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The Association[note 1] was an international organization dedicated to brokering information. Maintaining anonymous membership for all its members, the secretive guild and its "Bruno" brokers flourished in the criminal underworld, at one point being a member of the Evillious Commerce Alliance.



At some point, the organization was founded and developed a sprawling information network, as well as smuggling routes. As time progressed, the Association and its aliased "Bruno" members extended their reach across Evillious, holding a branch in nearly every major nation.[1] Around EC 316, the Association's Beelzenia branch supplied information to Banica Conchita regarding skilled chefs and good food ingredients.[2] In early EC 324, the Association supplied information regarding the Conchita Mansion to Platonic for the thief's heist,[1] and later on the Twin Blades of Levianta and Elluka Clockworker for the same thief.[3]

Commerce Alliance[]

During the EC 490s, the Association agreed to join the trade coalition proposed by Keel Freezis. As part of the alliance, the Association agreed to have "Bruno" be the closest and most trusted aide to the Freezis Family; in exchange, should the head of the Freezis family die and no immediate heir exist, the Bruno serving the head at the time would take over his or her full authority until a proper successor was determined.[4] As the Freezis Firm and Evillious Commerce Alliance expanded with the Association's intelligence network, one Bruno acted as Keel's butler and chief informant even after his official retirement in EC 502.[5]

Serving the Foundation[]

Sometime after Shaw Freezis reorganized the Freezis Firm into the Freezis Foundation in EC 531, a member of the Marlon Family became his aide and adopted the Bruno moniker.[6] In EC 597, Kaidor Blankenheim killed Bruno, assuming his identity and role in the foundation within the next few months. Following Shaw's death on October 17, EC 609, Kaidor assumed authority of the foundation and ordered the Interrogation Execution Department to arrest Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre as part of a deal with Père Noël a few days later.

A month later, Aai Freezis was made the foundation's successor while Bruno was selected as one of the new vice presidents.[7] Continuing to collaborate with Père Noël, Bruno was eventually caught in a scandal during his meeting with President Julia Abelard in Lucifenia on May 23, EC 610. With his true identity revealed, Kaidor was arrested by the World Police and later assassinated by Sixth Venom around September.[8]

Dark Star Scandal[]

Sometime during the mid-tenth century EC, Sigurd Zero was made into a member of the Association by the Freezis family, as well as their personal butler. Taking on the Bruno codename himself, he later orchestrated the downfall of his master Loki, later serving Court Director Gallerian Marlon as part of PN.[9]

Organization and Structure[]

The Association was composed of information brokers all utilizing the codename of "Bruno". Said brokers acquired and sold information obtained through the organization's vast intelligence network, with at least one Bruno managing a branch in many major nations in Evillious.[1] The Association also established distribution channels for things such as weapons and illegal drugs. As a whole, the Association was politically neutral in the countries that it served, refusing to be exclusively loyal to any one client.[2]

After joining the Evillious Commerce Alliance, the Association supplied one Bruno broker to act as the Freezis Firm president's aide; it also used its information for its fellow members in the trade union. Following the Freezis Firm's reorganization into the Freezis Foundation, the Association continued serving the new business conglomerate over the succeeding centuries.[4]

Known Members[]




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