point of being jealous of Kyle and frantic to protect her during the Lucifenia-Elphegort War; while lapsing into a depression upon her death, Clarith was able to receive closure with Michaela's spirit and found strength from her memory.

Yatski Shaman: Clarith's mother. Although at first coldly dismissive of her more spiritual beliefs, Clarith loved her mother dearly as her only family and, before Michaela, her only friend in the world. As a result, when her mother became ill Clarith constantly worried about her, always insistent that she rest, and was deeply grieved by her death.

Keel Freezis: Clarith's employer. Before coming into his employment Clarith envied Keel for his famous banquets and the many friends he had, and after coming into his employ she regarded him with gratitude and respect. Eventually Clarith came to see Keel as family and accepted his help to try and move on from Michaela's death.

Mikina Freezis: Clarith's other employer. Clarith was grateful to Mikina for employing her despite her telltale "demon child" characteristics, and eventually Clarith came to see her as family, accepting comfort from her after the Green Hunting and often being visited by her in the church.

Yukina Freezis: Clarith's charge in the Freezis' employ. Clarith became fond of Yukina in her employment, playing games with her and helping with her writing, and would affectionately refer to the child as her little master. This close relationship continued following Clarith's life as a nun, accepting visits from Yukina and trusting her enough to later learn the truth about her friend, "Rin."

Rin: A girl Clarith helps at the monastery. Initially Clarith was exasperated with Rin's arrogance and refusal to work, but she persevered in being kind to her, seeing her past loneliness in the girl. Over time Clarith started to see Rin as a little sister and mentored her in the monastery, such as helping teach her how to cook. She was horrified to learn Rin was actually Riliane, but the two remained close friends after Clarith forgave her.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Clarith's name is derived from Clarisse d'Cagliostro, a character from The Castle of Cagliostro.[32]
  • In an interview, Akuno-P stated that Clarith had been part of the story since the very beginning, albeit her character's set-up and role changed several times during development.[33]
  • Originally, Clarith's line said at the beginning of The Daughter of White was planned to be "I'm sorry for being born" but was later changed to "I'm sorry for being alive" to better suit the song lyrics.[34]
  • The name "Netsuma" (ネツマ) shares the same characters with the phrase "tsumanne" (ツマンネ); the phrase was a result of a glitch in the Vocaloid software parodied in the song It's a Bokkoboko, becoming a catchphrase for Yowane Haku, Clarith's representative Vocaloid derivative.


  • Clarith shares the same birthday (November 21st) with her Vocaloid derivative.[35]
  • In Chrono Story, the color representing Wrath is white, alluding to Clarith almost murdering Rin with the vessel of Wrath;[36] after the act was averted by Allen's intervention, the sin was represented by the color green, possibly alluding to Nemesis Sudou acting under the Demon of Wrath's influence.[37]
  • In The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Hakua Netsuma is listed as unemployed, foreshadowing Clarith's state in Aceid before being hired by Mikina Freezis.
  • A portion of Clarith's drunken rant towards Kyle inadvertently breaks the fourth wall, including references to the Vocaloid engine which many of mothy's characters are based on.[7]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Clarith was voted as the second most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.




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