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"I have several things to report."
―Bruno Zero[src]

Bruno Zero was the leader of PN and the aide of Gallerian Marlon. Born a Maistian slave by the name of Sigurd Zero, Bruno was purchased by the Freezis Family and employed as their butler. After his family was killed by Loki Freezis, he formed PN and began plotting revenge against the young man. After successfully having Loki indicted, the man was hired as Gallerian's butler and aide, overseeing the judge's affairs and aiding him in perpetrating his corrupt court tactics.


Early Life[]

Born as a slave sometime in the tenth century EC in Maistia, Sigurd Zero,[1] along with his mother, father, older brother, and younger sister, worked on a plantation in Maistia. At some point, he and his family were sold by their master and bought by the Freezis Family, and hoped that their situation would improve. He was instead treated cruelly by the Freezises, forced to sleep in the stables and work around the clock. One day, he and his family were let loose in the forest for one of the Freezises human hunting outings, and his entire family was killed by Loki Freezis, with his younger sister being mounted and stuffed in the young man's room.

As a reward for surviving the hunting, he was made Loki's butler as well as a member of the Association, given the new name "Bruno".[2] During this time, he met the sorceress Ma, who at that time went by the name "Elluka Clockworker".[3] At some point, he also became acquainted with his fellow employees, Shiro Netsuma, Hel Jaakko and Feng Li. Deciding to form a secret organization to overthrow Loki, Bruno recruited his comrades into the group, dubbed "Père Noël" by Hel.[2] Ten years since meeting Ma, he encountered her again after she had faked her death and had begun going by the name "Kayo Sudou".[3] When Ma joined the organization, Bruno and his group obtained access to her underground laboratory, Lunaca Labora.[4]

A Composite Revenge[]

In the winter of EC 960, as Loki plotted to kill the young judge Gallerian Marlon during their hunting trip in Pixie, Ma had Bruno arrange to save Gallerian so that he could serve as a legitimate front for PN. He accordingly posted Shiro, who was an assassin for the Freezises and a member of PN, stand nearby in Pixie's hunting grounds. Bruno accompanied Loki to meet Gallerian outside of Alicegrad, introducing himself to Gallerian and arousing Loki's ire for doing it impolitely. Gallerian chatted with him further and Bruno was perplexed to shake his hand, having never done it before, before the three set out for the hunting grounds.

Once they'd arrived, Bruno was made to stand by as Loki revealed to Gallerian his plans to literally hunt him like an animal. When Shiro shot Gallerian to save his life, Bruno went with Loki to the limp body and told him Gallerian was dead, discussing how Shiro was nearby and likely responsible. Before he and Loki departed from the snow fields, Bruno summoned Shiro and entrusted her with taking care of Gallerian, and she soon brought him to Lunaca Labora where the rest of PN had been gathered.

Bruno meets with Gallerian along with the rest of PN

Later on, Bruno got away from Loki and met the other PN members at Lunaca Labora, where Gallerian was recovering from his gunshot wound. Greeting Gallerian, Bruno ended up offering for PN to help him get his revenge on Loki; when Gallerian refused, claiming instead to want to try him fairly, Bruno noted how his attitude matched his intended position as a "front" for PN. Although Gallerian initially refused to join a group he didn't know, Bruno calmly explained how Loki was claiming that he had been killed in a hunting accident, and that the Freezis Foundation would do anything in their power to keep him from being charged.

With Gallerian's life in danger if he left, Bruno offered for him to join PN as their front man; after the group summoned Ma to speak with Gallerian, the young judge officially joined and they began plotting to take down Loki Freezis with the help of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate.[4] In the meantime, Bruno visited Gallerian while he stayed in Lunaca Labora; he was shocked to find him receiving a visit from Mira Marlon, and quarreled with him about being so trusting. As Mira went to serve Bruno some food, Gallerian explained how she had been meeting with him frequently in secret.

Their conversation moved on to Gallerian's work, Bruno learning how he was compiling all their info on the Freezises. Upon prompting, Bruno reluctantly shared his own history with the Freezis family and the story of how he founded PN, although refusing to share how he met Ma. They then discussed Gallerian's plans to force the World Police to act by submitting their information to every available media outlet, as well as using the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate's funds to buy Loki a guilty verdict. Mira then returned to the two and Bruno tasted some of her food.

Six days later, Loki was arrested for his crimes and a month later was to be trialed under Hanma Baldured, a year since Bruno had met Gallerian. Later on during the trial, Bruno appeared as a witness, testifying against Loki. After Loki was given 30 years imprisonment, Bruno assured Gallerian that that was a victory for them, having seriously damaged the Freezises. Upon prompting, Gallerian admitted his dissatisfaction with the outcome since he still saw Loki as a friend.

The following year, Bruno visited Gallerian congratulated him on his life's recent developments. He then learned that Gallerian planned to go with his original intention of convicting only the guilty witches using Ma's knowledge, as well as possibly taking down the Freezises for betraying his mother. The two then discussed the idea, Bruno countering that doing so would be difficult given the Freezises' connections.

Learning that he was looking for a butler, Bruno offered his services and was hired. Their conversation soon after fell to Loki, Gallerian being uneasy with taking Mira from him and wanting to restart their friendship with him once he had served his sentence. Bruno then made a call to Shiro, claiming he was talking to his girlfriend and asking Gallerian not to listen in. He arranged for Loki's assassination; Shiro was to shoot him in his cell if he refused to kill himself with the gun delivered by Postman. After Shiro completed the mission, Loki's death was ruled a suicide.[2]

To Protect Gallerian[]


Beginning to work at Gallerian's mansion, Bruno performed various chores, including cooking and caring for Gallerian and Mira's daughter Michelle. In EC 964, Bruno welcomed Gallerian home and was witness to his quarreling with Mira. Suggesting to they go on a vacation on Gallerian's day off the following day, Bruno learned that Gallerian was instead meeting with Ma for a trial, cautioning him for being so close to her.

After discovering that Gallerian and Ma had started an affair, Bruno confronted Ma around half a year since they began, objecting to the affair due to her being Gallerian's mother. As Ma mused on her past and change of identity, Bruno expressed his confusion at her actions and her apparent shifts in personality. As she mysteriously explained her motives for engaging in the affair, Bruno told her to leave Levianta and never see Gallerian again. After Ma remarked that Bruno cared about Gallerian, he responded that he did due to Gallerian treating him like an equal and that he was charmed by Gallerian's great ambitions. Ma then entrusted Gallerian to him before leaving.[3]

Later on, Bruno became a part of Police Neutrality, the Dark Star Bureau's private police force, along with the rest of PN. In EC 978, after Gallerian suddenly received a letter from Ma, Bruno accompanied him along with Shiro and Tony Ausdin to the Misty Mountains in Asmodean, the latter two seeking Ma's help in the war against the undead. On their way they discussed Shiro's status as a member of PN and her skill on the battlefield.

As the group encountered Ma at the mountain's altar, Bruno coldly confronted her over making contact with Gallerian again, Ma giving him flimsy reasons including that she had several rare books she needed help carrying from the altar. While Bruno helped her with carrying and the group started heading back, he talked to Ma in private and obtained her assurance she would not restart her affair with Gallerian.[5]

Following the Titanis Sinking Incident that killed Michelle and Mira, the World Police declared the event an accident and barred Police Neutrality from investigating it. Meanwhile, the grieved Gallerian laid Bruno and all of his other staff members off. Seeking to investigate the matter further, Bruno met with Shiro, Hel, Feng and Postman and eventually convinced them investigate behind the scenes. Two months later, PN reconvened at a bar in Yatski to share information; Bruno learned that the perpetrator of the incident was a member of the Zeus gang living in the Millennium Tree Forest. Bruno determined that he and Shiro would go after the perpetrator in the forest, accompanied by Postman.

Entering the forest through the entrance monitored by the Sisters of Clarith, Bruno and Shiro came upon the address given to them by Feng, arriving at a woodcutter's house. As the questioned the woodcutter about the Zeus member, the house was suddenly attacked by the trees surrounding them, until the attack abruptly ended. Directed by the woodcutter to an abandoned house, the two discovered a doll resembling Michelle inside and speculated that the Zeus member had been targeting Michelle. They then asked Postman to bring the doll back to Hel before continuing the hunt for the Zeus member.[6]

Running into Nemesis, Bruno pointed her out to Shiro and the two pursued her to the Lake of Amusement. Seeing Hanma again, Bruno explained how they had come there on their own and, after confronting the former head judge, heard his claims he was uninvolved with Nemesis. Amused to see Hanma turn Nemesis in in light of Hanma's corrupt past, and deciding not to take Hanma in for his own crimes, Bruno received from him a chart of the other Zeus members. After Hanma helped subdue Nemesis with his ice magic, Bruno and Shiro took Nemesis away.[7]

Not long after, Bruno approached Gallerian in his study to tell him that he had caught the culprit of the Titanis Sinking Incident, omitting the others' involvement. He was then shocked and horrified as Gallerian demonstrated that he believed Michelle was still alive, even as he promised to rehire Bruno to take care of her. He was further grieved as Gallerian introduced him to the doll they found in the Millennium Tree Forest, watching as his friend seemingly carried on a one-sided conversation with it.[6]

Aiding Corruption[]

When all of the members of Zeus were convicted of their crimes, Bruno saved Nemesis from prison and allowed her to live with PN under the alias "Themis Eight", knowing that she was Gallerian's illegitimate daughter with Ma.[8] Later on, Bindi Freezis was arrested as the mastermind of the Titanis Sinking Incident thanks to PN's investigation. On the day of Bindi's judgment being passed, Feng talked to Bruno at the courthouse, and Bruno ended up confiding to him his worries about Gallerian's insanity. Not long after, Hel then burst in with the news that Gallerian had just declared Bindi innocent.

At some point, Bruno suggested to Gallerian that he expand PN's management group. Later on, Bruno visited Gallerian in his office and received instructions to forge evidence in the case of the prostitute Medea Col's murder, making it look as if Nyoze Octo was the culprit. Bruno completed the task,[9] although Nyoze had escaped incarceration.[10]

After Gallerian successfully acquired the red wine glass from the Graveyard restaurant by having it shut down, Bruno discussed it with him, remarking on the glass and its apparent demon inside. After beginning to discuss moving the vessels of sin Gallerian was collecting to another, safer location, they were interrupted as several corpse soldiers attacked the house. Although trying to defend Gallerian from them, Bruno was knocked out during the struggle. After coming to, Bruno found Gallerian conversing with another one of them, Lich Arklow, and watched as Gallerian took the undead beings Lich and Eater into his service.[11]

In EC 982, Bruno made Nemesis into an assassin for PN as No. 8, arranging for her to move into an apartment in Rolled. In spring of that year, Bruno visited Nemesis' apartment with Postman, giving her instructions for her assassinations and threatening her with death if she didn't comply. Instructing her that Postman would be visiting her alone from then on, Bruno learned from her that a policeman lived in the apartment above her, suggesting she use whatever means she had to persuade him, such as her womanly charms.[8]

Once the construction of Evil's Theater was completed in December, Bruno oversaw the transfer of the vessels to the theater.[12] Around that same time, he learned that the fugitive Nyoze was living under the alias "Shakuson" in Rolled, having become Nemesis' lover.[13] Bruno visited Gallerian's office at the bureau and reported the theater's completion and the movement of the vessels, including the Clockworker's Doll. He then reported Nyoze's location, omitting the identity of his lover, and suggested No. 8 be assigned to assassinate him. He spoke with Gallerian for some time longer before leaving, and afterwards had Postman convey Nemesis' new target to her.[12]

In EC 983, after Tony Ausdin's massacre of Zenosai village that involved the murder of Shiro during the present war, Gallerian's corruption was reported by many Leviantan newspapers. Learning that this was due to Levianta's anti-war movement bolstered by the Tasan Party in Elphegort, Bruno reported the information to Gallerian. When Gallerian began to leave to talk to Tony and implied he'd take a bribe from him, Bruno called out to him and reminded him of the fact that Tony had killed Shiro.

Later on after Gallerian declared Tony innocent, Bruno came to see Gallerian in his office along with Hel and Feng. After Hel announced she was quitting due to being fed up with the corruption, Bruno interrupted, reporting that the Tasan Party knew Gallerian took a bribe from Tony. As Gallerian deduced Hel had leaked the information to the Tasan Party, he ordered Feng to arrest her before the man revealed he was also quitting.

After Hel and Feng left, Bruno told Gallerian he intended to stay. Asked why he wouldn't betray him, Bruno likened their situation to Allen Avadonia and his loyalty to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. Following the outbreak of the Leviantan Civil War, Bruno was arrested by the people's militia after hours of fighting to defend the Dark Star courthouse.[10]

Later Life[]

While a prisoner by the people's army, Bruno read about Gallerian's death in a newspaper. After the end of the civil war around six months later, Bruno was liberated from prison, only to be put on trial for being the leader of PN, eventually convicted to life imprisonment. Yet again a prisoner, Bruno learned about the myths surrounding the Millennium Tree Forest as the supposed resting place of Gallerian's fortune as well as being a place of no return.

Wanting to investigate as well as prevent anyone from using Gallerian's fortune for ill intent, Bruno escaped prison around EC 985 and headed to the forest on foot, finding that Lich and Eater were using Gallerian's fortune to resurrect their master. He was arrested and put on trial by the Doll, only to be exonerated in light of his relationship to Gallerian.

Bruno is disarmed by Nemesis

Bruno later became the Maistian president's aide, serving as his butler while secretly working as a spy.[14] After the Tasan Party established Nemesis as Elphegort's dictator and threatened to fire Punishment all over the world around EC 993, Bruno reunited with Hel and Feng and traveled to the Tasan Party's headquarters along with 10 soldiers.

While Hel and Feng made a distraction, Bruno led the other soldiers in infiltrating the headquarters and attacking the Tasan Party's main officers, eventually cornering Nemesis. As some of the other officers pointed their guns at him, Bruno threatened to shoot Nemesis, earning their surrender save for Nemesis'. Firing, Bruno's gun suddenly jammed and exploded, injuring his hand. Taking his subordinate's gun and seeing ice clinging to the bolt, Bruno called Nemesis a witch and bantered with her about the Levianta Witch Trials.

After being searched by the subordinates, Bruno saw as Nemesis recovered a note with information on Punishment, able to decipher the code due to it being written in old PN code. Told that he had saved her and caused her to become the woman she was today, Bruno was shot.[15]

World's End[]

Following his death, Bruno's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, he and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[16] When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Bruno eventually joined in their singing.[17]

After the creation of the Fourth Period, Bruno stayed behind, gathering with the other souls at the Lucifenian Royal Palace. He later, upon the request of Arth Lucifen d'Autriche,[18] brought Lich Arklow to the palace, learning about Lich's history with Arth on the way. Soon after, Bruno summoned Keel Freezis, really a disguised Seth Twiright, to the palace gate, again on Arth's request.

He then presumably left and wandered the destroyed ground world with his friends, planning to cross over to the Fourth Period.[19] Later, Bruno participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[20] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[21]

Personality and Traits[]

"Why? Why have you not betrayed me?"
"If I wanted to, I would have done so long ago. …To speak frankly, right now you are just as Feng says—you’ve forgotten the convictions you once held. You’re trash. Even if you have Michelle. But I suppose it’s enough that there be at least one person who will stand by such trash until the end."
―Gallerian and Bruno's final conversation[src]

Bruno was a stoic, determined but fiercely loyal person to whoever he allied with. Usually keeping a calm demeanor,[3] Bruno often spoke in a terse and businesslike manner, even rude at times;[4] this facade could, however, be broken during times of extreme emotional duress.[6] Bruno could also be ruthless in overseeing members of PN and tireless achieving his goals, even resorting to illegal activity; however, this was tempered by his strong sense of justice. In line with this, his sense of justice as well as his desire for vengeance motivated him in taking down his former master Loki.[2] Fiercely loyal to Gallerian and his comrades, Bruno worked with them for years, even tolerating Gallerian's corruption for the sake of staying by his side.[10] This intensity later waned, with Bruno becoming visibly more easygoing in the years after his death.[18]

Skills and Abilities[]

Due to his previous employment as a member of the Association, Bruno was proficient at information gathering, allowing him to work efficiently as a personal aide and, later, a spy. Because of this, Bruno was an effective middle manager and overseer, able to handle a large amount of work on Gallerian's behalf, such as managing PN and forging evidence. Aside from this, Bruno was adept at butler duties after being made into a butler by the Freezises.[22] Although not receiving any military training, Bruno could wield a gun and was presumably skilled enough in combat to become part of Maistia's special forces.[15]

Character Connections[]

Gallerian Marlon: Bruno Zero's employer and closest friend. Over the course of their working together, Bruno came to hold Gallerian in high regard, in contrast to his previous employer Loki, and when becoming his butler he served Gallerian with complete loyalty which he compared to Allen Avadonia's loyalty for Princess Riliane. Although he was not above keeping details from Gallerian in matters that he wished to control personally, Bruno loved him deeply and grieved for his friend's corruption and seeming insanity.

Loki Freezis: Bruno Zero's former master. Although careful to never show it during his service to him, Bruno despised Loki for what he had done to his family and harbored a thirst for vengeance against him, not satisfied with letting his family's killer serve a lifetime sentence in jail.

Michelle Marlon: The daughter of Bruno's employer. Bruno cared deeply for Michelle as Gallerian's child and, like all of Gallerian's servants, appreciated her attempts to be helpful to the staff. He mourned her death with the rest of the household.


Conceptualization and Origin[]