Adam Moonlit was a scientist of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the first director of Project 'Ma'. After brainwashing the witch Eve Zvezda to fall in love with him, Adam used her for the project's experiments. Although Eve was unable to bear the Twins of God, Adam fell in love with her and agreed to run away with her to Held's Forest, where the two married and later adopted the twins Hänsel and Gretel.


Early Life

"You will now become the mother of gods: the Ma."
―Adam to Eve[src]

Born in BT 022 as the son of Queen Maria Moonlit, Adam grew up to become a prominent scientist in the Magic Kingdom Levianta. At some point, the Leviantan Senate and Seth Twiright took Adam's mother away from him. Embittered, Adam sought vengeance against them.[1] Around BT 005, Adam was selected to lead the development of Project 'Ma' and find a suitable candidate for birthing the Twins of God.[2] Seeing the opportunity, Adam hoped to use the mother as a proxy for him to rule the country and get back at the ones who took away his mother.[3]

After none of the candidates surveyed for the project were deemed viable, Adam found the witch Eve Zvezda from Nemu village.[4] Realizing she was a potentially viable candidate, Adam was tempted and used the brainwashing drug, Venom, to seduce her.[5] Acting as her lover, Adam brought Eve back to the royal institute and had her tested; passing the tests admirably, she was submitted as a candidate.[6] Kissing his lover, Adam told her she would become the mother of the gods, the Ma.[7] Seeing Eve was confused about why she was there, Adam held her close and said it was alright. At some point, Eve told Adam that she wanted to have a wedding in Held's Forest.[8]

As part of the project, Adam oversaw the procedure as Eve was inoculated with the god's seed and, once it was confirmed that she conceived twins, awaited their birth.[9] However, the children were stillborn and the project was a failure.[10] With all his hopes and ambitions lost, Adam grieved over what he had done to Eve and then realized that he had truly fallen in love with her.[11]

Original Sin

Adam stares in horror at Eve's stolen children

"Listen, our children are already not part of this world. Please return these children to their real mother."
―Adam after seeing his wife's crime[src]

Fleeing with his lover to Elphegort, the two hid in a small home in Held's Forest as woodcutters.[12] He married Eve, telling her that he loved her and she reciprocated the sentiment.[13] Some time later, in EC 001,[14] Adam saw Eve return home one night and came to greet her. However, when he saw her hold two infants in her arms, a boy and a girl, he was horrified.[15]

With a grim face, Adam explained to his wife that their children were already dead and that she needed to return the twins to their real mother.[16] After Eve screamed in realization of her crime, Adam told her she could fix it if she did it now.[17] However, she retorted that it was too late, explaining how outside their home was a woman Eve had killed who had a glass bottle of milk with her: the mother.[18]


With the mother dead and children orphaned, Adam and Eve kept the stolen children and raised them as their own. Over the years, Adam tried teaching his foster son, failing to get the boy understand his studies.[19] Following the Levianta Catastrophe of EC 013, the effects of the disaster spread to Elphegort, causing a famine.[20] During the following year a few months later,[21] the two reluctantly agreed to abandon their foster children in the forest to starve to death so that they could survive the famine. With a gloomy expression, Adam and his wife led their foster children deep into the forest before abandoning them and returning to their home.[22]

With Eve devastated by the event, Adam comforted her while she sat in a chair crying. Soon after, they heard a knock on the door and answered, horrified to see the manic expressions of their abandoned children at the entrance. Suddenly grabbed by the spectral shadows the twins spawned, Adam's foster son happily implored his father to praise him for defeating the wicked witch's henchman. While their children laughed,[23] Adam was murdered by the shadowy arms.[24]

Demon of Wrath

At some point, the soul of Adam Moonlit joined Seth in the golden key Grim the End and the Demon of Wrath allowed his former colleague to leech off his vessel and power. As time progressed, the demon allowed Adam to act in his place making contracts.[25] In EC 137, Count Karchess Crim forged a contract with the demon through Adam to kill Duke Sateriasis Venomania. They later watched as Karchess transformed the key into a knife and stabbed the duke possessed by the Demon of Lust in the chest, killing him.[26]

In EC 505, the Demon of Wrath possessed Clarith through Adam and transformed its vessel into a knife. Afterward, the enraged Netsuma took the key from her cupboard. When the nun found Rin putting a message in a bottle out to sea, questioning in her mind if she knew what else that implied, Adam read the woman's memories and impersonated her beloved Michaela, telepathically whispering that the child didn't know anything.

As Clarith mentally affirmed it was allegedly a means to forge a demon contract, Adam raised his voice slightly to confirm the fact, saying the Netsuma would be sacrificed if the contract Rin was forging occurred. Becoming even louder, Adam sung that they should help her and Clarith agreed with "Michaela" as she slowly approached the girl on the beach. When Clarith grew increasingly furious at Rin's attempt to make a wish after murdering Michaela, Adam cried out that "she" was killed with a knife, lamenting about the pain.

Clarith then mentally answered that she'd do the same to Rin in turn. As the nun prepared to stab the girl, the demon wailed for her to do it and take revenge for "her". Allen Avadonia then intervened and restricted Clarith, infuriating Adam. When Clarith looked to "Michaela" for help, the woman realized Adam's hateful expression as unlike Michaela and he relinquished possession of her while the Netsuma gave up on seeking vengeance against the girl.[27]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau

"Now then... The fate of the six hundred year old mages—We've interfered enough with its settlement."
―Seth to Adam[src]

During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611, Adam watched the battle between Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia against Irina Clockworker and Lemy Abelard. Unable to contract with Gumillia, he continued to watch silently as the duel dragged on for two hours. When Seth began lamenting about the battle dragging on between the skilled opponents, he listened while the demon droned about Lemy's contract to the Demon of Gluttony might've made him the strongest.

After the bored demon lamented about it becoming a stalemate since Gumillia held the literal golden key, he inquired why Adam wasn't already making a move. Once Adam reminded him the host needed anger and hate for him to lend her power, Seth remarked about the inconvenience before recalling he was just leeching off his vessel. He then questioned if it was his turn then, citing he and Gumillia had something in common having incarnated as humans at different points.

The demon then asked about what he was supposed to say before deciding not to use "leave it to me" and speak for himself. Adam then watched while the Demon of Wrath tried and failed to convince Gumillia to forge a contract despite revealing forest spirits and demons were once the same kin. Once the demon finally goaded her into a temporary contract and killed Lemy with Grim the End, he returned to Adam and admitted it ended safely, noting the difficulty for his first time actually being the Demon of Wrath.

He then related about the Demon of Gluttony's expected taking of Lemy's soul into the Glass of Conchita following his death, pointing out she finally had both twins in her possession. As Adam expressed his unhappiness with the situation, Seth pointed out his sentiment before acknowledging she could become a troublesome foe for him in the future. The Demon of Wrath then stated they interfered enough with the bout between the two six hundred year old mages.

After the demon added that the Demon of Gluttony might not agree, Seth suddenly commented that Gumillia seemed to want to speak with him. Shortly after listening to the mage inquire about his name, the Demon of Wrath questioned if her sudden interest in him meant her memory was returning since he told her about their pasts. Adam then watched Seth reveal his human identity to the mage.[28]

Once Irina activated her heart's Black Box Type S, Gumillia was caught in the blast and transported into Levia's inner psychological world, leaving Grim the End and Adam behind.[29] After the Demon of Gluttony opened a portal into the mental world and clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic, the blast blew Adam and Seth out of the golden key.[30]


"Now, I wonder if the dying wish of Adam dwells in the spoon that became Gear? It's a touching effort that it came as a vessel fragment near the world's collapse in year 1000 but..."
―Gammon Octo[src]

In the following centuries, Elluka Clockworker continued to notice the resemblance many male relatives of the Marlon Royal Family shared with Adam, eventually considering investigating the the family to uncover a connection between them.[31] Centuries after his death, in EC 982, Adam and his wife's skeletal corpses were discovered while their long abandoned home was being demolished for the construction of Evil's Theater. Afterwards, a graveyard was constructed around the theater grounds.[32]

Arte, remembering her past incarnation's life, despised Joseph for his resemblance to Adam.[33] Similarly, Kyle Marlon was referred to by the Demon of Gluttony as the era's "Soul of Adam".[34] The awakened vessel of Greed, Gear was also referred to as "Soul of Adam" by the Master of the Graveyard.[35] While reviewing the court "motions" in Evil's Theater, Gammon Octo queried if Adam's dying wish resided within the Marlon Spoon and manifested as Gear after the vessel awakened; although considering the effort touching, he didn't believe it would help with the world's destruction.[36]

Personality and Traits

After losing his mother, Adam despised the Leviantan Senate and Seth Twiright for his influence in her being taken away from him.[37] Opportunistic and vengeful, he used any means to make Project 'Ma' a success without hesitation, dedicated to ruling the country so he could sanction the senate and Seth.[38] With the project's eventual failure, Adam became distraught with the ruination of his ambitions for revenge, not having planned for the possibility of the twins' deaths.[39]

When first meeting Eve, Adam didn't hesitate to use Venom to brainwash the witch into becoming his lover, using her twisted feelings for his ambition.[40] Despite his initially selfish intentions, the scientist eventually came to legitimately care for the witch and the children she carried for the project,[41] even considering the artificial fetuses as his own offspring; as a result, his failure was compounded with having permanently "ruined" his beloved and he grieved the deaths of the twins.[42]

With his escape from the Magic Kingdom, Adam settled with Eve in hopes of living a happy life with his beloved, even remembering her wish to be married in Held's Forest.[43] Despite this, he felt dread when seeing his wife had stolen babies over her loss and begged her to return them.[44] However, after learning the mother was dead, he accepted the children as their own to raise them and came to love them dearly as his own. When leaving them in the forest, he felt saddened and torn over the decision, although horrified by their return and monstrous aura.[45]

After his death as a human and cohabitation with Seth in Grim the End, Adam dedicated himself to the duties of the Demon of Wrath on his former colleague's behalf, using the anger and hate of others to kill the objects of their vengeance. Although demonstrating a similar manipulative personality as before, the former scientist acted in pursuit of his own goal. As a result, he was displeased with Banica Conchita's actions as the Demon of Gluttony to use Hänsel and Gretel for her planned becoming the Master of the Graveyard.[46]

Skills and Abilities

Adam was an excellent scientist,[47] demonstrated by being selected for directing the first Project 'Ma' and overseeing Eve's development as a test subject. His capabilities extended to his utilization of the Venom drug to brainwash Eve, allowing him to more easily manipulate her for the project.[48] Despite his knowledge, Adam's recklessness bred error in his judgment and would cause him to overlook possibly detrimental consequences to his actions.[49] Outside of his scientific studies, he was proficient in magic as well. Among his magical abilities included the powerful Swap Technique, allowing Adam to transfer a nearby soul, including his own, to another nearby body or object at will.[50]

After cohabitating with Seth in Grim the End, Adam began leeching off the demon and borrowing his power. As a result, he was able to use the Demon of Wrath's power, capable of possessing and contracting with humans wielding the vessel. He could also communicate with his host through telepathy.[51] Aside from this, Adam was capable of impersonating an individual, appearing before his host in the being's guise, and allow the host to release blasts of energy from the vessel.[52] However, he was also presented with the same weaknesses as the demon, able to be sealed inside Grim the End.[53]

Character Connections

Eve Moonlit: Adam's wife. Adam initially saw Eve just as a means of gaining power over the Senate, but over time grew to really love her. He experienced guilt for using her and causing her miscarriage, becoming subservient to the witch as a result; Adam also tried to act as Eve's voice of reason while she was under her delusions. While shocked by her crime, he continued to support and comfort his wife in raising their new children and, later, abandoning them.

Maria Moonlit: Adam's mother. Adam cared about Maria deeply, and he was angered by the Seth and Senate taking her away from him, making her like a doll to be used as a puppet. Her disappearance motivated him to seek revenge, driving him to brainwash Eve.

Seth Twiright: A fellow scientist. Adam hated Seth due to the latter's role in his mother's disappearance; it was his goal to get revenge on Seth that motivated him to brainwash Eve. After running away to live in Elphegort, Adam dropped his desire for revenge and appeared able to tolerate cohabiting with the demon while in the Vessel of Wrath.

Hänsel: Adam's foster son. Adam wished the best for Hänsel initially, urging Eve to take him back to his mother and raising him when it was explained this was impossible. As his father, he hoped to get the boy involved in his woodcarving business, although hampered by Hänsel's low intelligence. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the boy during the famine in Elphegort, Adam experienced great regret for doing so and was shocked when he returned.

Gretel: Adam's foster daughter. Adam wished the best for Gretel initially, urging Eve to take her back to her mother and raising her when it was explained this was impossible. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the girl during the famine in Elphegort, Adam experienced great regret for doing so and was shocked when she returned.

Cain: Eve's biological child. While initially seeing Cain and Abel as means to gain leverage over the Senate, Adam came to care about them and consider them his own children as an extension of his love for Eve.

Abel: Eve's biological child. While initially seeing Cain and Abel as means to gain leverage over the Senate, Adam came to care about them and consider them his own children as an extension of his love for Eve.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Adam Moonlit is inspired by Adam from Judeo-Christian mythology; like his biblical counterpart, Adam shares a relationship with his Eve counterpart and does not take direct part in the creation of the Original Sin.
  • Adam's name is derived from Hebrew for "from the ground", linking him to greed's representation as the "soil" as well as other characters portrayed by KAITO who are associated with greed.


  • After ending up in the Hellish Yard, Seth questioned whether Adam already found another vessel to reside in after being blown out of Grim the End.
  • In the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition booklet, Adam's mother is mentioned to have sired a child allegedly of virgin birth before the skeptical senate took away the baby and had the infant thrown into a river to hide the baby's existence.




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