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[[es:Familia Ausdin]]
[[es:Familia Ausdin]]
[[vi:Gia tộc Ausdin]]

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The Ausdin Family was a noble military family in the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Originally serving the d'Autriche Family while the region was part of the Beelzenian Empire, the family continued its military service throughout the succeeding centuries.


Early History

In the EC 300s, Yocaski Ausdin served as a knight to the Duke d'Autriche in the Beelzenian Empire's Lucifenia province, made captain of the coast guard forces in opposition against the Kingdom of Lioness.[1] The family continued to serve in the Lucifenian military after the province declared independence from Beelzenia and became the Kingdom of Lucifenia in EC 399, granted noble status.[2]

Military Campaigns

When Lucifenia invaded Beelzenia and Asmodean, George Ausdin served under King Arth I throughout his military campaigns and eventually became a general in the military. At some point, George married and sired three children, the youngest being Daniel.[3] In EC 500, Daniel was recruited into the Lucifenian army. During the Lucifenia-Elphegort War later that year, General George commanded the first army spearheading the invasion of Elphegort until the royal government was deposed by the Lucifenian Resistance in December.[4]

After Lucifenia was annexed by the Kingdom of Marlon in early EC 501, the Ausdins continued serving as part of the Blue Country's military. When Asmodean suddenly invaded Lucifenia during Marlon's war with Beelzenia in EC 505, General George repelled the invaders.[5] During the late EC 900s, Tony Ausdin became a general for the USE military; enacting a massacre on Zenosai village in EC 983, he was tried for war crimes before being exonerated by Gallerian Marlon. He was later killed in the subsequent Leviantan Civil War in August of that same year.[6]

Hell on Earth

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Ausdin family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[7]

Known Members



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