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"It's obvious that Clarith's better off this way than with me. ...Maybe if I can be stronger and get rid of my guilt, I could become able to talk to her face to face."
―Ayn to Michaela[src]

Ayn was a villager from Yatski in the Kingdom of Elphegort and a soldier serving under Earl Felix. The son of the village chief, the young man fled from his home with his crush, Clarith, and her friend Michaela after discovering his father's plan to frame the Netsuma for murder. Delivering them to safety in the capital, Ayn reported his family's misdeeds to Earl Felix and became part of the local lord's military garrison.


Early Life[]

"We hadn't really spoken much until you came to this village, Miss Michaela."
―Clarith to Michaela[src]

Ayn watching Clarith grow up alone

Ayn was born in the Kingdom of Elphegort in the late 5th century EC, the son to the Yatski village chief.[1] Growing up in the small village, Ayn's mother died of illness while he was a young child and his midwife and her husband took care of him in her place.[2] When the couple later left for Aceid, the boy learned they owned an inn in the Central District.[1] Growing up, he fell in love with the Netsuma girl abused by all the villagers, Clarith.[1]

As time progressed, Ayn became increasingly frustrated by his father's corruption and everyone's mistreatment of Clarith, guiltily keeping quiet when noticing how the chief abused Clarith at their home when she couldn't pay her debts.[1] Hearing tales of Leonhart Avadonia and Gast Venom, the boy dreamed of becoming a powerful knight; sometime during the EC 490s, Ayn began learning swordplay from his cousin Eugen.[2] As he grew older, the young man learned how to traverse the dangerous cliff paths north of the village.[1]

Taking a Stand[]

"If only... if only I had been a stronger person..."

Ayn speaks to Clarith about the harvest festival

In the summer of EC 499, Ayn met and befriended the newcomer Michaela over the following months she lived with Clarith, using the opportunity to get closer to Clarith as well. One day, he approached Clarith while she was walking home from the fields, congratulating her on her work and awkwardly chatting with her about the harvest festival. As he talked, the two were joined by Michaela, and Ayn warmly greeted her as well before chatting more about the grand festival that was to be held in light of the poor harvest. Shortly afterward, he bid the two farewell and left.

Months later, in November, Ayn discovered his father had poisoned Eugen for trying to divert the chief's embezzled funds into illegal channels. The chief subsequently claimed Clarith had poisoned the food out of resentment to him for his cruel treatment; as some of the townspeople started getting ready to arrest Clarith, Ayn rushed to her home and warned her and Michaela to escape. After quickly explaining some of the situation, he led the girls along the cliff paths north of Yatski to safety.[1]

Ayn hits a tree in frustration

Once they had gone far enough, the three took a break and the exhausted Clarith fell asleep. Alone with Michaela, Ayn explained in more depth the situation with the chief, as well as how poorly he had treated Clarith in the past. Frustrated and ashamed of his father, he explained that he planned to report the situation to Earl Felix. In turn, he learned of Michaela and Clarith's plans to start a new life in Aceid and he approved of the idea, believing Michaela was a better friend for Clarith while he was unable to face her as he was now.[1]

After their break finished, Ayn took the girls the rest of the way to Aceid and brought them to the inn that his midwife and her husband ran in the Central District. After explaining the situation to the couple and seeing that Michaela and Clarith were settled in, he said his farewells and left for Toragay.[2] There, he met with Earl Felix at his mansion and explained what had transpired in Yatski. As a result, his father was arrested and Ayn joined the Elphegortean army in Earl Felix's garrison.[2]

A Brave Soldier[]

"It's my dream to become an amazing swordsman like Leonhart Avadonia or Gast Venom someday. And I also considered becoming stronger to kill my father and Eugen, to protect someone I hold dear."

Ayn spent the next few months honing his skills as a soldier.[2] Later on, Ayn heard from the innkeeper that Michaela and Clarith were hired as maids for the Freezis Family. On December 28, EC 499, Ayn requested to accompany Earl Felix on a visit to Keel Freezis in Aceid, acting his bodyguard. With his master, he traveled to the Freezis Mansion and, with Keel still away on business, stood by while Felix awaited his return. Once the earl requested Michaela and Clarith wait on them specifically, the three were reunited; upon Keel's return, they were also quickly ushered outside so as to not disturb the meeting.[2]

Ayn cries after learning Clarith's gratitude

After Ayn caught them up on what had happened to his father, he proudly spoke about how he had been appointed to the military by the Earl, confiding in them his old childhood dreams to be a knight. Soon after he did, the meeting concluded and Keel and Earl Felix came out into the hallway; once it was time to leave, Ayn heard Clarith shout out a thanks for his help and he was moved to tears before leaving,[3] returning to Toragay with the Earl.[2]

During the Green Hunting in EC 500, Ayn was among the unit deployed to defend Yatski from the invading Lucifenian army. While the defending the town, they were overwhelmed by the Lucifenian forces and the survivors retreated into the Millennium Tree Forest and dispersed. Returning to the village soon after, Ayn saw Michaela and Clarith being attacked by the Lucifenian army and intervened, holding them off until the girls fled.

Catching up to them shortly after, Ayn explained his plan to lure the men away while they escaped deeper into the forest; splitting up with them again, Ayn lured away the soldiers and, nicking the tendons of their horses, managed to evade them and meet back up with Clarith and Michaela. The three then began walking towards the well that hid Keel's secret safehouse to hide Michaela, and Ayn explained how he ended up in Yatski. Before they reached the well, they were alerted that the soldiers had called for reinforcements and Ayn watched as Clarith decided to take Michaela's cloak and act as a decoy.

After Clarith had slipped Michaela a sleeping pill and left, Ayn carried the unconscious girl to the hideout and hid her inside; at some point during this time, he was shot by an arrow and injured. After leaving from the well again, trying to go out to save Clarith, Ayn succumbed to his injury and bled to death.[4]


"He was very brave. It’s written that to the end he protected the sister as she was being pursued by the Lucifenian soldiers, and laid down his life for her."
―Hanne Lorre speaking about Ayn[src]

Shortly after she awoke, Michaela found Ayn's corpse just outside the well and, mourning his death, gave him a burial with his sword as a temporary grave marker.[4] After the end of the war with Lucifenia, a proper grave was established on the spot, reading "Here lies the heroic swordsman, Ayn" on its surface. When Yukina Freezis, Germaine Avadonia, and Gumillia visited the site years later, they found the grave and prayed to it before leaving.[5]

Decades after his death, Ayn was remembered as the bravest soldier in Toragay. Clarith later found an orphaned Netsuma boy at the Held Monastery after she became a nun, naming him after her beloved friend. The Netsuma Ayn eventually became the first chief of the World Police after it was established. The name was later passed onto the man's grandson, Ayn Anchor, who became motivated to live up to the original namesake after hearing the origin of the name from newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre.[6]

Personality and Traits[]

Ayn's characteristic smile

Ayn was a cheery and courageous young man. Characterized by his smile, Ayn tried to maintain a positive attitude and was considerate and helpful towards others, giving himself a certain charisma. Outgoing and direct, Ayn was honest and caring as well as brave when putting himself in harm's way to protect others. Particularly after seeing Michaela's example, Ayn resolved to improve himself as a warrior and as a person, developing his courage to protect innocent people and ferociously protecting Clarith and Michaela in particular. His upbeat personality made him a hard worker and gave him a drive to recover quickly from hardship such as in losing his home and family.

Ayn's kind nature put him at odds with his cruel father and the prejudiced villagers of Yatski, and beneath his smiling exterior he hid many bitter frustrations and shame for his homeland. Initially believing himself powerless to change these social injustices, Ayn felt equally responsible for Clarith's suffering for not standing up for her. He was therefore particularly shy around Clarith and resolved to become a swordsman in large part to ease his past guilt and become worthy of facing her. As he improved as a warrior, Ayn became proud of his skills and aspired to become on par with recent legends like Leonhart Avadonia and Gast Venom.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

"...I'm glad the swordsmanship skills I've been learning until now paid off. I finally have the means to protect those who matter to..."

Although born a common villager, Ayn practiced swordsmanship early on under Eugen's tutelage. After being recruited into the Elphegortean army, Ayn took formal sword training regiments and honed his skills with the blade.[2] He likewise developed an impressive stamina while wearing heavy armor. He also learned countermeasures for dealing with foes on horseback.

Likewise, Ayn had an aptitude for thinking on his feet, able to make sound plans in short periods of time while under large amounts of pressure. This ability was especially helpful in combat and helped the soldier take on multiple opponents at once without a serious disadvantage. Due to his developed bravery and dedication, Ayn was relentless while fighting and had a hardy endurance even when seriously injured.[4]

Character Connections[]

Clarith: Ayn's crush. Ayn grew to care greatly about Clarith while growing up in Yatski, developing feelings for her from afar and treating her kindly, despite never able to prevent her treatment at the hands of the other villagers. Ashamed of this, his love for Clarith led to his resolve to be a stronger swordsman in the Elphegort army to protect her, and he defended her until his death.

Michaela: A friend of Ayn. Getting to know her in their time in Yatski, Ayn became close friends with Michaela and he saw her as a good influence and friend for Clarith. He was able to confide in the girl his own shame for not protecting Clarith in Yatski, and defended her as well during the Green Hunting.

Aceid Innkeeper: A man who helped raise Ayn. Ayn was close with the innkeeper and saw him as a parental figure along with his wife; as well as this, he saw them as trustworthy and hospitable people despite their foreign status.

Aceid Innkeeper's Wife: A woman who helped raise Ayn. Ayn was close with the innkeeper's wife and saw her as a mother figure after his own mother's death. As well as this, he saw her as trustworthy and hospitable woman despite her foreign status.

Yatski Chief: Ayn's father. Ayn grew contemptuous of his father over his treatment of Clarith and stealing money from Earl Felix, although in the past feeling powerless to go against him. He dreamed of one day killing the chief to protect Clarith from his abuse.

Eugen: Ayn's cousin. Ayn had a regular familiar relation with Eugen, as the first person to teach Ayn how to use a sword. Regardless, he dreamed of one day killing Eugen to protect Clarith.






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