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"What kind of taste do you have, I wonder?"
―Banica Conchita's catchphrase[src]

Banica Conchita, regarded as Evil Food Eater Conchita and eventually Master of the Graveyard, was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire. Obsessed with food since an early age, the curious Banica made a contract with the Demon of Gluttony to taste all the foods in the world, leading her to eat the most grotesque foods imaginable. In pursuit of her obsession, she eventually devoured herself and the demon with her, becoming the new Demon of Gluttony.


Early Life

"Eat. There should be nothing left."
―Megour Conchita to her daughter[src]

Banica was born in Gasto in the Beelzenian Empire in November, EC 296,[1] the daughter of Muzuri and Megour Conchita. The night following her birth a celebration was held in her honor where the household feasted on the baemu pig. Due to her young age, she was the only one who did not partake in the meal.

As the years progressed, Banica's household suffered from the Gula Disease, which they had contracted from eating the baemu. It forced them to continuously eat to avoid death, often leading to devouring unusual and lethal items. The only one not affected, Banica, was tormented by her increasingly deranged mother, terrorized when refusing to eat and having food forced down her throat. Eventually, the gloomy child grew obedient out of fear of Megour's abuse.

In January of EC 306, a famine swept through the Conchita territory, leaving the household in low supply of food. In March, Banica witnessed Megour attempt to devour the dead servants, and Muzuri's subsequent murder of her in the scuffle that followed.[2] With Megour's death, Banica fell into a depression and locked herself up in the basement's food storage. Lonely and uncomfortable in the room, she soon after met Arte and Pollo, her new servants. Before long, they became close friends, the twins accompanying her everywhere.[3]

Royal Engagement

In June of EC 311, Banica was betrothed to Carlos Marlon, the third prince of Marlon.[1] She soon traveled to Marlon with her servants and nervously met with her fiancé and his parents for the first time, introduced by her head retainer, Ron Grapple. The following day, Banica and Carlos went down to Bariti together with their various retainers. There she spoke about her impressions of the city and learned from Carlos of the war between Marlon and Lioness, as well as sharing her own dreams about sampling and making more accessible the cuisines of the world. That evening they had dinner together, during which Banica impressed Carlos with her expertise in food by improving his soup with just a drop of Jakoku Sauce.

Over several months the two became much closer and warmed up to the idea of marriage with each other. During this time, however, Banica regularly resisted eating her regular portions at meals out of embarrassment for her weight and gluttonous eating habits.[4] In February 312,[1] Banica attended a dinner celebrating her engagement with Carlos being made official, only meekly apologizing as Arte and Pollo crassly insulted the Marlon food.

During the dinner, Banica witnessed one of Prince Cult's soldiers hand over the personal effects of a mage they had captured; among them, she spied the red wine glass connected with her family's downfall, triggering the trauma she'd faced in her childhood. After the meal was over, she noticed how several of the attendants left their food half-finished and became fixated on the leftovers; suddenly, Banica began desperately devouring all the food in sight, continually muttering about how she had to eat everything. As a result of this behavior, the engagement was swiftly dissolved. Returning home from her "failure", Banica immersed herself in food.[4]

Pursuit of Delights

"If that’s the case, then I have no real regrets. For I have already tasted nearly every dish I could find in this world."

Over the next three years, Banica further studied food, becoming known as a gourmand throughout Beelzenia by EC 315.[5] In January of the following year,[1] Banica embarked on a journey abroad with Arte and Pollo, hoping to improve Beelzenia's food culture through her studies. Traveling through Elphegort, Asmodean, Levianta, Marlon, and Lioness, Banica looked into their cooking and ingredient-growing methods.[5]

Around this time, Banica made use of the Association's information network for her culinary studies; finding out about the famed cook Josef Crim, she chased after him, only to give up after finding out he had died.[6]

Returning home after her journey, Banica confirmed her appointment at the imperial palace with Ron before going to the palace herself. There, she met with Empress Juno and brought forward her two ideas: to introduce Ziz Tiama to Beelzenia's food culture and to begin a Trauben plantation, bringing over a live ziz tiama and a trauben sapling to demonstrate. She also explained that she intended to develop a wine that would exceed Yatski L'Opera.

Supported by Juno, Banica introduced her ideas to Beelzenia, greatly improving its food culture and adding to its cuisine,[5] radically increasing the domestic foods in the empire as a result.[7] During this period she began developing a new wine, dubbed "Blood Grave", with the cooperation of the local farmers.[8]

During Grabia's harvest festival held in August of EC 319, Banica arrived unannounced and participated in its tomato eating competition, winning by an overwhelming majority.[1] Because of her contributions to the ailing Empire, the young noble became well regarded as "Noble Gourmand Banica".[5] In August of EC 321, her father died of a heart attack, causing Banica to slip into another depression, again comforting herself with food.[1]

Two months later, Empress Juno, having custody over the family's territories, appointed Banica as her father's successor and she took up his title as one of the Five Dukes. Still grieving her father, Banica resumed her travels abroad, going as far as the Akuna region; as a result, she expanded Beelzenia's food culture even more.[5]

Tasting Temptation

"Take "food" from you, and what would you say is left?"
―Vlad Tuberci to Banica[src]

In July of EC 323, Banica returned home after hearing that Ron had gone missing. The next day, Banica collapsed and was diagnosed with "organ abnormalities" due to her overeating and was confined to her bed. That evening, she was visited by the Demon of Gluttony, who remarked upon her impending death and unfinished business therein.

The demon revealed she had only tasted half of the world's food, offering her a contract to avoid her death and try the rest. Banica initially declined on account how her mother and the entire staff had previously been killed due to the demon and it left, but not before leaving a wine glass by her bed, claiming drinking the contents would be agreement to the contract. The next morning she awoke and saw the glass, realizing it was full of baemu blood when smelling it. Consumed by her curiosity, Banica drank after minimal hesitation, making the contract.

Through the demon's power, Banica's figure slimmed and she made a full recovery. With her newfound abilities, the revitalized gourmand began tasting the foods she had yet to have tried.[5]

Declining Obsession

"Right now Conchita’s repulsive eating habits are well known amongst her people. They’ve come to avoid ever going near her mansion. Because you can always smell the stink of something rotting in its vicinity."
―Beelzenia's Bruno regarding Banica[src]
Chara img1C.jpg

At the mansion of Duke Oruhari, a banquet was held in November of that same year,[1] celebrating her recovery. Banica, accompanied by her twin servants, arrived to participate at the banquet, surprising everyone with her new, thin body. By the end of the festivities, she asked her servants to bring out her dessert, and they presented her with numerous live insects and spiders. Delighted, Banica ate them despite her audience's disgust.[5]

By November of EC 324, Banica refused to meet with anyone on the grounds of her earlier illness, transferring the management and supervision of her territories to her two servants.[1] After deserting herself from the outside world, Conchita used the glass to reanimate her family's former servants, having her undead army guard her mansion. She also, during this time, also reanimated several livestock to serve as her meals.

Over time, Banica hired a number of cooks to serve her meals but, because they were disgusted with her appetite, became irritated with them soon after and had Arte and Pollo murder each chef, being served their corpses for her meals as punishment. After hiring and cannibalizing thirteen chefs, Banica hired her fourteenth cook, Ildebrando, but quickly became annoyed with his disgusted behavior too, ordering her servants to murder him.

One night, Banica discovered the Phantom Thief Platonic in her mansion, the red wine glass in hand. Amused, she took back the glass and made her intentions known to eat her, before the revived Ildebrando interrupted and attacked, giving Platonic an opportunity to escape. For Ildebrando's interference, Banica moved in to devour him while he was still conscious, barely reacting when he briefly injured her quickly healing neck.[9]

Great Love

"Pigs! Dogs! Birds! Dirt! Houses! Towns! Countries! Continents! I can eat all of it! Therefore—I'll devour everything in this world!"
―Evil Food Eater Conchita[src]

Afterwards, Banica hired the famed Josef Crim as her next cook. As time went on, she realized he was actually her former fiancé, Carlos. Their relationship wound up culminating in a night spent together when she was drunk, proceeding from there. Soon after, Banica became pregnant with his child. When imperial messengers began arriving with summons for Banica over the next few months, she repeatedly ignored them. After the imperial family sent another messenger with an escort of twenty soldiers in April, Pollo killed the messenger by Banica's orders.

To deal with the soldiers outside the mansion, Banica raised an undead horde led by Arte and Pollo. As the terrified Carlos recognized the revived grand chamberlain, Ron, Banica elaborated on how the undead were all of the mansion's previous servants she had brought back. To his frightened questioning, Banica explained the realization she had from her journeys abroad, describing her renewed desire to eat the entire world. Having driven her undead horde across the region to attack the nearby towns, Banica continued indulging her insatiable appetite.

When Carlos attempted to escape a few days later, the Duke sent her twin servants to capture him. After a brief confrontation between them, she denied his requests to leave and declared he would continue working for her, though forbidden from leaving the estate.

Soon after, her lover served them soup and she readily devoured it. Seeing Carlos cough blood and collapse, Banica realized it was poisoned before watching her lover die, unaffected herself. She then ordered Arte and Pollo to cook her beloved. Served his body for dinner, Banica ate his remains with maudlin delight. While enjoying all the new flavors she tasted, Banica broke into tears.[6] Several months later, she gave birth to her and Carlos' son.[10]

Ultimate Evil Food

"What kind of taste do I have, I wonder?"
―Banica before eating herself[src]

Around August of EC 325,[1] Banica finally ended up eating Arte and Pollo, running out of food and staff in the rest of the mansion. Once the still hungry Banica realized she had eaten everything in the mansion, the Duke heard the cry of a baby and remembered the child she had with Carlos, which she was holding in her arms. In her room, she placed the baby on a plate and prepared to eat it. Right before she did, however, she looked upon its sleeping form and became happy, hesitating.

She then heard the demon goading her into continuing, saying that the powder from the Golden Key was slowly killing her, the amount used to poison her soup bolstered by the degree that had been saturated in Carlos' body. It explained that the baby was a "vaccine", claiming it could counteract the Wrath magic.

Despite this, Banica refused to eat her child, beginning to see the demon take shape in her mind as it raged against her decision. As it continued she realized that it was in the shape of a pig, reminding her of her mother and the baemu pig. In a burst of defiance, she instead chose to devour herself, to the tune of the demon's panic.[10]

Demonic Rebirth

Exploiting her contract, Banica's consumption of her body allowed her to become a demon herself; gaining all of the demon's knowledge and power. She refused to give up her ambition to eventually devour the world and allow the gods and their kin to persist, plotting to instead acquire the reincarnating souls of Hänsel and Gretel to help her find the Grave Yard, become the Master of the Graveyard, and herald the Graveyard ending where she would eventually devour everything in existence for her ambition.

She created an illusion of the Conchita Mansion within the dimension of her vessel. Confined to the glass, she waited until Elluka Clockworker retrieved the vessel from her mansion before it was stolen by Platonic. Amused by the unknowing incarnation of Eve Moonlit, the demon became disappointed that she couldn't be possessed. After the glass was passed onto AB-CIR, Banica conversed with the mage about her replacing the original demon and the knowledge she possessed about Hänsel and Gretel.

AB-CIR later lost possession of the vessel and it was eventually retrieved by Queen Prim Marlon sometime after EC 482; meeting with Prim's court mage Abyss I.R., the demon discovered that the old woman and AB-CIR were just different bodies possessed by the same red cat mage: Irina Clockworker.[11] In EC 490, Abyss I.R. had Banica conjure a Gula plague to spread across the Beelzenian Empire so she could goad and kill King Arth I with the epidemic.[12]

Twiright Prank

"An old hag like me can't foresee the whims of a demon."
―Abyss I.R.[src]

Banica appears before Riliane and Alexiel

In EC 491, Abyss I.R. magically moved the demon to one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, making it difficult for anyone but Minister Presi to extract. As part of their plan to possess Queen Anne's son, the mirror was buried on the shores of Lucifenia and soon after discovered by Prince Alexiel and Princess Riliane. Abyss I.R. then summoned the demon and Conchita manifested her shadowy form before them.

Just before moving to possess Alexiel, she noticed the smiling boy was a unique being not covered in the sun god's rules.[13] Losing her smile, the demon hesitated. Uncertain what to do, she noticed Riliane walking away and decided to possess her instead.

Banica possessing Princess Riliane

As her phantom projection possessed the princess, Alexiel intervened and the demon rendered them both unconscious as a result. Afterwards, Riliane awoke under her influence and expressed her newfound hunger to Alexiel.[12]

Afterward, the possessed princess began constantly eating food from the kitchen to satiate her hunger.[12] During the course of her possession, Banica at one point explained to Allen a legend about the ocean, out of gratitude for him sharing his snack with her: if you wrote a wish, placed it in a bottle, and threw it in the ocean, your wish would come true.[14]

Later on, Presi borrowed Banica's power, allowing himself to be completely possessed by her so that he could defeat Elluka Clockworker. After Presi was defeated, Elluka sealed the demon back into the mirror; she was later recalled to the Glass by Abyss I.R. and created another Gula pathogen for the sorceress to kill Queen Anne.[12]

Finding Gretel

"Foolish girl. You will never be reborn again. I will take in your soul, and you will become an incarnation of myself. As a cornerstone that I may become 'Master of the Graveyard'."
―Banica to Ney[src]

After Ney Phutapie was given the glass in EC 505 and contracted to the demon,[15] Banica recognized her soul as that of the actual Arte, learning Abyss I.R. had used Prim to disturb Hänsel and Gretel's fated reincarnations as the Lucifen twins and produce Ney. Afterward, Banica allowed Ney to freely use her power, slowly eroding at her unstable sanity as she continued relying on the demon.[16] On one occasion, Banica encountered the forest spirits Lich Arklow and Eater Sabella when Ney tested the power of the undead soldiers on the animals in Marlon's Column Forest.[17] Later that year, when Ney snapped and told the demon to completely consume her at Castle Hedgehog, Banica diverted all her power from the corpse soldiers to her, possessing her entirely and having her undergo a demonic transformation.

After dressing Ney in her attire from life, Banica allowed the crazed assassin to attack her half-brother, King Kyle Marlon. Once Ney was subdued, Conchita's vessel was collected and later sealed by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia at Lioness Castle. When Abyss I.R. stole the vessels, removed the seals, and killed Ney, Banica used her connection to the former contractor to take the girl's soul from her body, in spite of the objections of a watching Kyle. As she took her away, she explained to Kyle the nature of Ney's soul and that it was supposed to be in Riliane. After listening to Ney tell her brother that she expected to be reborn and play with everyone again, the demon laughed, expressing her plan to use her for the foundation of the Master of the Graveyard and then taking her away.[16]

Transported into the red dimension of the wine glass, Banica waited until Ney's memories fully awakened as Gretel. Having finally claimed one of the Servants, Banica had Arte return to her original duties as her cook and maid and shared her full plans to become Master of the Graveyard with her.[18] She later watched Abyss I.R. battle her descendant Germaine Avadonia and Yukina Freezis over two weeks later. When Abyss attempted to use the Marlon Spoon on Riliane, Banica allowed Arte to intervene with her power to cancel out the Demon of Greed's own magic and facilitate Irina's defeat.[19]

Finding Hänsel

"Regardless, he's already made a contract. So let's just watch things take its course from here on..."
―Banica regarding Lemy[src]

After Elluka Clockworker collected the Glass from Mikina Freezis, the demon and servant were sealed in her vessel;[20] sometime later, Irina reclaimed Banica's glass whilst possessing Germaine's body.[21] During this period, Lich and Eater came into Banica's service.[17] Toward the end of the century, after Irina took up the alias "Julia Abelard", she stored Banica's wine glass on a pedestal in her new mansion's treasury.

In EC 603, Arte possessed Lemy Abelard when the boy took the glass from Julia's treasury, forging a contract between him and the demon; at that time, they confirmed the blond boy was a reincarnation of Hänsel. Julia later gave the Glass of Conchita to Lemy; under the demon's weak influence, the boy began eating anything fed to him while near the glass. While "Ney" assisted him when necessary, Banica decided they should remain largely out of Julia's schemes for the time being.[22]

While Lemy slept on the night of September 2, EC 610, Arte told Banica about Julia and Lemy's criminal organization Père Noël and the red cat mage's political career in Lucifenia being in jeopardy; she also related that Elluka Clockworker, allegedly possessed by Eve Moonlit, had offered him the chance to escape with her and leave Julia to suffer the political and legal fallout alone, giving him until the next day to decide his answer. The two of them continued the discussion, remarking on Lemy's incompetence in using the corpse soldiers and what his ultimate decision would be.[23]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau

"There’s a chance you’ll become a threat to me. So—I’m going to play you all against each other. Right here, alongside the gods and their kin…I will erase you too, Irina Clockworker!"
―Banica interrupts the duel[src]

Lemy was later fatally shot through the heart by Gumillia on December 26 and buried, Banica's distant power barely keeping him from true death; around a month later, Julia moved the wine glass to his grave before leaving to duel Elluka and Gumillia at Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau. Seeing the opportunity to get near Elluka and observe the outcome with her battling the reincarnation of Levia and Behemo, Banica used her power to heal and revive her contractor.

Once Lemy revived from his coma, Banica instructed him to head north to Apocalypse Cliff where his mother was, then introduced herself. Over the next twenty-four hours, Banica led him to the location before letting Ney take over.[24] She then watched as Lemy battled Elluka's apprentice Gumillia within the tomb, continuously healing the boy of all damage the mage inflicted upon him. When Gumillia finally killed Lemy with Grim the End, Banica took the boy's soul into the wine glass.

Within the glass, Banica encouraged Lemy to watch how events transpired with them as they dined together, until he was able to recover his memories as Arte had. They watched Irina discard Germaine's body and self-destruct her own with Black Box Type S, dragging everyone caught in the blast into Elluka's inner psychological world. When Irina, Gumillia, Eve, Levia, and Behemo confronted one another in their original forms within the mental world, the demon watched Irina reveal her knowledge about Elluka being Levia before turning Eve into the "Master of the Court" and turning the area into the Court.

Once Irina explained the Court she created in Eve could make even gods killable and revealed her intention to destroy everything related to the gods, the threatened Demon of Gluttony decided to intervene. Entering Levia's inner psychological world from the outside herself, the Demon of Gluttony declared she would reap the benefits of their battle by killing all of them.

Banica summoned Eater, transformed into Worldeater, into the dimension, introducing him as the "ultimate corpse soldier" before ordering him to devour them all. Irina and Levia retaliated with the fire and lightning magic and three's power collided in a massive blast.[25] Overpowering the three, Banica witnessed Levia, Eve, and Irina's souls fuse into Ma while everyone else was flung out in the blast. Satisfied with the result, the Demon of Gluttony returned to her vessel.[26]

Later that day, Banica sat down to dinner with Arte and Pollo, though the boy was still sulking over her attempts to kill his adoptive mother. She and Arte discussed the events that had transpired, in particular the blending of Irina, Eve, and Levia's souls. Banica brushed the situation off in favor of locating the Grave Yard to complete her role as Master of the Graveyard; to that end, she discussed how they would need to find another contractor.[26]

Changing Hands

Since then, the glass was passed onto a variety of owners over time. As her power increased, Banica later transformed Lich and Eater into death gods, giving them reanimated bodies. The glass was then stored at the Graveyard restaurant Lich managed. In EC 978, the glass was collected by Gallerian Marlon.

After Lich and Eater arrived demanding Gallerian give back the glass, Banica sucked Lich into the glass. She then told him that the glass was now Gallerian's and that they would be subservient to the judge, as long as Ma was barred from getting near the glass and Gallerian looked for the Grave Yard. Afterwards, she let Lich out of her vessel.[27] After the glass was transferred to one of the mansion's rooms, Banica laughed at the Clockworker's Doll, telling her she was the same as her.[28] The glass was later relocated to Evil's Theater.[29]

Evil's Theater

"Whatever, just take your time. The end result will be the same. I will eat you to your last bone."
―Master of the Graveyard[src]
Master graveyard.jpg

Sometime before EC 990, after the glass awakened, Banica took on the form of the "Master of the Graveyard",[30] as Lich had made her a physical body.[31] Arte and Pollo also awakened alongside her, becoming the "Servants". Soon after, she became subservient to Ma,[32] and was tasked with guarding the theater from any intruders by killing and eating them.[33]

The Master of the Graveyard chides Gear for his helplessness

When Gammon Octo attempted to infiltrate the theater, Banica showed no interest in him while her servants attacked; Eater then attacked him, knocking him out.[34] She later attended his trial once he was at the mercy of the Master of the Court. There, she reluctantly complied when Waiter had Gammon spared to become the choreman for the theater instead.[35] When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Master of the Graveyard attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[36]

In EC 998, she attended the "trial" meeting the Master of the Court held to search for the vessel of Wrath, and snapped at Gear when he commented on the pointlessness of their search.[37] Later on, Banica was absorbed by Ma, although separating from her after she was killed in EC 999;[38] Banica then perished along with the other inhabitants as Punishment was fired at the theater soon after.[34]

World's End


Following the end of the Third Period and its subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 999, the defeated demon returned to Gasto with her servants and recreated an illusion of the Conchita Mansion there.[13]

Later on, Banica had her servants deal with the Tasan Party soldiers that arrived in the former Beelzenia, having Lich and Eater destroy their Black Box and having Arte and Pollo capture and interrogate a soldier for information about Evil's Theater. Some time after she was visited by Allen Avadonia, with Nemesis Sudou, Levia's reincarnation, in tow. Despite still being in the middle of eating, Banica soon began talking with her guests, relating everything that she had learned about the world from her time as a demon and from devouring Vlad.

Banica summons Lich

Discussing how the world was different from what the gods had intended, Banica related her wish for Arte and Pollo to know of another world as she, Lich and Eater did. During the conversation, the topic switched to the Tasan Party and Banica also summoned Lich over, who spoke with Nemesis soon after. Once Arte and Pollo finished interrogating the captive soldier, Banica then announced she planned to head there herself, both to get rid of Gammon Octo as well as make it her new home. Joined by Nemesis, her servants and Allen,[39] Banica made it to Evil's Theater and confronted Gammon in the hallway, having Allen and Nemesis stall him while she went into the director's office.

After Ma resurfaced from within Riliane and absorbed Banica along with the rest of the contractors,[31] Banica was later freed from the fusion.[40]

Her Concerto

Following Allen and Riliane's creation of the Fourth Period, Banica stayed behind, gathering with the other souls at the illusory Lucifenian Royal Palace.[41] While there, Banica was approached by Seth, who shared his research about parallel worlds with her; she then accepted his offer to be a guinea pig for his new invention, Neo Black Box,[42] wanting to travel to a parallel world in search of new food.[43]

In preparation for their journey, Banica, Arte, Pollo and Eater went to the Grave Yard, leaving Lich behind when they couldn't find him.[44] Around this time, Vlad somehow escaped Banica's stomach. Once they returned with the sky fortress, Evil's Theater II, to travel in, they found Lich at the palace. Banica then chastised him for disappearing and related to him her plans, instructing him to make new bodies for them; in response, Lich expressed his intent to come along.[45] Later, Banica watched the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace within the sky fortress before her and her servants traveled to a parallel world.[46]

During the trip, the ship was attacked by Ma, causing it to malfunction and threatening to crash, only for all of them to survive the ordeal.[43] Once they arrived above a battlefield within the parallel world, Banica decided to study its gigantic inhabitants with the intention of eating them.[42]


By the time Elluka Clockworker infiltrated the Conchita Mansion as part of the Empire's investigation into rumors of Banica's cannibalism, Conchita was discovered missing and her castle empty and in perfect order. The Empire determined Conchita had fled to one of its neighboring countries and discontinued Elluka's investigation.[1] Her child that she also left behind eventually had offspring as well and continued for several generations, leading to Germaine Avadonia.[19]

Sanan Noi later created a fairy tale based on her called "Vampiress Vanika" that became famous throughout Evillious,[3] highlighting her legendary birth and remarkable savory.[47] Included in the tale were the "corpse soldiers" that were dug up in the cemetery and cursed to serve her forever as her reanimated servants through the power of her cursed[48] red wine glass.[20] It was said she would wither away if she failed to drink wine made from human blood for three days.[49]

Elluka Clockworker later passed on her knowledge of Banica to the historian Will Jaakko, who later compiled a manuscript regarding the vessels of sin. Centuries after Conchita's death, Yukina Freezis visited the site of her ruined mansion while investigating Will's writings on the Seven Deadly Sins. Among the folklore in literature surrounding Banica was that she was possessed by a glass vessel of sin, which turned her into a "Evil Food Eater".[47]

Historical records conflicted about her actual figure, some saying she was large and plump while others claimed she was beautiful and thin.[48] Many of the dishes and recipes brought back to Beelzenia on her travels were incorporated into its culinary tradition including the Blood Grave wine she loved,[47] which continued to exist nearly two centuries later in the Kingdom of Lucifenia [14]and a further four centuries in USE Levianta. Ma later created a film regarding Banica's possession, adding her commentary as she watched the film with a captured visitor of Evil's Theater.[50]

Personality and Traits

"Of those possessed by a Deadly Sin, Banica Conchita was perhaps the more happy."

Banica smiling at her dining hall

Banica Conchita was a strong-willed woman and an insatiable hedonist. Due to her childhood,[2] Banica developed a fixation with eating from an early age that gradually evolved, first to please her mother and then for her own sake.[4] Food thus stood at the center of her life, being both her comfort in the face of failure and her passion, and Banica dedicated all of her energies to seeking out and tasting the world's most delectable cuisines.[5] Once possessed by the Demon of Gluttony, Banica approached grotesque and disgusting "cuisines" with this same zest and curiosity, her appetite devolving until she had lost all boundaries to what she considered food.[51] As the new Demon of Gluttony, her appetite had become such that she planned to devour the entire world.[10]

Banica's love of food allowed her to cope with her past abuse; no longer menaced by her mother, she reveled in being free to eat whatever she wanted. This reflected an increasingly stronger will as she grew; as a teen Banica acted timid and easily cowed, and suffered from traumatic flashbacks to her youth that led to her frantically feeding herself in fear of her deceased mother.[4] By her adulthood, she had conquered these traumas and was unafraid of anyone's judgment in her actions or what she ate, eating the taboo baemu pig and even brazenly devouring insects in public.[5] This in particular fed her defiance to the Demon of Gluttony by the end of her life.[10]

Prioritizing herself utterly above anyone else, Banica under her demonic possession became cruel, selfish and domineering, showing no respect for human life or for her duties as Duke. Similarly she was ruthless towards her employees who couldn't satisfy her appetite, considering them nuisances worthy of being eaten themselves if they stepped out of line.[6] As the Demon of the Gluttony, she similarly acted malicious, whimsical, and inconsiderate towards those that came in contact with her, in contrast to her kind behavior as a young girl. Nonetheless, she maintained several close relationships through her life and even, to a small extent, showed maternal love towards her child.

Banica was also, ordinarily, a calm individual, unflinching in the face of various strange, terrifying, or surprising occurrences before and after her possession.[5] She also, despite her behavior, acted polite and formal with others,[13] even curbing the rudeness of her servants in public.[5] Banica also had a hobby for gardening, albeit for the purpose of growing more food.[3] She was famed for loving Blood Grave after its invention,[49] and appeared to enjoy human flesh in particular out of all of her gruesome meals.[51]

Skills and Abilities

"If it hadn’t been for the achievements of Banica Conchita, the Beelzenian Empire might have declined much earlier."
―An Oruhari duke[src]

Banica was a practiced food enthusiast and a major contributor to Beelzenian culture. From a young age, Banica had a remarkable appetite and became unmatched in her speed and volume of food intake to the point that she easily won eating competitions.[1] She became well versed in the tastes and flavors of many delicacies from both within and outside of the Beelzenian Empire, earning her title as "Noble Gourmand Banica".[5] Because of this, she, with the help of Grabia's farmers, was able to conceive and create Blood Grave, a fine wine that remained a popular product for nobles across Evillious well after her death.[47] She also developed a keen sense of smell, able to detect even faint scents of a dish's individual components.[5]

Due to her excessive eating, Banica became severely crippled and ill from her excess weight; after making her contract, Banica's health was boosted and she was given a slender and fit figure, from then on able to eat as much as she wanted at no cost to herself.[5] She was also capable of eating anything and everything with minimal ill effects, including indigestible material such as human hair or deadly toxins.[6] Similarly, the Demon's power allowed any normal injury dealt to Banica quickly heal and any fall from great heights to become a slow and light descent.[6] As a downside, Banica's powers and life were connected to the Demon, and its destruction would theoretically have lead to her conventional death.[10]

Banica reanimating the dead

Banica was also able to reanimate the dead killed by the Gula disease through the power of the Glass, making an unstoppable if unintelligent army.[51] By devouring herself and the demon,[21] Banica took on all the former demon's powers, including projecting herself,[12] possessing individuals, creating and enhancing the pathogen for the Gula disease, and reanimating the dead. Despite this, she was also subject to the limitations of the Glass and could mostly only act with whoever used it,[16] but she could still choose to ignore a wielder's wishes if she truly desired to.[19]

Character Connections

Carlos Marlon: Banica's fiancé and later, meal. Banica grew fond of him during the engagement, and saw its cancellation as a failure to comfort herself over; she eventually discovered Carlos was disguised as her cook, Josef, and fell in love with him, siring a child with the prince in the process. She was left distraught by his attempt to kill her and his own suicide and took comfort in devouring his body, finding him delicious, but crying while doing so.

Arte: Conchita's servant and later, meal. Conchita had a close friendship with Arte stemming from childhood; due to this relationship, Banica relied on Arte to attend her every need as a loyal servant, even trusting the maid to reign over her territories. While devouring her later out of curiosity, Banica continued to depend upon Arte, seeking out her reincarnations to merge with her again.

Pollo: Conchita's servant and later, meal. Conchita had a close friendship with Pollo stemming from childhood; due to this relationship, Banica relied on him to attend her every need as a loyal servant despite his evident stupidity, even trusting him to reign over her territories. While devouring him later out of curiosity, Banica continued to depend upon Pollo, seeking out his reincarnations to merge with him again.

Megour Conchita: Banica's mother. The strict dietary discipline and harsh punishments that Banica received from Megour traumatized her into a fascination with eating; after her death, Banica was inconsolable for a time, and resented the Demon of Gluttony for its perceived role in her death.

Unknown Son: Banica's infant son she had with Carlos. Although about to eat the child under the demon's suggestion, Banica inevitably chose to devour herself instead, sparing the boy.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Banica's name is a torsion of the English word "cannibalism";[52] the reverse of her Japanese name makes up the "caniba" portion of the wordplay while the reverse of her father's Japanese name makes up the "lism" part.
  • When crafting the story for Evil Food Eater Conchita, mothy desired to make Banica more akin to a monster rather than a human.[53]
  • Although using the same character for "master" as the other Masters (主), the name is pronounced as "aruji" instead of "nushi"; this is similar to "akujiki", the word used for the sin of Gluttony.
  • The Master of the Graveyard's relation to the Graveyard is connected to the event of Death in Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.





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