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"Well, it's presumptuous of me, a mere servant, to say this, but I feel I must protect the princess."

Allen Avadonia, born Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche and regarded as The Servant of Evil, was the last Prince of the Kingdom of Lucifenia and a servant to his twin sister, Princess Riliane. After the death of their father, the twins were separated in a political dispute. Pronounced dead and adopted by Leonhart Avadonia, "Allen" returned to the royal palace to serve as his sister's chamberlain, helping exterminate any opposition to Riliane's tyranny.


Early Life

"I hadn't known at the time why you had that kind of attitude. But I do now. You had just been terribly used, and wrapped up in a political conflict..."
―Germaine Avadonia[src]


Alexiel sneaking out with his sister

Alexiel was born on December 27, EC 485 along with his twin sister, Riliane, as the heirs to the Lucifenian Royal Family.[1] In EC 491, Alexiel visited a market with his father King Arth and the captain of the royal guard, Leonhart Avadonia, encountering an old woman selling toys in bottles. Told by Arth to pick only one despite being royalty, Alexiel chose the princess doll, deciding to "split" the toy with Riliane.[2]

In the same year, Alexiel discovered a hidden passage in their room's fireplace and, with Riliane,[3] frequently escaped into the Lost Woods before arriving at the shore of Lucifenia's coast, playing on the beach.[4] During one of their visits, Alexiel saw that Riliane had discovered a black box in the sand with one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia inside. When the Demon of Gluttony manifested from the mirror, Alexiel tried to befriend the demon and watched with worry as it possessed his sister. Later on, the twins returned home, burying the box they found.[5]

During their three o'clock teatime another day,[6] the demon appeared and Alexiel kindly shared his snack with her.[7] As a reward, she told him that if someone wrote down their wish, put it in a bottle, and placed it in the ocean, it would come true.[8] During one of their visits to the beach, Alexiel tended to Riliane when she scraped her knee.[3] When he later comforted her as it grew dark, Alexiel told her about the legend the demon relayed to him.[9] Sometime after, Riliane began treating Alexiel coldly as the struggle over who would succeed their deceased father continued.

Later, Leonhart was assigned to protect him during the civil dispute, foiling an assassination attempt on the boy's life. After Minister of Interior Affairs Presi Rogzé was confirmed the culprit behind the entire incident, Alexiel asked his mother to let Leonhart adopt him to end the unnecessary conflicts and avoid becoming like his selfish sister. Queen Anne agreed to her son's wishes and pronounced "Alexiel" dead to the public.[4]

A New Family

"Back then you looked for all the world like everyone around you was an enemy. You never met my gaze completely."
―Germaine to Allen[src]


Allen walking through the Lost Woods with Germaine

Adopting the name Allen, the former prince lived with Leonhart and was introduced to his new sister, Germaine, staying closed off from her.[9] A few days later, in EC 492, Chartette Langley went missing and Germaine ran off after her, convinced she was kidnapped by the bandits headquartered in the Lost Woods. Following along to help, Allen rescued Germaine from some of the bandits and the two children continued to their hideout together, opening up to each other along the way. Once they reached the bandits' hideout, Allen was shocked and frustrated to find that Chartette had already convinced the bandits' leader to reform.

Returning home,[10] Allen and Germaine came back to find Leonhart furious with them for doing something so dangerous.[3] Over the years, Allen grew close with his foster father and sister. As time progressed, Leonhart began training Allen in fencing, teaching him the art of swordplay and horseback riding.[11] Allen was also visited several times by Anne;[12] during his mother's final visit in EC 498, he noticed she looked gaunt and was told to protect Riliane.[2] After Queen Anne died in January of the following year, Allen attended his mother's funeral, disguised in a cloak. Around that time, Leonhart decided to have the boy return to the royal palace as a servant as a way to reunite him with his sister.[13]

Servant to the Princess

"Looks like being a servant is a little rough, Allen."
"Not as much as being captain of the royal guard, Sir Leonhart."
―Leonhart and Allen[src]

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That year, Leonhart brought Allen back to the palace; while traversing the halls, they encountered Riliane and Allen was touched by how cheerfully she took to him. After the Head Maid Mariam Phutapie had him dressed and brought in as a chamberlain,[13] Leonhart instructed Allen to keep their relationship as parent and child secret from Riliane.[14] Mariam then brought Allen to serve the Princess and she started playing a game of tag with him through the halls.

When Allen started to win during one round, Riliane threatened to behead him and tackled him to the ground. After the triumphant princess put a bow on him, signifying her victory, Allen watched as she talked to Mariam and Elluka Clockworker, who had witnessed the exchange.[13] Over the next year, Allen worked as Riliane's attendant, cleaning the interior of the palace and serving the princess' needs; as part of his duties, Allen provided the Princess with her mid-afternoon snack at three o'clock each day.[3]


Allen passes on his task to Ney

On December 26, the day before Riliane's and his fourteenth birthday, Allen received orders from Mariam to help Chartette clean the courtyard in preparation for Riliane's upcoming birthday party, as a way to keep an eye on the destructively clumsy maid. In case he and Chartette took too long, Allen passed his job serving Riliane's snack off to another servant, Ney Phutapie, and then spent the next three hours cleaning the Heavenly Yard with Chartette and others. When Chartette became exhausted and begged them to quit, he flatly refused her and convinced her to keep working.[13]

Later, as Chartette panicked when she realized he was going to miss giving Riliane her snack, Allen reassured her by explaining the arrangement he made with Ney. The two were then warmly approached by Leonhart, who chatted with them about the hard work they were doing and how Germaine got into another fight. He was soon shocked to learn that Leonhart had quit drinking so as not to indulge himself during the famine plaguing the country. As the conversation quickly turned to Riliane's refusal to help the starving people, Allen got into an argument with his foster father when he pointed out that Riliane was not the only one to blame.[14]

Afterward, Leonhart brought up that Josephine was missing and they discussed the possibility that she'd been stolen; they were soon alerted by a hysterical Ney, who revealed that the Princess was missing.[3] As Ney showed them the opened secret passage behind the fireplace, Allen recalled the time he and Riliane used the passage as kids.[13] He soon after joined Leonhart's search party to look for Riliane in the Lost Woods.[3]

The Birthday Party

"Allen! We're not done yet! There's one thing left, the big one!"
―Ney to Allen[src]


Allen traversing the rugged forest path

As the search party traversed the Lost Woods with no luck, Allen spoke to Leonhart to confirm Riliane had really gone this way; he soon had to comfort Ney when she became disconsolate about the princess going missing on her watch. Suddenly,[13] Allen remembered the time he and Riliane had snuck out together to visit the coast; deciding to check the same coast, he announced his plan to go on ahead to Leonhart and hurried to the forest. Arriving at the coastline, Allen found Riliane sitting on the beach with Josephine.

As he met up with the princess, Allen learned that Riliane, irritated that she had been discovered, had intentionally gone missing to give herself a pretense to execute Leonhart. Once she nonetheless prepared to return, Allen saw a cut on her hand and convinced her to let him treat it. As he healed the wound, he became lost in thought over his childhood and was flustered to find himself holding her hand for too long. He then suggested that they go to the port town and summon the royal guard, rather than going back through the forest.[3]


Allen displays his loyalty to his princess

Riliane, mounted upon Josephine, had Allen lead the way and the two launched the signal beacon from the port town. There they waited; once the search party arrived, Allen watched as Leonhart lectured the princess over her reckless behavior and Riliane invoked her status to retaliate; at her command, Allen knelt along with the rest of the search party to show her their loyalty.[13]

With Riliane returned to the palace, the servants were forced to make up for their lost time that evening and exhaustively served dishes for the guests during the celebration that night. After finishing, Allen took a brief moment to rest with Chartette and together they tiredly praised themselves for having done their jobs perfectly. When Chartette returned to help in the kitchen, Allen tried to come along but was convinced to stay and rest.[13] Alone, Allen drifted in his own thoughts about how different his life was from Riliane's despite their being twins.


Allen watching his foster father storm out of the party

His thoughts were interrupted by Mariam, who came to check on him and then correctly surmised what must be on his mind. Talking to her about how he hadn't yet been found out, and learning how Elluka had dispelled others' suspicions of his resemblance to Riliane, Allen continued to be puzzled by how Riliane didn't even seem to remember him. His thoughts were interrupted by Ney, who dragged him away to help bring out Riliane's massive birthday cake.[3]

While the gigantic cake was unveiled to the public, Allen saw Leonhart storm from the hall in a rage and chased after him. Catching up to him, he overheard his furious foster father express his disgust with Riliane and leave. Shortly afterwards, Mariam approached after having also overheard and she mused over their sad situation. Chartette arrived, interrupting the conversation, and reminded them of the approaching end to the party. On Mariam's orders, Allen helped Chartette see out the guests.[3]

To Protect Riliane

" the end, let me say... that... with this you have become a genuine 'Servant’ of the 'Daughter of Evil'..."
―The dying Leonhart[src]

Sometime after, Allen and Asan went to clean the Hall of Sounds after a minister was executed in it. While cleaning the expensive decorations, Allen watched Riliane return to complain about her lunch to Minis Stoup; he then witnessed Asan attack Riliane with a knife and tackled him. Using the blunt sword he was cleaning, Allen was able to disarm and subdue Asan, who was arrested shortly after. Allen later learned that Asan was the brother of the minister who'd been executed, and that he was executed the next day.

Three days since the incident, Allen was helping Ney prepare dinner when Riliane stormed into the kitchen demanding to know who was stealing food from the palace, watching when Ney eventually admitted that it had been Leonhart. After dinner, Allen summoned by Riliane to meet her in her room; after praising Allen's swordplay with Asan, she gave him a message in a bottle that ordered him to kill Leonhart. Shocked, first by her method of request and then by the request itself, Allen listened to Riliane's petty reasons for killing the man that even included gossip from Ney.

After hearing her plans to have him poisoned first and promising to keep the request a secret, Allen retired for the night. The next day, Allen met Ney in the Servant Room and she hesitantly told him that she had overheard Leonhart admitting to Mariam that he had made Allen a servant so that he could eventually assassinate the princess. Hurt and cheated, Allen decided to help Riliane to neutralize Leonhart as a threat. Giving Riliane a slow-acting sedative, he stood outside her room and listened as Riliane convinced Leonhart to drink the drugged wine and, with a lent sword, confronted him as he walked drunk through the Heavenly Yard later.

As he bantered against Leonhart, becoming increasingly conflicted in carrying out Riliane's orders, Allen did battle with his foster father and struggled to survive his onslaught until the sedative kicked in. As he prepared to deal the finishing blow, Allen saw a hand mirror roll from Leonhart's arms and learned it was his birthday present. Shaken, he tried instead to maim Leonhart's sword arm, leaving him neutralized but alive, only to be forced to deal the finishing blow anyway when Leonhart attacked him while his back was turned. Receiving a cryptic warning about his strengthened resolution to serve Riliane, Allen watched Leonhart die of his injuries.[11]

Visit to Elphegort

"You met her on the way over here, didn't you? ...Oh? Your face is red, has she mayhap stolen your heart?"
―Keel Freezis noting Allen's affection for Michaela[src]

After both Elphegort and Marlon provided aid to relieve the citizens' starvation, Allen was assigned as the envoy to Elphegort's contributor, Keel Freezis. On the morning of his trip, Allen was approached by Gumillia, who awkwardly asked him to deliver a green onion to her friend, a green-haired girl named Michaela. On the bumpy ride to Aceid, Allen became absorbed in his own thoughts until the carriage arrived in the city's Central District and Allen got out to recover from motion sickness. While outside, Allen saw a beautiful Elphe girl singing to a crowd and fell in love with her, before shortly after learning that she was Michaela.

Approaching her, he delivered the green onion from Gumillia and Michaela, after learning Allen was going to the Freezis Mansion, was overjoyed to repay the favor by showing him a shortcut there, revealing it was where she worked.[15] On the way, the two shared a lively conversation about their respective jobs, Allen's as a servant and Michaela's as a maid, and Allen became more enamored with her. During the conversation, he also noticed Michaela was wearing a shell necklace and learned that it had been a gift.[15]

Once they arrived at the estate, Michaela went to work while Allen waited for Keel to finish meeting with another guest.[16] While waiting, he met and introduced himself to Gast Venom, who shortly began to ask Allen about the state of the palace soldiers before introducing himself and offering the services of his mercenaries to the Lucifenian monarchy. As Gast suddenly asked him if he had ever killed someone before, they were interrupted by Keel's servant, Bruno, bringing Allen in to meet with Keel.

In the next room, Allen and Keel chatted about the gifts Lucifenia sent the latter in thanks, as well as talking about what business Keel had with Gast and his reasons for helping Lucifenia. Keel then revealed his intentions in inviting Allen over had been to inquire about the state of affairs in Lucifenia from an ordinary person at the palace, and Allen answered his questions as best he could. During the talk, Michaela came in and served brioche, which had been made by her friend, Clarith. After she left, Keel teased Allen over his obvious crush on her.

After the interview was over, Allen mingled with Michaela and their coachman for a brief time before departing back to Lucifenia. The next day, he reported his meeting with Keel and Gast to Riliane and the other ministers, and then watched Minis make his report about his trip to Marlon. Afterward, he watched Riliane become furious that Kyle Marlon had withdrawn his engagement to her, having fallen in love with a woman with green hair.[15]

Green Hunting

"So then... what are you going to... do? Are you going to... kill the Daughter of Green... like the Princess said?"
―Ney to Allen[src]
Cha allen
A week later, while cleaning Riliane's room, Allen overheard Mariam report her failure to uncover the identity of Kyle's lover, and Riliane's subsequent tantrum and order to kill all the green-haired women in Elphegort. When Elluka objected and resigned, under Riliane's orders Allen pursued her as she left the room and found her arguing with Mariam in the hall. Before she left, Allen was shocked to hear Elluka's prophecy that Lucifenia would perish. When he returned to Riliane's now empty room, he spotted a shell necklace that Kyle had given the princess and realized Michaela was Kyle's mysterious lover.

During the Green Hunting, Allen visited Keel in the palace dungeon and learned that Michaela was Kyle's one-sided crush. Sympathizing with Keel's desire to protect Michaela despite the massacre occurring, Allen was able to convince him to give him the location of where Michaela was hiding, Keel also explaining how Kyle was planning to arrive and save her. Later that day, Allen traveled to the Millennium Tree Forest and went down the old well there, finding Michaela at the bottom. As the two talked, Allen was unable to kill her and,[17] after Michaela rejected his offer of taking her somewhere safer, he departed having realized that he loved her.[16]

When he returned to the palace, Allen found Ney and Riliane speaking in the Servant Room; after Ney left, Riliane angrily confronted him on knowing about Michaela and refusing to tell her. Deciding to give him another chance, Riliane gave Allen a new "wish" in a bottle to kill Michaela. After Allen left the room, he met with Ney, who pressed him about whether he'd follow through on this next order. The next day Allen returned to the well under the cover of darkness,[17] planning to run away with Michaela, only to find her already stabbed and dying.[16]

Afterward, he returned to the palace and claimed to have done the deed himself,[18] while tearfully confessing the truth of the matter to Keel in prison.[19] As the war with Elphegort continued, Allen attended to his sister while she enjoyed an afternoon with Ney and Chartette.[17] Following the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Minis, Allen, Chartette, and Ney eavesdropped on the meeting in the Hall of Sounds and heard the ministers agree to hire the Venom Mercenaries to make up for the shortage of troops.

Later on, Allen accompanied Riliane in the Hall of Mirrors as Gast Venom introduced himself to her. After they were done conversing, Allen to gave Gast a tour of the palace as instructed, eventually showing him his new quarters. As they talked, their conversation was interrupted by Mariam come to deliver Gast's meal; Allen watched as Gast and Mariam tensely talked over the past before Mariam left. Later, at the Training Grounds, Allen watched Gast defeat a group of soldiers who criticized the presence of mercenaries in the city.

Sometime after, hoping to avert the prophesied destruction of Lucifenia, Allen approached Riliane in the upstairs garden and confronted her over her plan to incorporate Elphegort into Lucifenia's territory. Fed up with her greed, he begged her to recall the troops from Elphegort and threatened to leave the palace if she did otherwise. Allen was soon after shocked and overjoyed when his gamble was a success, Riliane agreeing to end the war with the Green Country. Despite this, while serving Riliane a snack later he was disturbed by her comment that the sky looked as though the end of the world was approaching.[20]

Lucifenian Revolution

"Any time now. Princess, do you have any last words left?"
"Oh, it's teatime!"

At the start of the Lucifenian Revolution, Allen eavesdropped on the chaotic war conference until he was spotted and chastised by Minis, who stormed into the Hall of Sounds and instructed the ministers on their countermeasures. A week later, Allen attended another war meeting with Riliane; over the course of several meetings, Allen watched the ministers' growing panic as the Lucifenian army continued to suffer defeats.

During the invasion of the palace, while meeting with Mariam in the servant room, Allen and Mariam discussed the dire situation; during their conversation, Allen was shocked when Mariam pleaded with him to kill Riliane and usurp her rule to save Lucifenia, claiming she would serve him loyally as the prince. Resolute, he ordered Mariam to protect Riliane instead. After Mariam left, Gast entered, preparing to depart with the palace invaded. Allen quickly tried to pay Gast to stay; when he refused, wondering why a mere servant would go so far, Allen revealed that Riliane was his twin sister. The amused Gast accepted his offer and left.


Allen watching Riliane's breakdown, comforts her

Afterward, Allen found Riliane and, as he served her, watched her subsequent breakdown over the revolution. As he comforted her,[21] Allen decided to let himself be captured in Riliane's place and requested she switch clothes with him. After she did so, he explained his plan to disguise himself as her so she could escape the palace unnoticed. As Riliane opposed the plan, he reassured her by revealing that they were both twins.

After further comforting the shocked and now tearful Riliane, Allen left her room and locked the door behind him, forcing Riliane to escape while he went to meet the revolutionaries.[9] He was captured in the Hall of Sounds shortly after and locked up in the Lucifenian palace's dungeon. While imprisoned, Allen was visited by King Kyle, who recognized Allen wasn't the real Riliane but decided to have him executed anyway in light of the political ramifications. During the visit, Allen lied that he was the one who killed Michaela, being struck by the furious Kyle as a result.

Several days since his capture, Allen received another visitor, this time the revolutionary leader Germaine who had come to announce his execution date. Seized by the cruel irony that his own foster sister was leading the revolution, Allen laughed and was forced to reveal his deception when Germaine also recognized him. He then told her everything about his true identity as Prince Alexiel and how he ended up masquerading as Riliane. When he finished, Germaine started trying to set Allen free, to his protest.


Allen's hallucination of holding his sister's hand

As his sister tried to argue that Allen didn't deserve to be imprisoned or executed, Allen tried to persuade her by relating his earlier visit with Kyle. When she nonetheless insisted they could run away together, Allen was forced to take drastic measures to persuade her: deducing how she'd deposed Riliane to avenge Leonhart, he taunted her over starting the revolution for revenge rather than a just cause and then revealed, to Germaine's horror, that he had been the one to assassinate their father.

Two days later, Allen was taken to Milanais Square in Rolled and fixed on the scaffold, preparing to be executed. Although triumphant that he prevented Elluka's prophesy of Riliane's death, Allen's triumph quickly devolved into terror at dying until he became soothed by what appeared to be hallucinations, one of a mysterious song and the other a vision of Riliane comforting him when he was a child. When it came time for him to be executed, Allen kept up the ruse to the very end and said "Oh, it's teatime," as his last words before being killed.[9]


"To me the important matter is that he did not become one of the gears."
―Ma regarding Allen[src]

Following his demise, Allen's spirit went to the Heavenly Yard and met the ruling god there, Sickle. Forbidden from seeing his friends and family in the Gardens of Champs-Élysées, Sickle instead tasked Allen with learning about all of the Third Period's history from the Black Box device. Locked up in Black Box and left in the fields of the Heavenly Yard,[22] Allen used its akashic recorder to receive memory data from the souls in the Heavenly Yard,[23] learning about the events of the ground world's past and present over time.[22]

Over the years, Allen oversaw the journey of Germaine, the novelist Yukina Freezis, and others as they investigated the conspiracy behind The Daughter of Evil's terrible reign. As Clarith, influenced by the Demon of Wrath, prepared to murder Riliane on the coast by the Held Monastery in EC 505,[24] Allen begged Sickle to let him protect his sister.[25] Using the Black Box,[22] he appeared on the Lucifenian coastline and prevented Clarith from carrying out her revenge until she broke free of the demon's influence.[24]


Allen beside Germaine

Later that year, Allen watched the confrontation between Abyss I.R., Germaine and Yukina on the beach. When Abyss was about to incinerate Yukina with the Marlon Spoon,[26] Sickle once again allowed Allen to interfere in the world.[25] On the coast, Allen linked his thoughts to Yukina as she stood in despair over the terrible truth about her mother. Scolding her for giving up, he encouraged Yukina to live in order to write the story of Germaine, Riliane, and herself.

Soon after, he was present when Riliane, now Rin, attempted to steal the spoon from Abyss; once Abyss was defeated and started to flee in her cat body, Allen manifested and supported Germaine as she threw her sword, skewering Abyss I.R.'s true form and defeating her. Allen then disappeared,[26] returning to Black Box. Exhausted, he slept for a long time before resuming his studies.[25]

On January 30, EC 611, while Allen was inside the box he was greeted by the voice of Behemo; puzzled as he spoke to the stranger, he became surprised when Behemo offered to get him out of the box before introducing himself and claiming to be Sickle's former colleague. Hesitant and suspicious, Allen finally introduced himself in turn and obeyed Behemo's instructions on how to get out of Black Box, leaving it behind as he headed for the Gardens of Champs-Élysées to see Riliane. While en route, Allen was stopped by the god Held, who promptly returned the downtrodden boy to Black Box.

When Behemo, who had gone in to use the box, stepped outside, Held lectured him before Behemo went to speak with Allen instead. As he lamented his failed objective, Allen learned from Behemo that Riliane would reincarnate in one or two hundred years in, likely, the far east of Evillious. Although confused, Allen received for the moment no more explanation before Behemo left. The boy was shortly after returned to Black Box.[27]

Hero in the East

Main Article: Kokutan-douji

In EC 828, Allen inadvertently incarnated as a human, being born from an ebony tree trunk in Momogengou, Jakoku. Raised by an elderly couple, "Kokutan-douji" grew up with a feeling that he should be doing something. In EC 842, the boy was told by a mermaid that his true mother was in Enbizaka; he then traveled to Onigashima with his companions Inukichi and Saruteito, punishing criminals along the way.

Meeting the tailor Kayo Sudou, the boy moved in with her and the two began living as mother and child. After Kayo was arrested for her murder of the Miroku Family, and after Behemo restored his memories of his former life, Kokutan-douji carried out her execution and beheaded her with Grim the End. Sometime after, the boy returned to spiritual form and went back to the Heavenly Yard.[28]

World's End

In EC 999, once Nemesis Sudou used the Punishment weapon to destroy the Third Period,[22] Sickle, wanting to increase Allen's chances of saving the world, merged him with a version of himself from an alternate timeline where he had failed.[29] Waking up inside Black Box with Grim the End in his hand,[30] Allen was instructed by Sickle to speak with the seven contractors. With the memories of his alternate timeline self,[29] Allen ignored Sickle's orders and instead went straight to Nemesis.[31]

This was due to him having reasoned that "Nemesis" was only a mindless body kept alive by her contract with Wrath, Nemesis' soul having been separated from her and taken up a delusion that she was once again Levia in the Second Period. To prevent her from repeatedly destroying the world and all the souls on it, Allen, as well as Michaela, the Master of the Hellish Yard, and Seth Twiright, sought to enter Levia's delusion and bring her body and soul back together.

MoN Illist chap 7

Allen meeting with Nemesis

Unable to enter without appearing like someone from Nemesis' memories,[32] Allen dressed up as Postman and took Nemesis' catatonic living body into the illusory hospital where Levia was working. Once he met with "Dr. Levia Barisol," he asked her for her services as a psychiatrist in treating Nemesis with the Mind Swap Technique. In reality he hoped that, after seeing Nemesis' memories of the six people she killed with her revolver, Levia's own memories would return and she'd return to her body. After setting Levia and Nemesis up in the black box to perform the technique, Allen watched as Levia experienced each of Nemesis' memories.[33]

After Levia saw the sixth victim, Allen asked Levia about Nemesis' life and was disappointed when she showed no memory of Evillious. Taking off his hat, Allen tried to spark her memories by reminding her of who he was; then, using the "Irregular System" function of the box, he initiated another Mind Swap on Levia to force her to remember.[34] Levia's memory was fully restored and the soul merged back with the living body, becoming Nemesis. Back in the ground world, Allen explained everything to her. Once Nemesis finished catching up with Michaela, Seth, and the Master of the Hellish Yard, Allen suggested they go to Evil's Theater next, to solve some remaining mysteries about the world's end and to save the world.[32]

Alarming Developments

Splitting up with Gumillia, Michaela, and Seth, Allen and Nemesis trekked towards the site of Evil's Theater. They planned to visit it and then the remains of Lucifenia, with Allen still wanting to reunite with Riliane. As they walked, Nemesis began to complain of her fatigue; after Allen bickered with her pressed her to keep going, the woman relented and the two discussed their plans and current situation as they walked.[35]

Eventually the two reached the illusory remains of the Millennium Tree Forest, talking to each other about how it was there despite the real forest being destroyed. Their conversation soon turned to the owner of the Black Box where Allen learned all of his information, Allen being confused at Nemesis' claim that Sickle was a woman. The two continued their conversation before Held joined their conversation as a bluebird.


Allen spots the Black Box Type S

During Held and Nemesis' debate, Held directed Allen's attention towards a Type S Black Box in the sky that they should deal with, with the group realizing the box wasn't an illusion like the rest of the world and could potentially do harm. Nemesis and Allen thus resolved to go check it out, particularly as Evil's Theater was underneath it. They then bid Held farewell, Allen speculating that Evil's Theater was made to float by someone with a childlike personality.

As they trekked south, Nemesis and Allen discussed the Moon Goddess, whose identity Allen was unsure of. Arriving at the black box, the two watched as Gammon Octo addressed dead soldiers of the Tasan Party and laid blame for the world's end on her and all the other "evil" souls of the world. Hearing Gammon conclude that they must destroy the alleged sources of all evil--that being the demon contractors Banica Conchita, Kayo Sudou, Riliane, Sateriasis Venomania, and Nemesis herself--Allen and Nemesis departed.

Leaving the forest, they discuss what they heard in Gammon's speech as well as speculating about their next move. Determining Gammon intended to use the Black Box Type S against the demon contractors, Nemesis and Allen decide to seek out Seth and Gumillia, Seth being the creator of the Black Box Type S. After talking further, the two eventually decided to head to Lucifenia as they originally planned, in part to talk to Riliane and in hopes of meeting Gumillia there.[36]

The Battle and the Black Box

Arriving in Lucifenia, Allen and Nemesis found it had become a battleground between the spirits of Lucifenians, and more of the dead Tasan soldiers, with Riliane having already fled. After Nemesis dissuaded Allen from jumping in needlessly to help, the two spotted the Venom Mercenaries nearby and approached them, Allen hiring them to also fight in the battle.

Seeing Germaine hit with heavy artillery, Allen pulled her to safety with the help of Mariam and Leonhart, chiding her for her recklessness. After Leonhart explained that Riliane had fled, Allen in turn explained how he had hired the Venom Mercenaries. When, later into the battle, the Black Box flew out over the Lucifenian forces and began to suck everyone inside, Allen was one of the few spirits to remain.

Holing up with the others in the palace, Allen later watched as Nemesis shot down the Black Box, defeating it and freeing the souls inside. With the enemy no longer wishing to do battle, Allen and Nemesis joined Arth on the roof of the palace, Nemesis announcing that they would go again in search of Riliane and Gumillia. As Nemesis suggested seeing Banica as well and argued with Arth over getting Lich to help, Allen convinced Nemesis to come along with him, citing her love for the world as Elluka before setting out with her for Beelzenia.[37]

Arriving there, the two met with Eater in his Worldeater form; after they introduced themselves, Eater took them into the mansion. Allen then listened as Nemesis spoke with Banica and Lich, discussing the Tasan Party soldiers having gone there and asking Lich about where the inhabitants of Evil's Theater currently were. Afterwards, Banica summoned Arte and Pollo and announced her intentions to go to Evil's Theater to stop Gammon, Nemesis also joining her. Convinced by Arte on the grounds that Riliane was probably headed there, Allen joined as well and the party set once more for the Millennium Tree Forest.[31]

The End of Capriccio

Arriving at Evil's Theater with Banica and her servants, Nemesis and Allen helped engage in battle with the theater inhabitants, Nemesis and Allen dealing with Gammon directly. During their battle, the three of them were interrupted by the irregular twins Adam and Eve. The twins were soon followed by Riliane,[38] who had become possessed by Ma's consciousness inside her and had absorbed all of the demon contractors in the theater.

As Ma attacked them in Riliane's body, the twins Adam and Eve prematurely began their Re_birthday ability to stop her.[39] After Ma escaped the rapidly transforming theater, Allen was pulled to safety by Nemesis, the two forced to leave Gammon behind. After Banica's servants also escaped, the party flew away from the theater on Eater's back. From afar they watched the theater turn into a giant black box, Allen expressed his concern for the people inside, Nemesis explaining to how it might be "formatting" them.

Soon after, Allen and the others learned the possessed Riliane had also successfully escaped, spotting her on the ground. Appraising the situation, and seeing that Ma threatened to suck all of Evillious into her developing vortex, Allen was urged by Nemesis to decide between the world or his sister.[40] Allen instead came up with a plan to get Ma out of Riliane first before defeating her, to which Nemesis reluctantly agreed.[41] Touching back down, Eater let Allen off to distract Ma and flew away again with Nemesis.[2]

The Boy's Choice


Ma confronts Allen inside Riliane's soul body

Confronting Ma, Allen refused to give Nemesis' location. The two then talked, discussing among other things the nature of "irregulars" and how she had gained knowledge by discovering Black Box Type B in the Grave Yard; Allen also learned from Ma her motivation of confirming her existence even if it led to the end of the world.[2]

Soon after, both Allen and Ma were carried up by the tornado cast by Nemesis. Catching a glass bottle falling from Ma's hand, Allen was pulled out of the tornado by Nemesis and Eater. He then read the message inside the bottle, determining it to be from Riliane, asking him to save her as always. Not long after, the tornado began to weaken from Ma's magic. Ma began flying towards Nemesis and Allen, only to be stopped by Michaela, and soon nearly every soul, singing the Clockwork Lullaby.

When Nemesis and Ma cast body swap spells on each other and magically struggled, Allen attacked Ma with Grim the End, breaking her control on the contractors inside her. Falling to the ground, Allen was caught by Germaine riding on Kyle in his demon transformation. Confirming that Riliane was fine from Germaine, Allen watched as Ma, having swapped into Nemesis' body, fell to the ground and died.[41]

Allen later woke up inside the Climb One. In his true form, Sickle explained to Allen the concept of irregulars and Re_birthdays. Allen was then led by Sickle to the adjacent room, where the "moon goddess" Luna Hazuki was. As Sickle claimed that the entirety of the Third Period was a simulation, Allen pointed out the contradictions in his claim, and the flustered Sickle admitted he was lying.

Behemo then appeared before them, explaining to Allen the nature of the First Period as well as how the earthlings from the Second Period were online avatars brought into the real world. Soon after, Riliane appeared with a Black Box; finally reuniting with her, Allen along with his twin sister initiated a Re_birthday of their own, creating a new world: the Fourth Period.[42] Soon after, Allen and Riliane vanished from the Third Period, leaving behind a gate to the Fourth Period.[43]


"Allen Avadonia's name doesn't appear in textbooks, but he is a figure who yet bears a piece of history."
―Ma speaking about Allen[src]

In the wake of his death, Germaine took up traveling the continent aimlessly, suffering numerous nightmares of losing Allen and their foster father for years before learning the boy hadn't actually killed Michaela from Kyle.[44] Over a century later, Elluka Clockworker told the dying Lemy Abelard about the servant who shared his face, pointing out that, while Allen tried becoming "evil" to protect his beloved sister, he never enjoyed killing people, in stark contrast to the assassin.[45]

History books noted him as the adopted son of Leonhart Avadonia who gained Riliane's favor as a servant and swiftly fled the Lucifenian Palace during the revolution, often portrayed as a disloyal and unfaithful person in Lucifenia's history.[46] However, Yukina Freezis wrote a novel about the true events, titled "The Daughter of Evil" that had gained popularity around the world for centuries.

After reading the book, Gallerian Marlon was intrigued by the idea that the servant swapped places with his secret twin sister but remained skeptical of its accuracy to the actual events, despite Ma's guarantee that the novel told the truth.[47] When Gallerian faced heavy backlash for his corruption during his career as judge, his butler Bruno Zero cited the historical example of Allen serving his "evil" twin sister and compared it to his own service for Gallerian, although admitting he wouldn't be able to switch places with him as Allen did for Riliane.[48]

Personality and Traits

"Riliane... You're a bad child. But... If it's said that you're bad, then that same blood runs in me. If you're the 'Daughter of Evil', then I am the 'Servant of Evil'. Because I'll take your place, in my place you... will live."
Allen Personality

Allen's steadfast devotion to Riliane

Allen was a responsible, loyal, and yet conflicted boy. As a child, the young Alexiel had a soft and trusting demeanor, submissive to his sister and afraid of becoming selfish as she soon did. Although becoming less so after his adoption, Allen continued to show kindness towards others, particularly his friends and new family. As a servant he also maintained a professional and polite air, particularly when in front of his superiors.

In addition to this, Allen had a strong sense of justice and his own set of morals that began in childhood and was compounded by his being raised by Leonhart Avadonia. This led to him being disgusted by injustices and the harming of innocents; he ordinarily took the initiative to help others, particularly those he cared about. During his service to Riliane, Allen became deeply conflicted as he strayed from his morals; because of this, he came to regard himself as also being as "evil" as her until after his death. His desire to help was often, as well, hindered by his own indecisiveness on which was the correct action to take.

As a result of his traumatic childhood, Allen was naturally unsociable and cynical, as well as prone to sarcastic comments on his sometimes absurd situations. Allen was additionally sensitive to teasing and arrogant about his abilities or opinions, which could make him quarrelsome or competitive. He was also extremely pessimistic about the world around him, adopting a view that everyone was his enemy when he was young which, although toned down, he later transferred onto his view of Riliane. By the world's end, Allen finally understood that he did not have to choose between others and his sister and became open to the idea of creating a better world.

Despite having many close relationships in his life, Allen's most significant for him was with his sister, Riliane. Serving her loyally and even befriending her, he became dedicated to protecting and comforting his twin sister, although this dedication often clashed with his other relationships and even morals, causing him much heartache. While recognizing Riliane's selfish cruelty, he became convinced that at least one person should support her, believing that she was not the sole one at fault for her evil reign, and he hoped that one day she could find true happiness following the revolution.

Skills and Abilities

"Deep in thought? It’s not a bad thing to think about things. But nothing starts without action. You have a habit of trying to complete things in your mind too much."
―Sickle criticizing Allen's inability to act[src]

Allen had an analytical mind that helped him in understanding politics even from a young age, making him a capable diplomat despite remaining uninvolved in political affairs. This also allowed him to be skilled as a planner, including being able to adapt his plans in the event of complications,[49] although sometimes he could still fail to rise to the occasion. After being executed at the guillotine, Allen was traumatized and could sometimes cease to think rationally when faced with beheadings. He also, after death, gained an extensive knowledge of Bolganio's history through the Black Box.[50] As he was only able to read the memories of souls that had gone to the Heavenly Yard, however, there were gaps in his knowledge regarding the demon contractors.[23]

Having trained under the tutelage of Leonhart, Allen was a strong swordsman and knew a number of techniques; he even developed his own technique, Unicorn Style, where he centered his blade in front of him while making his offensive. However, because he lacked combat experience, Allen was prone to speak too much in battle and lacked quick foresight in adjusting against more difficult opponents.[11] As a servant, the boy was skilled at a variety of chores such as cleaning,[3] cooking, and running errands,[15] though he considered his skills inferior to that of his fellow servant, Ney.[3] He was also adept at horseback riding and could sing.[49]

Because of his resemblance to his sister, Allen could effectively masquerade as Riliane in appearance and voice, though only to those who hadn't met either of them personally.[9] After his death, Allen was able to manifest his spirit in the Third Period, with Sickle's permission, and could communicate with others. However, interfering with the world would leave him exhausted once he returned to the Heavenly Yard.[25] He could also communicate telepathically with others seemingly instantly.[51]

Character Connections

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Allen's twin sister. As children the two held a close relationship, though strained during the political conflicts that separated them; after becoming Riliane's servant, Allen devoted himself to her protection above all else and was overjoyed to later find that he was important to her in turn. He perceived Riliane as being a lonely and gentle girl warped by her unfair situation, though acknowledging that she could also be cruel and not above trying to reason with her.

Leonhart Avadonia: Allen's adoptive father. While thinking of him as a father, Allen held a high respect for Leonhart and was greatly influenced by his sense of justice, although he was regularly frustrated by his inflexible nature and harbored a desire to overcome him, if only in part to earn his approval. Despite becoming resolved to kill Leonhart, Allen's resolve was easily shaken and ultimately his hand was forced in delivering the finishing blow. Following his death, Allen justified his subsequent devotion to Riliane to keep Leonhart from having died in vain.

Germaine Avadonia: Allen's foster sister. They bonded over their rescue of Chartette and became very close, Allen occasionally asking after Germaine in the time he worked at the palace and thinking of her as his "righteous sister." Their relationship became strained on his end after killing Leonhart, and he disapproved of her methods of avenging him; despite this, Allen continued to love Germaine until his death, even afterwards relying on her swordsmanship to help Yukina.

Chartette Langley: Allen's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. Allen always tried to keep Chartette out of trouble, rescuing her when they were kids and supervising her work to make sure she didn't slack off or do any damage with her strength. The two of them were able to converse on a less formal level than other servants.

Ney Phutapie: A fellow servant of Riliane. Allen trusted Ney more than Chartette with discussing matters such as Michaela's ordered assassination or Leonhart's reasons for sending Allen to the palace. He held no ill will towards her for the rumors she relayed to Riliane and himself, comforting her whenever she appeared distressed.

Mariam Phutapie: Allen's superior as a chamberlain. Allen saw Mariam as an employer for the most part and found her character inscrutable. Nonetheless, he spoke to her about his confusion at having such a different role from his sister, Riliane, and saw her, as one of the few people to know his true lineage, as an ally. Nearing the end of the revolution, he was shocked by her apparent attempt to betray Riliane and determined her to be mad from her allegiences in the same way he was.

Michaela: Allen's crush. Allen fell in love with Michaela after listening to her sing. He found her very beautiful and talented, and was tolerant of her teasing when, elsewhere, he would become angered. He became conflicted between his love for her and devotion to Riliane after learning she was Kyle's supposed lover, and eventually was heartbroken by her death.

Keel Freezis: A merchant whom Allen visits. Allen found Keel to be a very intelligent and pragmatic businessman, unable to fully understand the life that the latter lived. Despite this, he appreciated Keel's tendency of putting loved ones first due to his own devotion to Riliane and Michaela.

Kyle Marlon: Riliane's fiancé. Although only knowing him from afar, Allen expressed an intention of destroying him for making Riliane unhappy. After being arrested he viewed Kyle as a potential problem due to his overpowering emotions, but agreed with his political motivations to continue with the execution.

Hänsel: An intended past incarnation. Allen was fated to be a reincarnation of Hänsel and shared the boy's appearance but, due to the disturbance of fate caused by Abyss I.R. and Prim Marlon, no Hänsel was born during that cycle.

Sickle: The god of the sun and Allen's mentor. Although perplexed by the god's namelessness and his enigmatic nature, Allen nevertheless was obedient to his will and did what he asked even when the task was boring or he was unaware of the intended outcome. Additionally, he took Sickle's counsel seriously and relied on him for aid when the situation arose. 


Conceptualization and Origin

  • His original surnames, Lucifen and d'Autriche, are a reference to Lucifer, the patron demon of Pride, and Marie Antoinette, respectively.
  • His adopted last name, Avadonia, seems to be a corruption of Abbadon, meaning "destruction" in Hebrew.
  • Allen's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, Len, using "len" at the end of the name; similarly, his birth name, Alexiel, shares the "le" with Len.
  • Allen parallels Jesus Christ, being punished for crimes he did not commit, executed at 3 o'clock,[9] and appearing to his allies many times after his death.[26]





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