Please see the original iteration of this thread here for past discussions.

This is basically a thread for discussing retranslating names in the series.This is not intended to be a place to quibble over whether you think something sounds better. This is for when you have an actual reason to believe that a title or name has been mistranslated in the past and wish to have it possibly corrected. This thread exists so that these kinds of discussion won't take up space on other threads.

Do not bring up names that have already been discussed or have solid sources. For example, a lot of the names in the Story of Evil had their spellings clarified by fanbooks and tweets, so there’s no need to retranslate them, even if they sound awkward. Same goes for things like “Gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep” and “Evil Food Eater Conchita”—yes, they are not quite accurate translations, but they’ve been solidified by mothy and agreed upon in wiki discussion.

The general criteria I would recommend is listing the original Japanese, how it’s currently translated, and how you think it should be translated (and why).

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