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"In other words…Outside of asking this woman about it I have no other recourse to fulfill my mission."

Anan Octo was a samurai of the Octo Family and the grandson of Gato Octo. Ordered to retrieve the Twin Blades of Levianta by his grandfather, Anan interrogated his addled cousin Kayo Sudou about their location to no avail. He was later assigned to help the Freezis Foundation, becoming well acquainted with Perrié Cutie Marlon.


Early Life[]

Born in Jakoku sometime during the EC 800s as the child of a member of the noble Octo Family, Anan eventually became a samurai in service to his grandfather and Izami's magistrate, Gato Octo. During this time Behemo, disguised as the female maid "Bufuko Tsukimoto", came under his employ. After a huge fire struck Enbizaka in EC 838, Anan witnessed his family give refuge to his severely burned cousin Kayo Sudou and reassign Bufuko to care for her instead. He learned that Kayo had lost her husband and son in the fire while her mother, Kagura Sudou, died in an accident a year prior; he also learned that Kayo's husband was her own cousin, the disowned Gakuga Octo.

Sometime after, Gato ordered Anan to retrieve the Twin Blades of Levianta,[1] telling Anan how this precious heirloom was stolen by Kagura Octo when she was sixteen before she ran away from home and married into the Sudou Family.[2] After Anan thoroughly searched the burned remains of the Sudous' tailor shop in Enbizaka to no avail, he began regularly interrogating Kayo about the cursed blades' location, repeatedly told that she never saw them and didn't know where they were.[1]

Sending Off[]

"I have also heard that you have recovered to the point where you can get by without difficulty. …Therefore, our esteemed magistrate has ordered me to have you evicted from here."
―Anan to Kayo[src]

In early EC 842, Gato told Anan to assist the Freezis Foundation at the trading house in Enbizaka. He was also ordered to send Kayo home, since the foundation had rebuilt Kayo's tailor shop and she had seemingly made a full recovery. Interested in learning about foreign culture, Anan agreed to the new task. Visiting Kayo and Bufuko, he asked the tailor again where the scissors were, only to get into an argument with Bufuko about his constant questioning.

After he finally relented, Anan instructed Kayo that her tailor shop had been rebuilt and she had to leave, despite Bufuko insisting that her mind hadn't yet recovered from the tragedy. As Bufuko continued to argue the matter, Anan admitted the history between Gakuga and Kagura and how Gato had disapproved of their marriage. He then flatly told the two that Gato's mercy had run out and that Bufuko was to return to being his servant, explaining that they would be going to aid the Freezis Foundation. Despite Bufuko's complaints, Anan had the maid say farewell to Kayo and made the preparations before departing for Enbizaka.[1]

Moving into the trading house, Anan regularly worked with the branch manager Perrié Cutie Marlon, hearing various stories about Maistia and Evillious. After learning the Levin missionary Elluka "Ma" Clockworker arrived on one of the foundation's merchant ship three days ago, the samurai heard the woman was skilled with healing ill minds. Hoping Kayo would recall the twin blades if Elluka restored her sanity, Anan told Ma about Kayo and her family's tragic history while the two took a stroll through the trading house together.

After seeing Bufuko run by them screaming about a new maid dress, Anan walked outside and met with Kayo at the entrance, the woman having made Bufuko's new dress. He then introduced Ma and Kayo properly, watching the two talk. When Kayo admitted that she was interested in leaning about foreign countries, Anan agreed, having his own wish to visit Maistia and Evillious one day. As he tried to speak further, however, Ma abruptly called him a nuisance and sent the shocked Anan away.[1] When Elluka began confining herself to her bed a few days later, Perrié had Anan check in on her condition regularly and, during this time, he witnessed her perform magic.[3]

Enbizaka Murderer Scandal[]

In spring of that year, Anan watched while the Freezis Foundation manager negotiated a clothing order with Mei Miroku. He later heard Mei had been found murdered the day after. A few months later, Anan also watched Perrié negotiate another trade deal with Mei's daughter, Miku Miroku, listening to the girl reveal she was pregnant with the child of the rival Yarera-Zusco Firm's manager, Kiji Yarera. He later heard the girl's corpse had been found the very next day.

Later on, Anan overheard Constable Uibee Aoi interrogating Perrié about Mei and Miku visiting the trading house before their deaths. Intervening, Anan vouched for Perrié that their trading negotiations had been uneventful. He then told Uibee about Miku's pregnancy as he prepared to leave. As Perrié scolded him for sharing Miku's secret, Anan soothed her by pointing out that it could hurt the Yarera-Zusco Firm.

The two then discussed the bedridden Ma, and Anan began asking Perrié about the mysterious woman and her unusual powers for a Levin missionary. Threatened to stop prying into her affairs, Anan apologized and left to give more thorough cleaning instructions to Bufuko.[3] Much later, Bufuko alerted Anan to the Rangu Clan member Saruteito, who sought an audience with him. After inviting her in for tea, Anan learned that Saruteito had come to Onigashima with Kokutan-douji and Inukichi in order to find the blades that her ancestor had forged.

Anan explained to Saruteito how her ancestor had given the blades to his ancestor Gaou Octo, whose descendants subsequently kept the blades sealed in a box in a cavern, with not even Anan knowing what they looked like. He went on to explain how, although the blades would naturally go back to a member of the Rangu Clan, the blades had been stolen by Kagura and were now lost. When Saruteito prepared to leave, she convinced Anan to suggest to the Octo family head that she receive the blades if she found them by daybreak, in return for one of her hand-forged katana as a replacement.[3]

Later Life[]

Following Kayo's execution, Anan gave up looking for the Octo family heirloom; when Perrié and the rest of the Freezis trading house were given orders to go to Maistia, he decided to accompany her and exile himself from Jakoku for his failure, as well as to finally see more foreign countries. On the day they would depart, Perrié spoke with him over her plans to one day come back and forcibly open Jakoku's ports. She then asked Anan about his own departure to Maistia; when Anan explained his intentions, he learned from Perrié how there was already word of a Jakokuese katana causing trouble in Evillious.

Reinvigorated by the possibility that the heirloom he sought was in Evillious, Anan boarded the ship with Perrié and departed for Maistia.[4] Searching through Maistia and Evillious for the blades, Anan located the Jakokuese katana of rumor and found it was another vessel of sin known as the "Venom Sword" around EC 882. Although deciding it would do as a substitute, he passed away before he was able to take the Venom Sword back to Jakoku and it was left in the care of his grandson.[5]


Following Anan's death, his descendants continued guarding the Venom Sword and settled in Levianta, remembering the actions he took during the latter part of his life. His grandchildren Nyoze and Gammon eventually became part of the USE military and later the Tasan Party.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

"Oh yes, yes. Listening to Elluka-sensei and Perrier-sama talk, I’ve come to learn just how small Jakoku really is. I’ve even developed a desire to cross the sea to visit the Evillious region and Maistia myself one of these—"

Anan was a man bound by a code of honor befitting a samurai. Submitting completely to the will of the magistrate, Anan followed his grandfather's orders regardless of his personal opinion for the good of the country and, more importantly, his family. However, while possessing a strong sense of duty, he was also burdened with a great deal of pressure to succeed in his missions, resulting in him often being irritable and harsh to those around him.

Despite this, Anan did have his more sensitive side. He expressed a great deal of interest in foreign culture and even dreamed of one day leaving his country and visiting other nations. He also demonstrated a desire to be liked for who he was and was visibly distressed whenever someone ignored his personal wishes or treated him like a terrible nuisance. Still, Anan was quick to show restraint, bottling up his personal feelings to those he respected,[1] and quick to apologize for any perceived mishaps.[3]

Skills and Abilities[]

As a trained samurai, Anan had skill with martial arts and could wield a katana effectively. However, he showed little ability outside of combat; despite his thorough investigation, the man failed to find any relevant information about the Twin Blades' location. The samurai similarly failed as an interrogator, regurgitating the same questions for years without success.[1]

Character Connections[]

Kayo Sudou: Anan's cousin. Despite their familial relationship, Anan saw Kayo only as a means to fulfilling his duty to his grandfather and treated his estranged family member coldly. Due to this, he questioned her and followed orders to have her cast out despite her poor mental health, showing her no sympathy for the losses that she had suffered.

Gato Octo: Anan's grandfather and superior. Anan was intensely loyal to his grandfather and would fulfill any orders given to him by the man, despite holding other interests in learning about the outside world.

Bufuko Tsukimoto: Anan's servant. Not knowing Bufuko's true nature as Behemo, Anan was often annoyed by even the smallest of "her" actions and "her" more considerate demeanor that proved obstructive to his duties, putting a great deal of friction between them. He was similarly bewildered by Bufuko's noisy attitude and overzealous fashion taste.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Anan's name is written as 阿南 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "corner" or "shade" and "south" respectively.
  • His surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning "eight".


  • Anan is described as being tall, wearing his hair in a topknot and having delicate features.