"Even the span of a millenium I think to you would be a blink."

Blink is a song released by Akuno-P on August 17, 2014 in The Muzzle of Nemesis album. It portrays Rin's personal reflection on the sapling Michaela as she inevitably grows into a very large tree.


In the Millennium Tree Forest, a girl speculates that once a sapling has taken root, she’ll have become an adult; she also wonders if she’ll be alive by the time it becomes taller. She continues to imagine that, once the sapling has grown many leaves, the world will have changed even more than it already has, wondering if her sins will have been forgiven once the sapling becomes a tree. The girl notes how, to a tree, a millennium would be the blink of an eye and she prays to the tree for an eternity of peace.









きっと きっと



Kono naegi ga nedzuita toki
Watashi wa ima yori otona deshou
Ookiku takaku nobita toki

Watashi wa ikiteru deshou ka

Ikiteiru deshou ka

Takusan no ha wo tsuketa toki
Sekai wa ima yori kawatteru deshou

Rippana taiju ni natta toki
Tsumi wa yurusareru deshou ka

Yurusareru deshou ka

Sennen no jikan sae mo
Anata ni wa matataki deshou

Kitto kitto

Negawakuba kono ki no moto
Towa no heiwa wo

Towa no heiwa wo

When this sapling has taken root
I think I’ll be more of an adult than I am now
When it’s grown extremely tall
Will I be alive?

Will I be alive?

When it’s grown many leaves
I think the world will be changing more than it is now
When it’s become a splendid, large tree
Will my sins be forgiven?

Will they be forgiven?

Even the span of a millenium
I think to you would be a blink

Surely, surely

I pray, to the base of this tree
For eternal peace

For eternal peace

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title refers to Rin's reflection on how a thousand years would be like a blink of the eye for the tree sapling.
  • According to mothy, the song was given a shorter title compared to many of his other songs because he felt it didn't need to be overly long or complicated; he clarified that the song itself still packed a lot of emotion.[1]


  1. @mothy_akuno – 08/18/14 – タイトル通りの短い曲です。というかこの曲は無駄に長くする必然性を感じなかったのでこうしました。ですが色々な思いが詰まっています。
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