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The Blankenheim Family[note 1] was a noble family hailing from the Kingdom of Marlon. After moving to the Kingdom of Elphegort, the family was promoted to being Marquises governing the Toragay area following the Lucifenia-Elphegort War. It later entered a political marriage with the Felix Family to renew its social standing.


Early History[]

The Blankenheims trace their lineage back to an ancestor who was related to the Marlon Royal Family. When Queen Prim Marlon began eliminating all other heirs to the throne other than her son, said ancestor renounced their birthright and fled to Elphegort in EC 489. This eventually led to the Blankenheims, who settled in the town of Toragay.[1]

After the Green Hunting and its subsequent war with Lucifenia in EC 500, the Blankenheims were chosen as the new noble family to govern the town in place of the ruined Felix Family to help deter an invasion from the growing imperial power of Marlon; from then on, the Blankenheims became marquises.[2] Later on during the century, the family came into the possession of the golden key Grim the End.

Dabbling in Crime[]

Sometime after, Kaidor Blankenheim married and the couple bore a son on August 30, EC 588. Shortly after discovering his wife's affair, Kaidor murdered her and entrusted his son, Kaspar, to his younger brother Karl before fleeing the family. Kaidor was promptly disowned by his father and Karl later became the head of the noble family and inherited its Marquis title. In EC 597, Kaidor killed Bruno Marlon and had Père Noël change his face to Bruno's visage in order to assume the Freezis Foundation aide's identity and impressive position.[3]

Following Karl's death early in the EC 600s, Kaspar succeeded him. Due to Marquis Kaspar's overzealous spending, the noble family lost much of its wealth. In July, around EC 608, Kaspar married Margarita Felix in order to claim the Felix's 29 million Ev fortune.[1] Later on, Kaspar and Margarita joined Père Noël and the Marquis helped sell illegal products across Elphegort while maintaining his public facade. Around this time, "Bruno" recontacted First Santa Claus and offered to act as a mole for Père Noël.


Discontent with Kaspar's philandering with other women, Margarita poisoned the marquis on August 30, EC 609.[2] Two months later, on October 14, Margarita discussed matters of succession for the family with King Soil Elphen.[4] After Shaw Freezis' death on October 17, "Bruno" assumed an interim position as the foundation's leader until a proper successor was chosen.[5] Having unleashed an airborne plague variant of her poison upon Toragay, the Marchioness committed suicide with her own creation in Calgaround on October 21.[6]

Once the new foundation head was chosen, Bruno was selected as one of her vice presidents;[7] around the same time, he joined Père Noël in his son's place.[8] On May 23, EC 610, Kaidor was arrested by the World Police's Justea unit and imprisoned. He was later transferred to Castle Hedgehog at the end of August and tortured by the Interrogation Execution Department for several weeks.[9] He was finally assassinated by Sixth Venom around mid-September of that year.[10]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Blankenheim family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[11]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Blankenheim is the name of two German municipalities; Elphegort, the family's eventual home country, is inspired by Germany.




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