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The Asayev Family[note 1] was a family residing in the Evillious region. The family achieved prominence as key figures in both the Apocalypse organization and its reformed successor.


Early HistoryEdit

A family native to Levianta during the BT era, one of its members became part of the first Leviantan Senate following the establishment of the Magic Kingdom Levianta.[1] Several years before EC 0, Yegor Asayev joined Pale Noël's Apocalypse, becoming a key member of the terrorist organization based in Merrigod Plateau.[2] Around the turn of the second century EC, Lamia Asayev married into the Zorach Family.[3]

Four Horsemen IncidentEdit

At some point, the family began residing in a mansion in Levianta.[4] In EC 508, Mikhail Asayev founded Neo Apocalypse with three Levin Meta cult extremists, performing acts of terrorism across Holy Levianta in opposition of the Levin Church. Following the Four Horsemen Incident, the group eventually disbanded.[5]

Known MembersEdit




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