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Ayn Anchor was an officer of the World Police and a friend of Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre. Following the steps of his grandfather, the Netsuma entered the police force and helped combat crime throughout Evillious. After helping investigate the Toragay Epidemic, Ayn joined the International Works Department as a Justea investigator.


Early Life[]

Born towards the end of the 6th century EC as a member of the Netsuma Clan, Ayn's father named him for his grandfather who had been abandoned at a monastery, named "Ayn" by the nun who raised him, and grew up to become the first commissioner for the World Police. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Ayn joined the World Police himself and was stationed in the city of Rolled in Lucifenia.[1]

In EC 606, Ayn was made part of the investigation into the Père Noël assassin Fifth Pierrot. With the investigation tipped off that Pierrot was planning to make an appearance during the Cirque de Lune performance at the newly constructed Milanais Theater, Ayn was assigned to infiltrate the circus troupe and disguised himself as a clown. The night of the performance, Ayn waited for Fifth Pierrot backstage when he saw a lion attack its child tamer just before the show, Fifth Pierrot fleeing in the commotion.

Ayn pursued the assassin until coming upon a back alley, where he heard a child, Lemy Abelard, being kidnapped by two thugs. Forgoing his quarry, Ayn confronted the thugs,[2] Yarera III and Zusco Jr., and swiftly outmatched them. After Yarera III had fled with his brother, Ayn tended to Lemy, who thanked "Mr. Pierrot" and reassured him that his house was close by. Leaving the child to return home,[3] Ayn searched for Fifth Pierrot and came up empty, receiving an admonishment from his superior for letting the assassin slip away.[2]

Sometime during the Père Noël investigation, Ayn met Justea investigator Heidemarie Lorre and fell in love with her;[2] he also learned of her unique gun based on fellow investigator Willus Zorach's design. He also met the officer's sister, Schuburg Newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre,[4] and repeatedly crossed paths with the meddlesome woman after being stationed in Elphegort. During their many encounters, Hanne persuaded Ayn to help her with tales of heroes such as Leonhart Avadonia.[1] Later on, Ayn confessed his feelings of love to Heidemarie and the two dated for a week before she admitted she had no feelings for him at all. Heartbroken, Ayn accepted her wishes and they ended the relationship while agreeing to stay in touch.[5]

Death of the Marquis[]

"What are you doing here, Hanne Lorre?"
"Course of events. When I visited Marquis Blankenheim as part of an interview, this plight happened."
"Give me some credit. It's nothing but the truth this time."
―Ayn and Hanne[src]

After Dr. Marx Felix reported the death of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim on August 31, Ayn joined the investigation team and went to Blankenheim Mansion to see the body, only to spot Hanne already there after having come to interview the Marquis. After warning her not to interfere and refusing to help her own investigation, Ayn examined the corpses of Kaspar and his mistress. As he did, he made small talk with Hanne about how Heidemarie was investigating an attack on Aceid's Deputy Mayor Banner by Père Noël.[6]

After investigating the bodies, Ayn listened to Dr. Marx's diagnosis that the two were killed by tobacco poisoning; the doctor also testified how he and his daughter Margarita discovered the bodies together that morning. Over the next few weeks, the investigation team learned about Kaspar's heavy finance losses at the same time as his expensive purchases. Suspecting Kaspar was involved in the black market, Ayn investigated the mansion again and found a Freezis Fairy Tale from the Lost List.

He was later pressured to stop investigating the underground market any further, suspecting the Freezis Foundation was responsible. With Dr. Puerick Rogzé finding no conclusive connection between the deaths and tobacco, the investigation settled for Dr. Felix's testimony; during the investigation, Ayn learned from one his colleagues guarding the mansion about Margarita's unique sleepless condition making her not sleep at all.[1]

On September 19, Hanne Lorre visited Ayn at Toragay's police station and he ended up explaining to Hanne how the investigation was going, including what he had learned about Kaspar. After explaining how he'd been pressured to drop the case, he insinuated Hanne investigate it herself. Once he did, however, Hanne inspired Ayn to take action himself; she told him how his namesake, his orphaned Netsuma grandfather, had been named "Ayn" by the nun who raised him, after a brave soldier of Toragay.

Invigorated to solve the case of Kaspar's death, Ayn was drawn into Hanne's suspicions he had been poisoned. When pressed, he directed her to Dr. Rogzé in Lucifenian to ask about the matter further. He then shared Dr. Felix's testimony with her, as well as what he had heard about Margarita's sleepless condition, and confirmed that there were no servants or any other witnesses to the crime. After agreeing to help set up a meeting with Margarita, who was still under police protection, he saw Hanne leave.[1]

Finding the Black Market[]

"But... will you be alright alone?"
"There isn't anyone else to rely on, it can't be helped."
―Hanne and Ayn[src]

After Dr. Felix was reported to have fallen into a coma later that day, Ayn took part in the subsequent investigation. Over the next few weeks, the investigation team learned from the different witnesses that Marx, after eating dinner with Margarita, headed straight to bed at 11:00 PM and, sometime during that period, suffered similar symptoms to Kaspar. On September 28, Ayn witnessed Hanne being thrown out of Kaspar's funeral when she began laughing uncontrollably during the eulogy.[1]

Once the doctor examining Marx in Aceid failed to conclusively diagnosis the cause, the World Police determined there was no foul play and that Marx was suffering from an unknown disease. Unsatisfied with the case's lackluster conclusion, Ayn volunteered to remain in Toragay to investigate until there was no chance of any more infections in the future. On October 6, Hanne visited Ayn again and he related the situation to her and his intention to look into the black market, as well as suggesting she investigate Margarita. During their conversation, he dismissed Hanne's suggestion that she call up Heidemarie to help.[5]

Later, Ayn conducted his investigation into Toragay's black market and discovered a potential warehouse for the illegal goods being sold, as well as determining that Kaspar Blankenheim was the head dealer. After finding the dealing site, Ayn discovered it empty save for one remaining dealer; informed that the black market had apparently resumed in a different location north of town, he began suspecting Calgaround as the new location and Kaspar as being the former head dealer. That October 17, Ayn assisted construction workers repairing the damage to a local inn that Heidemarie had wrongfully broken into during her search for Rin Chan.

During his work, Ayn was greeted by Heidemarie and he explained how he had wanted to help fix the damage to the inn. Learning Heidemarie had come to see Hanne on personal business, Ayn explained how she had gone to speak to Dr. Puerick Rogzé in Lucifenia, but would be back by nightfall. He also informed her that Brigitta, the innkeeper, was out shopping. As he took a break from work, Ayn told Heide about his and Hanne's investigation into Kaspar's death, Dr. Felix's coma, and Margarita's involvement in the two; he went on to say how he was secretly investigating Toragay's black market. As he started sharing with her his results, the two heard a commotion west of town.[7]

Mysterious Epidemic[]

With Heidemarie, Ayn went to check out the commotion at the Charity Institute and found the caretaker Rita Flohn screaming hysterically over how the children weren't waking up, as well as recognizing the pharmacist Egmont trying to treat them. Finding the children to have the same symptoms as Dr. Felix and Kaspar, he shared the grim news with Heide and soon after questioned Egmont about treating the children, learning that the only two with medical experience in town were Dr. Felix and Margarita, both of whom were in Aceid.

As he discussed options, Ayn was urged by Egmont to fetch a doctor and prepared to leave, only to hear Rita claim the children weren't breathing, before she herself lost consciousness.[7] Afterwards, Ayn fetched a doctor from Aceid, spotting Margarita while there.[8] Over time, the mysterious illness spread through Toragay and the town was put under quarantine. Ayn later learned that Hanne and Heide had been summoned to Marlon and then arrested by Bruno Marlon on false charges.

Meeting with the head of Justea, Hob Homer, the two conspired to break the two out of prison as the situation in Toragay worsened. Entering the headquarters of the World Police, he quickly unlocked Hanne and Heide's cells and assured them that they both knew their innocence. As they prepared to escape, Ayn and Hob filled the women in on the situation in Toragay; before they left, Hanne revealed that she was really Elluka Clockworker before knocking Ayn out with a powerful wind.[7] After awakening, he and Hob found the sisters were gone.[2]

Rolled Serial Killings[]

Once the "Toragay Epidemic" case was declared closed, Hob promoted Ayn to a Justea investigator. During his time as investigator, he learned about the veteran officer Willus Zorach and his history being the one to finally slay Fifth Pierrot.[4] In EC 610, he volunteered to participate in investigating a series of murders being perpetrated by a new Fifth Pierrot, and was dispatched alongside an overseer, Willus, to Rolled.

After checking into an inn with Willus, Ayn headed to the sight of the latest murder and an on-site officer brought him up to speed on the victim, a prostitute by the name of Eloise Huguenet. Willus shortly after staggered drunk onto the scene. After briefly quarreling with him over his unprofessional behavior, Ayn watched Willus investigate the body, noting that the woman had been killed without much resistance. As they discussed the killer's motive, they eventually determined that, as the majority of victims were prostitutes of a certain age, the killer may be looking to kill someone who was a prostitute in her late twenties to early thirties. With this hypothesis, the investigators set upon searching for their culprit's target instead of the culprit himself.

Ayn then began a search of all the brothels in the city for women around the target's age range.[9] Over the next few months, he and Willus eventually visited the brothel on Seventh block and met with its owner; there, they learned of a woman named Isabel Ismael, whose past before becoming a prostitute a year prior was unknown. Deciding that she may be the target that Pierrot was looking for, the two planned to interview her before abruptly learning that she had passed away. Over the following time, there were no more murders perpetrated in the city and the trail grew cold.[4]

May 17, Ayn bemoaned the dead end with Willus while they rested in their inn, incredulous over Isabel's alleged death by Gula Disease. After discussing Isabel, the conversation turned to Fifth Pierrot and how a newcomer must have taken up his name after the death of the previous Pierrot. Afterwards, Willus shared how Hob had give them orders to return home and end their investigation, discerning that he had been pressured by Bruno Marlon to do it and was letting them know inconspicuously.

Willus then told Ayn about receiving results from one of their fellow investigator looking into Bruno's affairs. As Ayn read over the letter for himself, he listened as Willus pointed out Bruno was coming to Lucifenia about the time they were to end their investigation. He agreed with Willus then that if Fifth Pierrot was involved, they might be able to catch Bruno, the assassin, and their leader First Santa Claus. They decided to look for clues at the brothel and ignore the termination order.[4]

Unmasking Bruno[]

Around 3:00 PM, Ayn and Willus visited the brothel where Isabel was killed. There they met again with the brothel owner, really Elluka Clockworker, Ayn having being hypnotized into not recognizing her as Hanne. She led Ayn and Willus to Isabel's personal effects in storage, and Ayn noticed Isabel's crystal ball and considered that she might also do fortune telling. He then investigated all of her belongings and found no weapons among them, while to his consternation Willus merely searched through her documents and customer list. The two also found a vial of medicine among her belongings.

Following that, Willus discovered a second, much older customer list; noting that this one contained both women and men's names, with arrows between names, Ayn and Willus speculated what it meant when they found Kaidor Blankenheim and Bruno Marlon with the same arrow. Ayn also explained to Willus how Kaidor was Kaspar's father who fled twenty years ago after killing his wife. Ayn was then instructed to investigate Kaidor Blankenheim, while Willus declared he would investigate Bruno. Given his deadline to meet again at May 23, Ayn departed to investigate Kaidor.[4]

During his investigations, Ayn discovered that Isabel had once been a fortune teller under the name Yuzette Ora, whom Kaidor visited shortly before his disappearance. He later spoke to Rin Chan in Aceid and learned that the woman was able to change a person's face, with Rin Chan claiming to have had her face changed by Yuzette. He promised to keep Rin Chan's identity a secret in exchange for her promise to testify in court if necessary. Ayn also learned that Bruno Marlon had gone missing on one occasion after a visit in Lucifenia, unable to account for his whereabouts, around the time Kaidor also disappeared.

Realizing that Kaidor had had his face changed to that of Bruno Marlon, he later found that Kaidor had a twin dragon tattoo on his back which would identify him despite his changed face. Ayn then rejoined Willus in Rolled and the two compared the results of their investigation, the latter having found evidence of Bruno plotting an assassination of his fellow vice president Nob Nicole. With their case against Bruno Marlon established, the two hurried to confront him during a meeting between the Freezis Foundation and Lucifenian government.[10]

Hurrying to the Lucifenian Palace, Ayn and Willus intruded and found everyone outside the meeting room save for President Julia Abelard, Nob Nicole, and Bruno Marlon. Realizing that the assassination was soon to take place, the two argued their way inside and burst in on the remaining three. Ayn then stood by as Willus talked, explaining to the group the results of his investigation and the attempt that Bruno was making on his colleague's life. Afterwards, Ayn took over, gradually unveiling his evidence and Rin Chan's testimony that indicated "Bruno Marlon" was really Kaidor Blankenheim, impersonating the real Bruno. The two investigators then had him arrested, obtained his testimony, and had him incarcerated to be interrogated at Castle Hedgehog.

A Villain in Facepaint[]

Kaidor was eventually assassinated after having refused under torture to leak any more information; similarly, Rin Chan provided useful information about the criminal organization but nonetheless refused to identify Fifth Pierrot.[10] As Ayn and Willus lost their leads, another series of murders began in Rolled, this time of opponents of Julia Abelard. Determined to look into the case, Ayn received all the documents on the murders and checked into the inn at rolled to think over his strategy. While in his room, he was startled by a message from Heidemarie thrown through his window, telling him to meet her before the Abelard Mansion the next day at two in the morning.

That next night, Ayn arrive at the scheduled time and place and waited for Heidemarie. When she failed to go up, he was lured to a nearby alley by the sound of a cat; there he spotted a young boy dressed as a clown preparing to kill him. Recognizing him as Lemy Abelard, Ayn started to explain to him how they'd first met after he saved him from thugs, in spite of the boy's protests. Lemy suddenly began to attack him in a rage, Ayn dodging his attacks as he tried to reason with him.

During his second dodge Ayn tripped and fell on his back. Lemy straddled him and prepared to stab him; just before he did, the child was shot by Heidemarie Lorre. As Ayn rose, he was approached by Heidemarie and Hanne, slowly beginning to recognize her again. He learned that the two had come to stop Fifth Pierrot, using him as bait. Ayn, dumbfounded, then watched Lemy die and looked to Hanne Lorre, realizing she truly was the mage Elluka Clockworker.[2]

Sending Off a Hero[]

In early February, Ayn and Willus received a report that Julia had been found claiming she was the "hero of the revolution" and other strange things. Traveling to the detention center in Elphegort where she was being held, Ayn and Willus found the old and wrinkled Julia claiming to be Germaine Avadonia. In disbelief, Ayn watched Willus patiently question Germaine, hearing her say her mind had been taken over by a mage over a century ago.

After leaving the room, Ayn was further shocked as Willus suggested she might be speaking the truth, even pointing out her rapid aging as evidence she was as old as she said. As Père Noël was already crippled, if not destroyed, Ayn and Willus signed documents allowing Germaine to be transferred to Lucifenia as she wished, taking custody of her. Once Germaine's legs gave out due to aging, Ayn allowed her a temporary outing under his surveillance and wheeled her through Rolled.

Coming close to Milanais Square, Ayn and Germaine heard Rin Chan entertaining a crowd and he explained to Germaine how the girl had resumed her singing career. Once Germaine declined to enter the crowd, Ayn pushed her onward and listened as the old woman remarked on how much Lucifenia has improved. He continued on with her down the street, presumably continuing to hold custody of the old revolutionary until she passed away in March.[11]

Personality and Traits[]

"Well, do you have the confidence to uphold peace in this land, Constable Ayn Anchor?"
"Got it! I’ll do it! Miss Hanne! I will hold to the name of ‘Ayn’! To uphold! The peace in Toragay!""
―Hanne and Ayn[src]

Ayn was an honest, upright and trustworthy man. Hot-blooded at heart, he was inspired to action by tales of heroes who protected the weak and brought glory to their country, as well as the stories of both his namesakes, and hoped to live up to their examples as a constable.[1] This desire even had him going against the wishes of his superiors at times;[7] Ayn would occasionally become frustrated when constrained by the limits of the World Police and could go around them to do the right thing,[1] even undertaking tasks that weren't in relation to his job or would put his life at risk.[7]

Cordial and considerate with those who were in need, Ayn was also stern and unwavering when necessary, remaining cool-headed in an emergency despite his fiery passions.[7] Because of this unwavering attitude, Ayn was also tenacious and refused to give up after setting himself on a particular task despite any obstacles in his way. As a result, he refused to stop working on a case even when ordered to do so. However, this tenacity also made him stubborn; Ayn did not get along easily with those who interfere with his work despite the benefits provided.[12]

Skills and Abilities[]

Ayn was a tenacious individual who was inexhaustible in his police investigations, willing to work tirelessly on a case until it was solved.[5] As a constable, he did the majority of the legwork in investigations and was experienced in finding clues even when hidden out of sight. Similarly, he would stay behind and continue to work and refused to let a case rest even when pressured to do so,[1] and was also strong and fast enough to be of use on a case as befitting his age.

Fitting with his tenacity in getting to the bottom of a case, Ayn had strong deductive instincts and was able to formulate accurate theories given the information at hand. As well as this, he was adept at questioning shadier individuals in order to learn more about suspicious dealings as in the Père Noël black market.[7] Despite this, Ayn was limited by the resources of his department and the ties the World Police held to the Freezis Foundation,[1] although less so after his promotion.[2]

Character Connections[]

Hanne Lorre: A friend of Ayn's. While often annoyed by the reporter and her interference in police work, Ayn aided Hanne a great deal in her investigations. Inspired by the reporter's stories of past heroes, he was quick to follow her leads while solving a case. Similarly, he trusted her and had faith she wasn't a murderer, despite her often reckless and selfish nature.

Heidemarie Lorre: A fellow member of the police force. Ayn was put off by Heide's brusque and unfeminine demeanor and reckless approach towards her investigations; despite this, trusted the girl's honesty and upright morals. Additionally, the two had dated for some time before breaking the relationship off for unknown reasons.

Ayn (grandfather): Ayn's grandfather. Ayn greatly respected the man for his service to the World Police and wished to emulate his example as a good constable in the force.

Ayn: Ayn's grandfather's namesake. While originally not knowing the story of this Ayn and why his grandfather was named after him, after hearing the tale Ayn was deeply moved to be named after such a brave warrior. As with his grandfather he wished to follow his example and protect the weak.