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*Elluka: "Got it. Then I'll see you in three days."
*Elluka: "Got it. Then I'll see you in three days."
*Honestly, I've never recalled being so afraid as when I first met you.
Not done.
*Might be funny of me to say that with the body I have, but you were different from other humans, some''thing'' different...... yes, you seemed to possibly not even be human but something else entirely.

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Chapter 1: Act 3: Scene 5

  • A missionary who came from a country called Maistia that was arrived aboard a Freezis Foundation Firm merchant ship three days ago for spreading a foreign religion, the Levin faith--that's the identity Anan told Kayo.
  • Elluka: "Kayo-san, I heard you were troubled from being burned."
  • While you were drinking milk tea in the drawing room, you told her such.
  • Kayo: "Yes."
  • Sitting in the chair facing you, she nodded.
  • Kayo: "As you can see, I've suffered burns like these. They remain on my body even now after four years."
  • While Kayo claimed this, there were no trace of burns actually on her, of course.
  • But as you should know, you didn't deny Kayo's words.
  • Elluka: "Yes...... terrible scars."
  • Then, Anan standing beside you spoke up.
  • Anan: "Elluka-sensei came and saved the minds of many people from her homeland. I heard the stories and thought that she might be able to relive you of your troubles and told her about you."
  • This clearly wasn't an act of kindness on Anan's part. He probably had the slight hope she might recall the "treasure" if she mental illness was cured.
  • Kayo: "Haa......"
  • While giving a half-hearted reply, Kayo stared dreamily at your face while saying such.
  • Kayo: "Sensei...... you have a beautiful face. And can even speak Jakoku's words."
  • Elluka: "I'm happy you said that. Aside from my appearance, I learned this country's language since I've come here before, way back when, you see."
  • Kayo: "Really now?"
  • Elluka: "Yes...... a long...... very long time ago."
  • Kayo: "But, Perrior-san earlier wasn't able to speak Jakokuese as well as you."
  • Kayo's words made you suddenly laugh.
  • Elluka: "Well, that woman..... it's an unsuitable aspect of her. But Perrier's business savvy is huge. Due her blood distant blood ties to the Freezises she's been dropped in such a remote area but--oops, excuse me."
  • Kayo: "No, I don't mind. There's no doubt this part of Jakoku is remote. The Freezis Foundation headquarters is probably a hugest organization in the Evillious region here." (probably butchered that last part)
  • Elluka: "It is the most powerful organization from Evillious--is what I would've once said. Now, the firm is starting to be pressured by a rival."
  • Kayo: "A rival?"
  • Kayo tilted her head to one side and you pointed to the building out the window.
  • Elluka: "The trading house next door, the Yarera Zusco Firm."
  • Kayo: "Still, could such a large trading house really lose here?"
  • Elluka: "Recently, their power's been rapidly expanding over here. Even though the Freezis Foundation's still backed by the Marlon family that was chased from the throne, the power of the two firms have been in competition. Perrier was somewhat thinking that they were the ones behind the fire of four years ago."
  • Kayo: "......!"
  • It looked like the color in Kayo's eyes changed just a little.
  • Elluka: "It was eventually concluded she was wrong since their store building(s) burned down as well."
  • Kayo: "...... Haa...... it's been difficult for everyone."
  • While Kayo drank the tea, she was listening to her story.
  • Elluka: "..... I'm sorry. Would you rather we talk about something else?"
  • Kayo: "No, since I haven't had the opportunity to hear stories of foreign countries, it's all very interesting to me."
  • Anan also joined the conversation.
  • Anan: "That would likely be the case. Hearing Elluka-sensei and Perrier-sama's stories, I'm reminded of how small Jakoku is. I'd like to visit Maistia and the Evillious region across the sea one day."
  • You then turned to Anan and declared the following.
  • Elluka: "Anan...... are you going to leave?"
  • Anan: "Haa...... no..... but--"
  • Elluka: "This here's a conversation between just two women. Moreover, you're being a little annoying."
  • Anan: "Annoying!?...... I understand....... excuse me."
  • Anan left the parlor while drooping his shoulders.
  • Elluka: "Now then...... shall we get down to business? Kayo-san, you're troubled by your burns."
  • Kayo: "..... Yes."
  • Elluka: And you say that I'm beautiful, correct?"
  • Kayo: "Oh yes. That pale white skin, that bright, pink hair--I'm envious to be honest."
  • Elluka: "In that case--there is a very simple solution. Something I keep in reserve for special times." (rough on that last bit)
  • Kayo: "Really?..... But, I...... that's......"
  • Elluka: "What is it?"
  • Kayo: "I'm just not very interested in your religion." (I think?)
  • While Kayo fidgeted saying that, you suddenly made a huge laugh.'
  • Elluka: "..... Hahaha!! Relax. I'm not thinking of converting you to Levin. To start, I just used the "missionary" title to get a ride on the Freezis Foundation's merchant ship."
  • Kayo: "Oh really!?..... I don't really know who you are then, Elluka-san."
  • Elluka: "You're fine not knowing.--you should only recall I'm the one saving your mind."
  • It looked like your pupils were glowing a mysterious green.
  • You'll save...... me..... Elluka-san?"
  • Elluka: "I will. But first I need to prepare a little...... I'll still be here three days from now--no, I'll go to your place. Where's your house?"
  • Kayo: "Well..... it's the place a little down the hill from here..... the tailor shop."
  • Elluka: "Got it. Then I'll see you in three days."
  • [Space]
  • Honestly, I've never recalled being so afraid as when I first met you.
  • Might be funny of me to say that with the body I have, but you were different from other humans, something different...... yes, you seemed to possibly not even be human but something else entirely.