I wasn't saying we should do both. I was explicitly saying we should just get rid of the fanart on character pages, plain and simple. That's it. That's the total of what I think we should do. Because I view that, not the length of the galleries, as the actual problem. The length is just a symptom (similar to the bloated writing issue).

For all your arguments you still haven't addressed that it's not canon and thus it doesn't belong there in the first place. It's not important to understanding anything about the series by keeping it. As Greek said, the Misc tabs are becoming too bloated. And if we don't have standards about what goes on there that excludes fanart, they'll only CONTINUE to get more bloated.

Compare them to the other tabs--there is a TON of content in official art, but not all of it is put in the actual tabs themselves. It's constrained to select images that showcase something important, like novel illustrations, or art that shows what the character in question looked like for a specific appearance. It's not always that efficient, of course, but that is the intent behind it. The Misc tab isn't being used to give any particular information on anything, it's just being used as a dumping ground for illustrator fanart so people can have a gallery to see it. But that's not what the character articles are there for. We don't NEED (for example) several Rin and Len Chibi sketches by Ichika in the gallery (each one looking pretty much identical), yet they're put there solely because people want to see it and don't want to make an actual space for it.

I'm not saying fanart specifically is a strain on the wiki, I'm saying it's inappropriate to essentially collect it in character galleries. Like, I understand wanting to see it. But it needs to be somewhere else. We need to limit Misc. to things that are official misc. content like posters and cards.

Obviously it's not up to me but this is my stance. I do like Greek's suggestion, however. Like, we're already supposed to have pages for illustrators on the wiki (especially people like Ichika), so I don't see why we can't move it there.

And as a minor point, you said that the fanart was clearly labeled as such in the galleries, but I'm not seeing any labels that make that distinction clear whatsoever. All of the captions refer to them as "illustrations". Which, frankly, is a little misleading in and of itself.

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