Brigitta was an innkeeper of Toragay in Elphegort and the mother of the city's resident coachman. Running the local inn, she helped aid Hanne Lorre's investigation into the Toragay Epidemic. As the mysterious Gift epidemic spread through town, Brigitta banded together with the other survivors to help quarantine the plague.


Early Life

Brigitta was born in Elphegort sometime during the EC 500s, and later in life sired and raised a son. After gaining ownership of the local inn in Toragay, she served its guests while residing there with her child, who grew up to become a coachman.[1] When Margarita Felix married Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim in July of EC 608, Brigitta celebrated the occasion with the rest of the townspeople.[2]

Business as Usual

"Look, I brought a guest. Give her a room."
"... Sixteen evs. Up front."
―Brigitta's son and Brigitta to Hanne[src]

On August 24, EC 609, Brigitta received a cloaked woman in a red dress at the inn; after the guest departed the next day, she found that she'd left a peculiar vial of red liquid behind and put it in food storage.[1] On August 30 her son woke her with a guest he had brought to the inn, Hanne Lorre, and Brigitta accepted the woman's payment after allowing her to stay in her own room, none of the guests rooms being tidy enough.

The next morning, Brigitta awoke and served breakfast to her guest; during breakfast, she arranged for her son to deliver a letter Hanne planned to send to the Schuburg Newspaper in Aceid and she learned Hanne was a reporter working on an article for next week's paper. After discussing her job and the ever-changing world for a bit, Brigitta learned that Hanne was in Toragay to interview someone for her article. The two then got to talking about the Freezis Foundation who ran Schuburg Newspaper, Brigitta expressing her distaste for the Marlon company before quietly retracting her statements, as the Marlon Marquis Blankenheim was the one who governed the town.[3]

After breakfast was finished, Hanne left the inn for the Blankenheim Mansion before returning there later that day, at which time Brigitta then moved her own room while she stayed there to investigate Marquis Blankenheim's sudden death. Two days later, the innkeeper checked Hanne out of the inn and she left to return to Aceid.[2]

Toragay Epidemic

"Seems someone's attacking the inn. Let's make our escape."
"You say that, but where? I don't think the front door's an option."
―Brigitta and Hanne[src]

On September 19, Hanne Lorre returned to the inn and stayed during the following weeks. On October 6, she and Brigitta talked while the latter prepared onion soup, with Hanne asking about a previous guest named "Elluka Clockworker"; as Hanne described the guest, Brigitta recalled the cloaked woman and described her strange behavior to Hanne. She then showed her the liquid the woman had left and allowed the reporter to keep it for her investigation. Soon after, she served dinner and then the two went to bed.

Later into the night, Brigitta awoke to the sound of what seemed to be fireworks and, heading to Hanne's room, discovered the window was broken and that the inn was under attack. Leading Hanne to the attic to hide, Brigitta then heard someone break the door down and call out for Rin Chan, learning then that her guest's name was Hanne Lorre and that the intrusion must be a mistake. Brigitta watched as Hanne went down and talked down the intruder, learning the attacker was the woman's sister, Heidemarie, a Justea investigator looking into the case of Rin Chan's abduction.[1]

Later that month, the World Police reimbursed Brigitta for the broken doors and windows and she hired a master carpenter to handle the repairs on October 17. That same day, Hanne left the inn for Lucifenia and Brigitta went out in the middle of the day.[4] As a mysterious epidemic spread through Toragay in the following weeks, Brigitta watched as countless died while the World Police quarantined the city.

The local pharmacist Egmont later rallied together the survivors, relating he had found a treatment for the plague, and they all gathered in the Blankenheim Mansion Basement to avoid infection themselves while Egmont treated them with his energy tonic. Shortly after, several of the group succumbed to the illness and the horrified survivors realized they were already infected, eventually accepting the fact they'd all die there when Egmont's stock of tonic ran out.

On November 15, Brigitta and the other survivors were found by Hanne, with her hair changed, Heidemarie, and Brigitta's own son. After tearfully and roughly greeting her son, the innkeeper explained to Hanne how they had managed to survive until this point and directed her to speak with Egmont for more information.[5] Brigitta and everyone else were later moved out of Toragay and hospitalized in Aceid for treatment. Once Dr. Puerick Rogzé formulated a cure to the epidemic later that year,[6] she and the rest of Toragay's inhabitants were released from the hospital and returned to the decimated city to rebuild.[7]

Personality and Traits

"What a problem... a grown man peeping and crying. If you're that pitiful, you don't exist to me, honestly."
―Brigitta to her son while holding back tears[src]

Brigitta was a gruff but loving woman. The innkeeper typically maintained a harsh exterior at all times, keeping her dialogue blunt and rarely with any social etiquette. Her expression was similarly constantly grimacing and intimidating for most.[1] Coinciding with this, Brigitta was strong-willed, pragmatic, and collected, remaining relatively calm in even the most outrageous situations. As part of this, she looked down on crying from adult men, although was not above tears herself.

Despite this, the woman demonstrated a great deal of concern for others and was rather conscientious about their wellbeing. She was especially attached to her son,[5] although usually calling him "stupid" for any minor annoyance he caused her.[3] While usually keeping friendly conversation with her guests, Brigitta didn't typically pry for their names.

As a native of Elphegort, Brigitta had a great deal of national pride and was conflicted regarding the Freezis Foundation; while approving of their openness to all social classes, she felt jibbed by the foundation's headquarters being in Marlon and saw their expansion into so many businesses as a danger to small businesses like hers.[3]

Skills and Abilities

"Nothing for two frail women to do but that... honestly, it's only at times like these that that stupid son of mine be out of the house."
―Brigitta to Hanne[src]

Being the proprietor of Toragay's local inn, Brigitta was a competent business owner, able to keep her small business afloat at a relatively cheap price despite having few customers. She was also able to perform all the duties needed to run the inn, such as cooking, cleaning and managing her tenants. Aside from this, Brigitta was a capable mother, raising her son well and sharing a close bond with him.[3] Despite her old age, the innkeeper was rather able, though still frail and incapable of any physical combat.[5]

Character Connections

Coachman: Brigitta's son. Brigitta had a close relationship with her son and loved him dearly, the two working together making a living in Toragay. Despite this, she would occasionally be harsh with him when he acted thoughtlessly or was overcome with his emotions, even if she herself was also emotional.



  • Brigitta was described as often wearing a grumpy look despite her tolerant disposition.[1]



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