"'Cause my time is infinite anyhow."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

Chrono Story is a song released by Akuno-P on December 22, 2010 in the Evils Kingdom album and later uploaded to youtube with a PV on May 8, 2011 and to Nico Nico Douga the next day. It is the sixth song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, tying both to the Seven Deadly Sins Series and Original Sin Story together as part of the Evillious Chronicles.


The song starts in Held's Forest as Hänsel asks Gretel if she can hear birds or see the moonlight. Gretel replies that she actually hears the "cry of the forest" and sees the light from the fire. The twins recount how they killed the woman they called "mother" and found the Original Sin she left behind. They split her Sin into seven pieces: Lust the Flower, Gluttony the Seed, Pride the Gems, Envy the Spring, Sloth the Wind, Greed the Soil, and Wrath the Forest. In the process, they unleash the Seven Deadly Sins into the world and pray that it will keep turning.

In response to this event, the tree of Held asks an old friend, Elluka Clockworker, to retrieve the sins. At this she considers how she was given immortality after destroying "that which was precious," but only feels emptiness as a result. Concluding her thoughts, she agrees to do so as long as it keeps her entertained, stating that her "time is unlimited anyway". The PV then depicts Elluka going on her journey to find the Sins. It shows the four main harem members, Maylis BeelzeniaGumina Glassred, Lukana Octo, and Mikulia Greeonio. At the end of the PV she arrives at Duke Sateriasis Venomania's mansion.











Kikoete kuru no wa tori no uta?
Iie sore wa mori no nakigoe
Kagayaiteiru no wa tsuki no hikari?
Iie sore wa moeru honoo yo

Katsute "Kaasan" to yonda hito
Danro no naka de hai e to kawari
Ato ni nokotta "Hajimari no Tsumi"
Bokura no te de nanatsu ni waketa

"Shikiyoku" wa hana
"Akujiki" wa tane
"Gouman" wa ishi
"Shitto" wa izumi
"Taida" wa kaze
"Gouyoku" wa tsuchi
"Funnu" wa mori

Maiagare nanatsu no tsumi
Itsuwari no haha kara umareta kegare
Maware maware sekai yo
Kono ashiki taizai
Kiyomete yo

Kindan no kajitsu no te de
Sekai ni hanatareta nanatsu no tsumi
Mori wo mamoru erudo no ki wa
Subete no kaishuu wo tomo ni tanomu

"Taikutsu shinogi ni naru nara sore mo kamawanai"
"Douse jikan wa mugen ni arushi"
Warau madoushi

Ai suru hito wo ushinai
Daiji na mono wo kowashita sono hate ni
Ataerareta yuukyuu wa
Kanojo ni totte kuukyo de shika nai

Subete wo te ni ire
Soshite ushinatta madoushi wa
Nani wo nozomu?
Nani wo motomeru?
Toki no hate ni...

Hitori no onna kara umarete hagukumare
Nanatsu ni sakareta tsumi no sutoorii
Toki wo koeru majo no suikyou na kimagure
Mori kara hajimaru kurono sutoorii

Is that the song of birds that I can hear?
No, that is the cry of the forest
Is that the light of the moon that’s shining?
No, that’s the burning fire

The person we used to call “mother”
Turns to ashes inside the stove
“The Original Sin” that remained afterwards
We divided into seven with our own hands

“Lust”, is the flower
“Gluttony”, is the seed
“Pride”, is the stone
“Envy”, is the spring
“Sloth”, is the wind
“Greed”, is the dirt
“Wrath”, is the forest

Fly away, seven sins
The impurity born from our false mother
Let the world turn and turn
This evil, grave sin
Purify it

By the hands of the forbidden fruit
The seven sins were released into the world

The tree of Held, who protects the forest,
Requests his friend to collect them all

“If it turns into a way to kill time that’s no problem”
“’Cause my time is infinite anyhow”
The sorceress sneers

The eternity she was granted
At the end of having lost the one she loved
And destroyed what was precious
To her was nothing but emptiness

The sorceress who obtained everything
And then lost it
What does she wish for?
What does she seek?
To the end of time…

Born and raised from a lone woman
The story of such a sin cut into seven
The capricious whim of a witch who transcends time
This Chrono Story that begins from the forest

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night shows Eve Moonlit's murder at the hands of her children in the year prior to Chrono Story, as it details the twins' previous lunacy.

The Lunacy of Duke VenomaniaEdit

The Lunacy of Duke Venomania describes an event that occurs after Chrono Story, showing what takes place in Elluka's next destination searching for the vessels of sin, as portrayed in the PV.

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Seven Crimes and PunishmentsEdit

The song Seven Crimes and Punishments makes several allusions to Chrono Story, narrating the events in history caused by the Seven Deadly Sins; several of the song's lyrics also parallel those of Chrono Story.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The root word chrono is Greek for "time"; this theme is reinforced by Elluka's remark that her time is limitless as well as the gear that appears at the end of the song PV.
  • The song title's romanization (Kurono Sutori) can be interpreted as meaning "Dark Story" (Kuro no Sutori).


  • The Evils Court booklet lists the song as a secret exchange between Elluka and Held and that his leaving from the mortal realm was crucial for the creation of Evil's Theater.[1]
  • Later in the booklet, Gammon Octo summarizes the events of the song; humorously, he comments right after that having so many characters complicates the story.[2]
  • In the song, Wrath is represented by the color white; it is later represented by the color green in Judgment of Corruption.
  • Before introducing Elluka, the song PV depicts several of her bodies: her original form, her swap with Lukana Octo, and Ma after her swap with Kayo Sudou.
  • The two words in the Swap Technique's activation phrase (ノロク  リトス, noroku ritosu) use the same characters as the song's title with the characters in each word reversed.
  • In the Clockwork Lullaby album, Kiril Clockworker grieves Elluka Chirclatia, growing angry at Elluka Clockworker.[3]



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