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The Baldured Family[note 1] was a family with magic potential residing in Levianta. They became unknowingly pulled in to the events of the Leviantan Civil War, which would eventually lead to the end of the world.


Early History[]

In the early EC 900s, Hanma Baldured became a judge in the Dark Star Bureau; he also married and had a daughter, Lilith Baldured. Through his friend, Gandalf Marlon, Hanma became acquainted with the sorceress and playwright Ma, known at that time as "Elluka Clockworker". Due to Lilith's magic potential inherited from her father, Ma attempted to use her as a receptacle for Levia Barisol's soul, but the procedures she tried on her left Lilith an ageless shell of her former self.

Hanma's wife soon after divorced him while he cared for their daughter. Struggling with the hollow child and his career, Hanma made a deal with Ma to become her apprentice if she promised to take care of Lilith; Ma agreed and made the child her subordinate "Postman", and both father and daughter carried out her wishes from then on.[1] Postman was also brought into PN, Bruno Zero's organization working to undermine the Freezis Family, codenamed "No. 4".

Corrupt Judgment[]

In EC 944, Hanma helped Ma fake her own execution after she was found guilty of witchcraft, allowing her to forge a new identity as the playwright "Kayo Sudou". From then on he presided over several such trials in which he declared the defendant guilty regardless of evidence, and began taking bribes. In EC 961, Hanma sentenced Loki Freezis to imprisonment for his murders in exchange for a bribe from the upcoming judge Gallerian Marlon, while Postman delivered a gun to Loki's cell to commit suicide with.

After Hanma's corruption was discovered, he evaded imprisonment by using Ice Magic and took up a new identity as an artist named Nikolay Tolle. In EC 964, Ma gave him her newborn child, Nemesis Sudou, instructing him to kill her; Nikolay instead raised Nemesis in the Millennium Tree Forest to ease his regret over losing Lilith. In her adolescence, however, Nemesis joined the gang Zeus and sunk the Titanis, for which Hanma handed her over to PN, which had by then become a police force.

Meanwhile, Lilith continued to make deliveries for PN as Postman; after Nemesis joined PN as the assassin No. 8, Postman would deliver to her the weapons needed for each assassination. Postman later moved into Evil's Theater after its construction in EC 982. There she became friends with Gretel, who gave Lilith her old body to swap her soul into; with a new working body, Lilith was restored to her former self and became the Waiter in the theater, hiding this fact from Ma.


By EC 989, Hanma's health had gone into decline. On his deathbed, he met with Nemesis once more; after clearing the air with his old charge, Hanma allowed Nemesis to shoot and kill him in revenge for turning her in all those years ago. Ten years later, Lilith was present in Evil's Theater during the confrontation between Nemesis and Ma; when Ma tried to kill Nemesis during the confrontation, Lilith stabbed Ma in the back with the Venom Sword, allowing Nemesis to kill her. Lilith later perished when Nemesis unleashed the weapon Punishment on the entire world.[1]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Baldured family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[2] Meanwhile Lilith returned to her original self, Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, and held a banquet at the Lucifenian Royal Palace for her and her family.[3] In recognition of her as having been his daughter Lilith, Hanma later saved Riliane from several spirit Tasan Party troops who had come to attack her, freezing them.

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The surname Baldured contains the characters of the Japanese spelling of Baldur, a god in Norse mythology.




  1. バルドルド家