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Bariti[note 1] was the capital city of Marlon, located along the Methis River. Divided by the river, the city bordered the Column Forest and was the site of the royal palace for the Marlon Royal Family. Throughout its history, it remained a political center for the nation.


Early History[]

Around the foundation of the Kingdom of Marlon, Bariti was made the capital of the new nation and the Marlon Castle was built on the western side of the city. As Marlon continued to war with Lioness, the city became a strategic point between the two countries. In the EC 100s, Princess Yufina Marlon married Prince Martius Beelzenia to secure the support of the Beelzenian Empire against Lioness, and the royal couple lived together in the capital.[1]

Following Yufina and Karchess Crim's campaign to establish a legitimate Marlon dynasty, the two married and lived in the city.[2] In June EC 311, the Conchita Family visited Bariti to meet with the Marlon Royal Family as part of the engagement between their daughter Banica and the Third Prince Carlos Marlon. Following these meetings, the engagement was broken off and the family departed.[3]

Political Relations[]

In the late EC 400s, Prim Rogzé traveled to Bariti and married the bereaved King of Marlon and birthed Prince Kyle Marlon. At some point Queen Anne of Lucifenia visited the capital and arranged an engagement between Kyle and Princess Riliane. Later, in EC 494, the King of Marlon passed away; following this and an incident in which all of his illegitimate children were assassinated, Kyle Marlon ascended the throne as king.[4]

During Lucifenia's war with Elphegort in EC 500, the officials of Marlon publicly decided to not support either side,[5] and later rejected Lucifenia's request for aid suppressing their revolution.[6] After the Lucifenia-Elphegort War, the Freezis Family moved to Bariti and took up residence in a vacant mansion, establishing the capital as the new center of the Freezis Firm.[7] After the conclusion of the Lucifenian Revolution, Marlon incorporated Lucifenia into its territory under the governance of King Kyle and Queen Dowager Prim ruled Marlon from the capital.[8]

New Management[]

In EC 505, King Kyle Marlon returned to the city and discovered the conspiracy set in place by Prim after meeting with Keel Freezis.[9] In response he assembled an army of Marlon soldiers in the capital and set out for the town of Lioness to confront the Queen Dowager. After the battle on Castle Hedgehog, he returned to Bariti and continued governance of Marlon.[4]

In EC 510, Kyle restored sovereignty to the Lucifenian territory and left Bariti while abdicating the throne, Arkatoir Marlon crowned king in his place.[10] After the Freezis Foundation was established in EC 531, the organization set up headquarters in Bariti.[11] When was the World Police was established in EC 573, the force also stationed its headquarters in the capital. After the death of Shaw Freezis on October, 17, EC 609, the entirety of the city dressed in mourning for days.[12]

World's End[]

In EC 999, Bariti was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[13]


Northern District[]


The northern half of the city above the Methis River. The district is where the Marlon Castle, Levin Church, Freezis Mansion, and other major buildings and are located.[14]

Marlon Castle[]

Main Article: Marlon Castle


The residence of the Marlon Royal Family in Bariti, located along the western bank of the Methis River. The royal palace functioned as the center of political power in the Kingdom of Marlon and a critical defensive point against the country of Lioness for many centuries. It was divided into three sections; the Left Chapel, Middle Tower, and Right Palace.[14]

Freezis Mansion[]


The Freezis Mansion[note 2] was theresidence of the Freezis Family following the destruction of their residence in Elphegort. The mansion was located in the north of Bariti and south of the Column Forest,[14] and served as the headquarters for the Freezis Firm. It was gated in to afford the family privacy with visitors.[9] After the construction of the Freezis Foundation headquarters, the family head lived there instead.[11]

Freezis Foundation Headquarters[]

The Freezis Foundation Headquarters[note 3] was located on the northern bank of the Methis River. Following its construction in EC 593, it was continually renovated and nearly surpassed Marlon Castle in size within a decade. It was also used as the residence of the head of the Freezis Family.[11] The headquarters had a large main gate and a secret back door leading directly to the family head's room.[12]

World Police Headquarters[]

The World Police Headquarters[note 4] was the headquarters for the World Police and its Marlon department. It maintained its local Marlon branch as well as the International Tasks Department offices. The facility also had a prison for confining arrested criminals.[12]

Column Forest[]


The Column Forest[note 5] was a forest in southern Marlon, directly north of Bariti. Bears are among the wildlife living in the forest. Many Marlon nobles and the royal family used the forest as a hunting ground. It is one-third the size of the Millennium Tree Forest.[14]

Levin Church[]

The Levin Church[note 6] was a place of worship in the Levin faith, dedicated to the Levia sect. Used as both a gathering place for parishioners of the faithful and members of the clergy, it stood as one of the major buildings in the city.[14]

Southern District[]


The southern half of the city below the Methis River. The district was the home of the lower class and filled with red-bricked houses for residents. Lining many of the buildings were bars referred to as "pubs".[14]

Methis River[]


The Methis River[note 7] was a river that ran straight through the capital dividing it into north and south. It served as a physical barrier between the richer and poorer districts of the city.[14]

Known Inhabitants[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Bariti shares parallels with London, England, also characterized by bricked buildings, pubs, and bisected by a river; fittingly, Marlon itself is based on Great Britain.  




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