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The Beelzenian Imperial Family[note 1] was the royal lineage that ruled the Beelzenian Empire for centuries. Expanding Beelzenia into a massive empire, the Beelzenias reigned in name for at least three centuries and their Empire continued long after.


Early History[]

After one of the family's ancestors led the Red Shoe Army to swiftly expand Beelzenia's borders throughout the first century EC, their descendants blossomed the nation into a mighty empire. The family also became famed as gourmands around this time.[1] At some point, Emperor Justea founded a police organization to maintain security within the new empire.[2] Around the turn of the second century, Emperor Jupitaire Beelzenia sired five children,[3] marrying Prince Martius to Princess Yufina Marlon to strengthen relations with the Kingdom of Marlon.[4]

After the Venomania household was massacred in December of EC 135, the imperial family approved the sole survivor, Sateriasis Venomania, to succeed his father as Duke of Asmodean.[5] When Yufina disappeared during her visit to Beelzenia with King Martius in March the next year,[4] Princess Maylis headed the investigation and later invited Count Karchess Crim to help find his country's Queen. Later that year, Maylis was abducted by Duke Sateriasis Venomania and later impregnated with his child.[6]

After Karchess assassinated the Duke and eloped with Yufina in EC 136,[7] the imperial family hunted for them along with Martius. Later that year, Maylis gave birth to a baby girl and gave the disowned infant to Baron Tae Conchita to hide her existence from the public.[8] The imperial family later promoted the Donald Family to replace the extinct Venomanias as Dukes.[9] Following a coup staged by Karchess and Yufina in EC 138, Martius was deposed.[8]

Struggling Relations[]

In EC 212, the imperial family entered a quarrel with Duke Donald, prompting civil war between Beelzenia and its Asmodean province. Due to sharing royal blood from Maylis, the imperial family promoted Marquis Tetippea Conchita to replace Duke Gastolle after his death, dividing his Retasan province into the Tasan and Re Tasan provinces. When Duke Tasute Conchita later petitioned the Re Tasan province be renamed the Conchita province, the imperial family approved the change.

After a famine swept through the Conchita province in EC 306, Empress Juno stripped Duke Muzuri Conchita of his authority and took control of his ailing territory.[9] In June, EC 311,[10] Juno arranged for Maylis' descendant, Banica Conchita, to marry the Marlon Royal Family's Prince Carlos to improve relations with Marlon. The engagement was dissolved following Banica's disgusting behavior during a formal dinner on February of EC 312.[9] The imperial family later supported Marlon in its war against the Kingdom of Lioness.

In October, EC 321, Juno selected Banica to replace the deceased Muzuri as Duke and restored the Conchitas' authority over their province.[1] In April of EC 325, Juno dispatched a unit of the Imperial army to arrest Banica for her subsequent apostasy and rumored cannibalism.[1] In July,[10] the Empress requested Elluka Clockworker investigate the rumors as they secured the chaotic province;[1] after the Conchita Mansion was discovered empty, the imperial family concluded Banica fled with her servants abroad and ended the investigation.[10]


Over the years, the family continued to govern Beelzenia as the shrinking Empire declined in subsequent wars with Asmodean and Lucifenia. On November 5, EC 480,[11] Zita C. Beelzenia was born into the family; two years later, her mother and relatives were slaughtered by Leonhart Avadonia during the Lucifenian Expansion War. Zita was then adopted by the knight and renamed "Germaine".[12] Years later in EC 490, the Emperor was killed by the Gula epidemic sweeping over the nation.[13] The Emperor's son then succeeded his late father and made peace with Lucifenia.

In EC 503, the Emperor gave asylum to the Lucifenian Resistance fleeing from the Kingdom of Marlon's armies. After Marlon invaded in EC 505,[13] the Emperor planned a counterattack against the invaders, recapturing Retasan over a month later.[14] As the conflict dragged on, he agreed to an armistice with the Blue Country about another month later.[15] The imperial family continued losing power in the succeeding centures until the Empire collapsed in EC 620.[16]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the imperial family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[17]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The name Beelzenia is a reference to Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony.
  • Many members of the imperial family are named after Roman gods or months; Beelzenia, the family's native country, is partially inspired by the Roman Empire.


  • The members of the family were known to be gourmands, with one ancestor being rumored to have expanded Beelzenia's borders through the Red Shoe Army to obtain delicious food from other countries.[1]
  • Obesity was characteristic of the family's members.[4]
  • Although referenced numerous times, the Beelzenian emperors of The Daughter of Evil Series are never mentioned by name.




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