Denying a canonly lesbian couple was not anywhere in this conversation. I brought them up as an example of a usage of "aishiteru" which we know is romantic to contrast with the situation where there is little other evidence aside from that word for Bruno.

The information you're giving me is not new. I have already seen the same thing.

You're forgetting that this is not Bruno outright saying it to or about Gallerian, this is his feelings for Gallerian as described by Nemesis. So the hesitancy and special circumstances that might lead to it being almost always romantic in usage that your translator friend is describing might not be in play here (for the record she says 愛する者の娘だったから, "because i was the daughter of someone that he loves"). Not to mention that this is fiction, which as I am to understand is less hesitant about using the phrase than people in real life (I mean really, in real life people tend to shy away from devotion that extreme in anything but romantic relationships whereas it's very common in fictional relationships). This is the perspective I am coming from.

And we already knew that Bruno had huge levels of emotion for Gallerian. The depth of his dedication was clear from the Judgment novel alone. The argument is just whether or not it's implied to be romantic based solely on the word, which I don't think it is.

Again, mothy will either clarify this or he'll deliberately make it ambiguous (assuming he doesn't just avoid the question), so we'll have an answer.

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