The Blankenheim Mansion[note 1] was the residence of the Blankenheim Family in Toragay. Housing the family since the late 4th century EC, it was used as the hub for Elphegort's black market by Marquis Kaspar and an experimentation lab by Marchioness Margarita. During the height of the Toragay Epidemic, it was used by the surviving citizens hoping to quarantine themselves from the mysterious epidemic.


Early HistoryEdit

During the EC 490s, the Blankenheim Family settled in Toragay, Elphegort and moved into the mansion at the center of city.[1] Sometime during the 590s, Kaspar Blankenheim became acquainted with Margarita Felix and the potential betrothed often met with the boy at the mansion. After the death of Marquis Karl, Kaspar took up his adoptive father's title and ownership of the family estate. Following his marriage to Margarita in June, EC 608, the couple began living together at the estate.[2]

Shady DealingsEdit

Soon after the marriage, Kaspar began inviting his mistresses to the home and openly cheated on his wife.[1] Due to his overzealous spending, the Marquis fired the majority of their servants to save expenses.[2] Around that time, Kaspar joined Père Noël and used the mansion as the central hub for the organization's black market,[3] bartering and trading illegal goods he stored in the mansion's basement.[4]

Periodically, the couple was visited by Fourth Shadow in the guise of their leader, First Santa Claus.[2] As part of an operation for Père Noël, Margarita also joined the organization and worked on developing a cure for a future airborne Gift disease in the mansion's basement. On August 25, EC 609, Mayrana tasked Margarita with also developing the plague and she began experimenting with Shadow's failed creation.[3]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

On August 30, EC 609, Margarita poisoned her husband along with one of his mistresses and their bodies were discovered hours later by the visiting Dr. Felix. The next morning, Schuburg Newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre visited and learned of the news.[1] During the World Police's subsequent investigation, a guard was stationed at the mansion to protect the Marchioness from a potential murderer for the period.[4] Around mid-October, Hanne returned for an interview with Margarita on her late husband. The two toured the mansion til the afternoon and Hanne left soon after.[2]

Once Margarita finished developing the desired airborne pathogen, she left the manor for Aceid on October 14 to avoid the effects of her released plague.[5] As the disease spread in the ensuing weeks, many of the survivors took shelter in the mansion's basement. The survivors slowly dwindled until the remaining 72 were discovered by Elluka Clockworker around mid-November.[3] They were later recovered by the World Police and sent to a hospital in Aceid for treatment.[6]

World's EndEdit

In EC 999, the Blankenheim Mansion was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[7]


Kaspar's RoomEdit

The room where Kaspar slept and regularly took his mistresses to spend the night, forbidding Margarita entry while they visited.[4] The room was furnished with a luxurious double bed.[2]

Margarita's RoomEdit

The bedroom given to Margarita in the mansion. It contained a bookshelf filled with books, a sofa, a red carpet, and a bed. It was at one point decorated with spoons, glasses, mirrors, and other ornaments Margarita owned; these possessions were soon sold and it became sparsely furnished.[2]

Dining RoomEdit

The place where meals were served in the mansion and guests would be seated. The room was furnished by a table laid with blue cloth and silver candlesticks as well as a framed fireplace with a brass tableclock on top.[2]


The basement of the mansion; the space was split into three rooms. The first was filled with old furniture, while the second was an empty storehouse used for Kaspar's illicit dealings,[2] having a hole in the wall to store illegal merchandise.[4] The third was a second storehouse used as Margarita's personal laboratory for practicing herbalism, medicine, and poison making.[2] It could hold over 70 people, though it would be a cramped space.[3]

Known InhabitantsEdit





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