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"Praise and worship our great Conchita."

Arte was the older twin sister of Pollo and a loyal servant of Banica Conchita. Meeting Banica as a child, the wicked maid served her for over a decade. To prevent the Duke's death, Arte and her brother kept the Glass of Conchita in their possession, giving Banica the opportunity to forge a contract with the Demon of Gluttony. She was one of Gretel's reincarnations.


Early Life[]

Arte was born in EC 298 as the twin sister of Pollo. In EC 306, the two came to the Conchita Mansion and were hired to serve the Conchita Family by Ron Grapple.[1] Drawn to their new master, Arte and Pollo met Banica Conchita as she holed herself up in the mansion's basement, depressed due to her mother's death. By the end of the season, they became close friends,[2] with both twins becoming obsessed with her.[1]

Peculiar Engagement[]

In June of EC 311, Arte accompanied Pollo, Ron, and Banica to Marlon to meet with her betrothed, Prince Carlos Marlon. After Banica finished dining with Empress Juno Beelzenia, her Beelzenian ministers, and the Marlon Royal Family in February of EC 312, the twins approached the dining table and began clearing the dishes with Ron. The party then saw Banica suddenly steal and devour the leftovers like an animal and the twins quietly giggled as they watched her eat. Afterward, the furious King Charon broke off the engagement and the Conchita staff returned home with their mistress.[3]

Noble Gourmand Banica[]

In January of EC 316, Arte and her brother joined Banica for her travels abroad, journeying through Elphegort, Asmodean, Levianta, Marlon, and Lioness over the next two years. As Banica researched new cuisine, Arte studied how to cook the exotic meals. After the three returned to Beelzenia in EC 318, they took a carriage to Gasto before the horses suddenly collapsed. The three then traveled to the Conchita Mansion on foot, reaching it late into the evening. After rudely greeting Ron and demanding he make her food, Arte hurried to the dining hall.

Later on, Arte and Pollo carried the foreign ingredients Banica discovered to her meeting with Empress Juno in the imperial palace throne room, standing by as she related her travels. At Banica's request, Arte borrowed the imperial kitchen and prepared the dish Drowning Ziz Tiama, returning to the throne room with the dish. After explaining why she made the octopus into a stew, she handed the meal to Banica and watched as she offered the cuisine to Juno, convincing her to import the octopus and support her endeavors to revitalize the Empire's food culture.

After Duke Muzuri Conchita died in August, EC 321, and Banica was appointed as his successor two months later, Arte continued serving her new lord, traveling with her to the various foreign nations in Evillious and Akuna. During this time, they came into possession of the red wine glass and became aware of the Demon of Gluttony inhabiting it, storing the vessel in a hole at the back of their room's fireplace per Banica's will.[1]

Evil Food Eater Conchita[]

"That's something we'll need someday."
"That's something we'll need to save Lord Banica from ruin."
―Arte and Pollo[src]
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In July of EC 323, Arte and Pollo planned to accompany their master on a journey. They returned soon after and spotted Ron cleaning their room and about to trash the wine glass he found. Stopping him before he could leave, Arte and Pollo ominously insisted that they needed the glass and that Banica would decided with it whether she wanted death or a contract. The twins shortly after murdered Ron,[1] cursing him to never die using their powers as irregulars.[4] When the Demon of Gluttony attempted to goad Banica into a contract several days later, one of the twins brought the glass filled with baemu blood for their lord to taste.

After Banica made her contract with the Demon of Gluttony, Arte continued serving her master's needs and accompanied her to the banquet Duke Oruhari held in November, carrying out the insects, spiders, and "dessert" of worms Banica desired to eat at the party.[1] The following November, Arte was given the responsibility of managing the noble's territories in Conchita's place, along with Pollo.[5] Around the same time, Banica also gave her control of the reanimated staff.

As Banica went through a number of cooks in EC 325, the twins gladly murdered each of them after Banica became annoyed with their disgust of her appetite, up to the fourteenth chef, Ildebrando. While preparing Banica's next meal, the twins spotted the thief Platonic skulking about the mansion after being alerted to her presence by their undead pet pig, Murara.

While they got into an argument over Pollo's new laugh, Platonic then threw a smoke bomb to evade them. The two searched for her, to no avail.[6] When Josef Crim was hired as chef in EC 325, Arte recognized him as being similar to the man who had "abandoned" her and disliked him as a result, often harassing him with her brother and on one occasion explaining her reasoning to him while the two cooked together. After the Josef spent the night with Banica, Arte and Pollo made breakfast with him the next morning.

Later that year, the Beelzenian Imperial Family sent a messenger with a military escort of twenty soldiers to the estate, in response to Banica repeatedly ignoring their summons. After Pollo killed the messenger, Arte led Banica's undead horde against the soldiers, riding atop the revived Ron Grapple. Afterward, Josef fled the estate and the twins tracked him to the neighboring town, dragging him back to Banica. After his failed murder-suicide attempt on Banica, they followed her orders to cook him and served him as another one of her meals.[7] Around August of that year, Arte was eaten by the curious and hungry Conchita.[8]


The following month, Elluka Clockworker found that the mansion was empty and its owner and staff missing. Finding everything in perfect order, the Empire concluded Arte and the rest of the staff fled with Banica to a neighboring country.[5] While reviewing her films at Evil's Theater, Ma claimed Elluka faced great difficulty in acquiring the Glass of Conchita due to Banica's servants, speculating that Arte's loyalty to Conchita was due to her resemblance to Meta Salmhofer.[9]

Arte's succeeding reincarnation, Ney Phutapie, became a spy for her mother Queen Dowager Prim Marlon, later given the Glass of Conchita to command a reanimated army.[10] After Ney's death, her soul merged with the glass and reawakened Gretel's memories as Arte, continuing her service to Banica as the Demon of Gluttony's servant.[11] She later awakened from the glass as the female servant.[12]

Personality and Traits[]

"Shut up with your bitching! Just keep quiet and make food like you’re supposed to! Honestly you are so annoying! You’re so annoying!"
―Arte losing her temper[src]

Arte was short-tempered, rude, and selfish, acting far more cruel than her twin and often wearing a manic smile.[13] This attitude also made her quick to lash out at others when annoyed, as well as argumentative when it came to losing games. The maid had a malicious love for war and violence, declaring "war" on anything she disliked; likewise, she loved the ribbon she wore for her hair and would never willingly part with it. Despite this, she was capable of mellower behavior, such as her brief conversation about "her" adoptive parents, Adam and Eve, with Joseph.

Having remembered her previous life as Gretel, Arte acted as if the girl's memories were her own and that Adam and Eve were her "parents", her actual parents having died while she was very young. She also acted like as though she were a child even well into her twenties.[14] Additionally, as a HER, Arte was compelled to commit malicious deeds and took pleasure in them.

Skills and Abilities[]

Unlike her brother, Arte emphasized quality over quantity when cooking meals for Conchita, although she sometimes cut corners due to her mercurial personality.[13] She was also more capable than her twin when it came to her tasks overall, and was rather intelligent. Both her twin and she shared an uncommon youth, maintaining a child-like appearance during the entirety of her tenure as Banica's servant, despite being well into her twenties at the time of her death.[15] In spite of her small stature, the maid was capable of restraining and killing men nearly twice her size.[1]

Character Connections[]

Banica Conchita: Arte’s master. Arte had a close friendship with Banica stemming from childhood; due to this and Banica's resemblance to Meta, Arte was fanatically loyal to her and demanded others respect the duke. The maid would strive to achieve Banica’s aims and follow her decisions no matter what they were. This included both acting on what she perceived Banica would want and obeying her every direct order. 

Pollo: Arte’s twin brother. Arte was very close to Pollo and always stayed by his side, eerily in sync with his words and actions. The two shared in equal measure their duties as Conchita’s servants, both of them later overseeing the governing of her territories.

Josef Crim: A fellow employee of Conchita. Arte saw the chef as reminiscent of Adam Moonlit and disliked him, constantly harassing him with Pollo in their day to day interactions. After "Josef" attempted to betray Conchita, Arte was eager to follow her instructions to cook him.

Ron Grapple: A fellow servant of Conchita. Arte, like her brother, disliked Ron's presence in their room and greatly disapproved of the chamberlain’s interference in Banica's negotiation with the Demon of Gluttony. Seeing him as a threat to her master, Arte aided in Ron's death without remorse.

Gretel: Arte's first incarnation. Arte received her loyalty to Conchita from Gretel's relationship with Meta Salmhofer, seeing remnants of Meta in Conchita. As well as this, she received Gretel’s memory of Adam Moonlit, seeing remnants of her foster father in Josef.

Ney Phutapie: An incarnation of Arte. Like her previous incarnation, Ney became a maid for some time and was later given the Glass of Conchita to command its reanimated hordes. Ney's obsessive loyalty to her mother Prim is similar to Arte's relationship with Banica.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Arte's name is derived from Artemis, one of the twin gods of Greek mythology.[2]
  • In the original story, Gretel is depicted as a gluttonous child, strengthening Arte's link with the Demon of Gluttony and her master, Banica.


  • Like Chartette Langley and her twin brother, Arte maintains the same youthful appearance despite being much older.[14]
  • In an interview, mothy stated that Arte's average day at the Conchita mansion consisted of bargaining with peddlers, managing assets, shopping for needed every-day supplies, washing her and Banica's clothes, taking a head-count of all the corpse soldiers and livestock, and helping Pollo with harassing Josef.[2]