Amostia was an irregular created by Seth Twiright and used by Nemesis Sudou as a basis for the weapon Punishment. Gaining a will after the world's end as a result of parallel world distortions caused by Sickle, Amostia sought to travel to a world that accepted his existence, manipulating the undead Ron Grapple to this end.


Early LifeEdit

Created by Seth Twiright sometime before the Levianta Catastrophe, Amostia was later sealed away inside Lunaca Labora before being uncovered centuries later by Nemesis Sudou. He was then used as the basis for the weapon Punishment.[1] Right before the world's destruction in EC 999, the soulless Amostia suddenly gained a will as a result of the distortions caused by the god Sickle, who was meddling with parallel worlds to save the Third Period.[2]

Gate of the DeadEdit

Amostia eventually ended up in the Grave Yard,[3] although later chased out. Wanting to travel to a world that accepted his existence, Amostia eventually conceived a plan to move to a parallel world, there being a gate to one at Retasan Fortress.

To this end, he met with the undead Ron Grapple and obtained the corpse of the earthling Luna Hazuki inside a coffin, telling Ron that the corpse was his master Banica and that his curse to never die would be lifted if he properly mourned her. As Ron organized a funeral procession with Outlaws, undead soldiers that showed up towards the world's end, Amostia oversaw the event.

Later on, when Lich Arklow and Seth confronted Ron at Retasan Fortress, Amostia entered the room where they were and reunited with Seth, who remarked he had turned into a completely different being. Amostia then went deeper into the fortress, Luna's coffin having already reached that point.

Amostia revealed his deception, and that while he would release the Outlaws from their state he couldn't help Ron due to not having a girl of creation counterpart. Seth and Amostia quarreled about his failure to give him one, before Amostia prepared to go through the gate with the corpse in the coffin. As Lich and Seth had a tense conversation, Amostia went through the gate with Luna's coffin, entering a parallel world.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Although originally lacking a will, Amostia eventually gained one right before the world's end. Due to his intended purpose, Amostia felt alienated from everyone around him, and thus sought to find a world where he was accepted by people. In fulfilling this desire for acceptance, Amostia was not above deception, although making do on his promises. He also had the capacity for great resentment, with Seth being the target of his blame.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Amostia was designed by Seth to have extremely destructive powers. Among these powers was the ability to destroy the world, erase all the spirits left in it and make travel to parallel worlds impossible. Due to not having a female irregular counterpart, Amostia was unable to perform a Re_birthday, although still able to use his other powers to great effect. He could also manifest as a ball of light and grow wings.[2]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Seth Twiright: Amostia's creator. After gaining a will, Amostia viewed Seth as his father, resentful for creating him for solely destructive purposes. This resentment was enough that he quarreled with Seth right before his departure and accused him of always lying.

Ron Grapple: A man Amostia used for his plans. Amostia saw fit to manipulate Ron in order to travel to a parallel world.



  • Amostia shows up in the Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep novel series, also by mothy.
  • His name also appears in the fictional card game "Master of the Demon" from the Story of Evil series.
  • In Genesis Girl Gretel, Amostia is referred to as a "little boy"; the Little Boy is a type of atomic bomb used in World War II.



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