I honestly don't see why it's the wiki's responsibility to make fan content available to fans in the first place. Like I understand having galleries for official art because this is an information repository on Evillious, but fanart contributes nothing to the information narrative because it's not canon. I just don't think it belongs on the character's pages. I don't see what place it has there at all aside from convenience's sake for people who like looking at fanart, and that's really not the standard we should have for putting content on there.

I suggested putting fanart on illustrator pages because I know some people are attached to the artwork of people like Ichika (partially because again, she is the most prolific official translator), and they might still want it on the wiki somewhere to look at, but my main point is that I think it should be off the character articles period. At least if it's on the illustrator page then it's clear it's not associated with canon information, just the artist who made it.

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