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Adam Moonlit, publicly Adam Solntse, was a scientist of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the first director of Project 'Ma'. Manipulating Eve Zvezda and met with her failure, Adam fell in love with her and the two fled to Held's Forest in Elphegort, marrying there. Adopting the twins Hänsel and Gretel after Eve murdered their mother, Adam was killed by the twins years after, ending up inside Grim the End and leeching off the Demon of Wrath.


Early Life

"After this you will become the mother of gods, ‘Mem Aleph’."
―Adam to Eve[src]

Born in BT 022 as the son of Queen Maria Moonlit, Adam grew up to become a prominent scientist in the Magic Kingdom Levianta. When the Leviantan Senate and Seth Twiright took Adam's mother away from him, turning her into a puppet leader,[1] Adam became embittered and sought vengeance against them.[2] Around BT 005, Adam was selected to lead the development of Project 'Ma' and find a suitable candidate for birthing the Twins of God.[3] Seeing the opportunity, Adam hoped to use the candidate as a proxy for him to rule the country and get back at the ones who took away his mother.[4]

After none of the candidates surveyed for the project were deemed viable, Adam found the witch Eve Zvezda from Nemu village.[5] Realizing she was a potentially viable candidate, Adam used the brainwashing drug, Venom, to seduce her.[6] Acting as her lover, Adam brought Eve back to the royal institute and had her tested, submitting her as a candidate when she passed the tests admirably.[7] Kissing his lover, Adam told her she would become the mother of the gods, the Ma.[8] When she questioned herself being there, Adam soothed Eve and learned of her wish to marry him in Held's Forest.[9]

As part of the project, Adam oversaw the procedure as Eve was inoculated with the god's seed and, once it was confirmed that she conceived twins, awaited their birth.[10] However, the children were stillborn and the project was a failure.[11] With all his hopes and ambitions lost, Adam grieved over what he had done to Eve and then realized that he had truly fallen in love with her.[12]

Life in the Forest

"Listen, our children are already not in this world. Return these children to their true mother’s side."
―Adam after seeing his wife's crime[src]

Adam stares in horror at Eve's stolen children

After Adam fled to Elphegort with Eve, the two had a wedding in Held's Forest and hid in a small home as woodcutters. In EC 001,[13] Adam saw Eve return home one night and came to greet her, but was horrified to see that she held two stolen infants in her arms, a boy and a girl.[14]

With a grim face, Adam explained to his wife that their children were already dead and that she needed to return the twins to their real mother.[15] As Eve screamed in realization of her crime, Adam tried she reassure her that she could fix it,[16] only to be told it was too late, as the mother of the children was already lying dead outside of the house.[17]

With the mother dead and children orphaned, Adam and Eve kept the stolen children and raised them as their own. Over the years, Adam tried teaching Hänsel but failed to get the boy to understand his studies.[18] Following the Levianta Catastrophe of EC 013, the effects of the disaster spread to Elphegort, causing a famine.[13] During the following year a few months later,[19] Adam and Eve reluctantly agreed to abandon their foster children in the forest to starve to death so that they could survive the famine.

With a gloomy expression, Adam and his wife led their foster children deep into the forest before abandoning them and returning to their home.[20] Devastated by the event, Adam comforted Eve in their home until they heard a knock on the door. When they answered, they were horrified to see the manic expressions of their abandoned children at the entrance. Shortly after, as the children laughed,[21] Hänsel murdered Adam while Gretel murdered Eve.[22]

Demon of Wrath

"Without that, you can’t lend her any power. Inconvenient, isn’t it? You are after all more akin to a parasitic roundworm leeching off the vessel."
―Seth to Adam[src]

After his body's death, Adam Moonlit's soul joined Seth in the golden key, Grim the End. Seth, as the Demon of Wrath, allowed his former colleague to leech off his vessel and power. As time progressed, Seth also allowed Adam to act in his place making contracts.[23] In EC 137, Count Karchess Crim forged a contract with the demon through Adam to kill Duke Sateriasis Venomania. They later watched as Karchess transformed the key into a knife and stabbed the duke possessed by the Demon of Lust in the chest, killing him.[24]

In EC 505, the Demon of Wrath possessed Clarith through Adam. When the nun found Rin on the beach putting a message in a bottle out to sea, Adam read the woman's memories and impersonated her beloved Michaela. With Michaela's voice, he began urging Clarith to kill Rin, even lamenting about "her" painful death by a knife as Clarith prepared to murder Rin the same way. Before Clarith could follow through on Adam's orders, however Allen Avadonia intervened and blocked Clarith's way. Soon after, Clarith realized that Adam wasn't Michaela after all, and she gave up on taking revenge on Rin.[25]

During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611, Adam watched the battle between Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia against Irina Clockworker and Lemy Abelard. Unable to contract with Gumillia, he could only watch the duel silently for the next two hours until Seth began complaining about the stalemate. When he asked Adam why he wasn't making a move on Gumillia, Adam reminded him that a host needed anger and hate for him to lend them power. He listened as Seth decided that it was then his turn to act as the Demon of Wrath, watching while Seth tried and failed to convince Gumillia to make a contract.

Eventually, however, Seth goaded Gumillia into a temporary contract and killed Lemy with Grim the End, returning to Adam to relate the experience. Once Adam learned that the Demon of Gluttony had taken the dead Lemy's soul into the Glass of Conchita, Adam made clear to Seth his unhappiness with the situation. He listened as Seth continued to muse about the consequences of the duel, before Gumillia spoke to him again and Seth revealed his human identity to her.[23]

When Irina activated her heart's Black Box Type S, Gumillia was caught in the blast and transported into Levia's inner psychological world, leaving Grim the End and Adam behind.[26] Once the Demon of Gluttony opened a portal into the mental world and clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic, the blast blew Adam and Seth out of the golden key.[27]

A New Vessel

Following the outcome of the duel, Adam's spirit ended up inside the Marlon Spoon.[28] During the EC 900s, the spoon fell into the possession of Mata Corpa before it was stolen by Ma.[29] After Ma was tried, the spoon was put inside the Dark Star Bureau's evidence lockup, but Ma stole it again in EC 978.[30] While the spoon was in her possession, Ma told Adam that the Clockworker's Doll contained his beloved Eve. Once he was brought to the mansion of Gallerian Marlon, Adam forged a contract with the judge in order to facilitate communication between Gallerian and Eve,[31] with Gallerian keeping the spoon on him at all times.[32]


Adam appears before Gallerian

During the Leviantan Civil War, Adam manifested in Gallerian's mansion while Gallerian wondered why none of the militia had come inside the mansion, surprising the judge. After arguing about his true identity, he confirmed to Gallerian that his contract with him allowed him to speak to "Michelle" inside the doll. Then as Gallerian lamented being unable to bring back Michelle's body, Adam taunted him over his failures and inability to collect all the vessels; in the process, he revealed that Eve was the one inside the doll, and not Michelle.

As Gallerian refused the notion, Adam continued to taunt the judge's beliefs about "Michelle" and the vessels of sin, as well as his own greed making up for Adam not being the real Demon of Greed. As Gallerian continued to argue, Adam decided to bring the Doll to them so she could affirm for herself if she was Eve or Michelle and summoned her to the room. The Doll, however, only expressed confusion at Adam's presence.

Soon after, she attacked Gallerian's enemies outside the mansion with a unique fire magic; realizing the doll couldn't be Eve as she didn't possess such an ability, Adam angrily asked who she was and the Doll told him that she was Gallerian's daughter. Realizing Ma had lied, Adam spitefully revealed to Gallerian that Ma and Bruno Zero had hidden something from him as well, and refused to reveal what it was before returning to the forest.[31]

Evil's Theater

"How long will we continue this farce? There is nothing beyond that."

Sometime after, Adam awakened as "Gear" and was assigned the task of watching over Evil's Theater and keeping Heartbeat Clocktower running or else the awakened Clockworker's Doll would die.[33] Treating her coldly due to her not being Eve, Adam was later gifted a Black Box by the Doll,[34] coming upon the realization that she was his mother Maria.[35] He then dutifully performed his task day by day, observing his fellow inhabitants the Master of the Graveyard and the Waiter going about their own work.[36]

Greed kaito

Gear comments on the hopelessness of the search

In EC 990, when the clocktower's inner mechanisms became too deteriorated to function, Gear realized the Director Doll would soon die.[37] Desperate to fulfill his duty, he tore out his own heart and used it to connect himself to the tower,[38] siphoning the powers of the Marlon Spoon to keep the clock tower operational. As a result, the doll was healed and drained the spoon of its power,[39] leaving Gear as a shell of his vessel. After his sacrifice, Gear was unable to enter the main theater, confined to the clock tower he connected himself to.[40]

When Gammon Octo submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, Gear attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[41] He later attended the "trial" meeting the Master of the Court held in EC 998 to search for the vessel of Wrath, becoming annoyed with the pointless search.[42] Following the destruction of the world in EC 999, Adam's soul fused with one of the twins birthed by the Master of the Court, producing Adam.[34]


"Now, I wonder if the dying wish of Adam dwells in the spoon that became Gear? It's a touching effort that it came as a vessel fragment near the world's collapse in year 1000 but..."
―Gammon Octo[src]

Throughout the centuries following Adam's first death, Elluka Clockworker continued to notice the resemblance many male relatives of the Marlon Royal Family shared with Adam, eventually considering investigating the family to uncover a connection between them.[43] In EC 982, Adam and his wife's skeletal corpses were discovered while their long abandoned home was being demolished for the construction of Evil's Theater. Afterwards, a graveyard was constructed around the theater grounds.[44]

Arte, remembering her past incarnation's life, despised Josef for his resemblance to Adam.[45] Similarly, Kyle Marlon was mistakenly referred to by the Demon of Gluttony as the era's "Soul of Adam".[46] While reviewing the court "motions" in Evil's Theater, Gammon Octo queried if Adam's dying wish resided within the Marlon Spoon and manifested as Gear after the vessel awakened; although considering the effort touching, he didn't believe it would help with the world's destruction.[47]

Personality and Traits

Adam was a cruelly manipulative, yet deeply troubled man. From a young age, Adam's clearest emotions were that of loneliness and anger at the world. As a young child, Adam held hostility towards adults as a result of his suffering and was even quick to turn against his former mother figure. His emotional issues only increased after being adopted by Horus Solntse, not even feeling like a human being with how he was treated. By the time he was an adult, Adam described himself as feeling empty inside and, outside of all his other goals, he desired to fill that emptiness at any cost even if it meant becoming "evil". To this end, Adam settled on trying to obtain revenge for being robbed of a normal life with a normal family, desiring to overthrow Miroku's corrupt governing more from his personal grievances than a desire for a just government.

Adam showed little empathy with others and manipulated people as he saw fit, similarly willing to dispose of anyone who got in his way or whom he deemed worthy of his revenge.[48] As part of this, he took advantage of Eve's vulnerable state, while initially thinking nothing of brainwashing her and lying to her to make her easier to manipulate.[49] This manipulative personality worsened after Adam's death as a human. Dedicating himself to the duties of the Demon of Wrath on Seth's behalf, Adam would use the anger and hate of others to kill the objects of their vengeance and was even willing to go so far as to impersonate or allow impersonation of a loved one to make them act as he desired.[23] He carried these manipulations out without visible remorse, at least in one instance taking pleasure in mocking Gallerian who had made a contract with him under mistaken assumptions.[31]

Despite this, Adam's time with Eve gradually brought out other sides of him, and he came to care about her and her fate in spite of himself. These new feelings surprised Adam, and he initially denied them for the sake of his ambitions. When Project Ma failed, however, he was devastated by the psychological damage he'd caused Eve and admitted his concern for her.[48] By the end of Project Ma, Adam was wracked with guilt and dedicated himself to living a happy wedded life with Eve and helping her recover. Characterizing his guilt, Adam was also willing to cover for the crimes Eve committed in her delusion, deciding to bear her sins as his own when failing to fix what she'd done.[50] After his "death", however, Adam's love for Eve became obsessive as he sought to reunite with her again, considering them to be fated to attract each other and wanting to build a paradise together.[31]

As Gear, Adam acted stoic, calm, and observant, strongly contrasting with his own previous personality.[47] He also had a strong sense of duty, willing to make tremendous sacrifices for the sake of his mission. Because of this, he shared a certain devotion to the awakened Clockworker's Doll;[36] although initially resentful of her when he realized she wasn't Eve,[34] his loyalty to her was reignited when he realized the doll was the mother that had once been stolen from him.[35] Although normally reserved, he could be annoyed when provoked.[40]

Skills and Abilities

Adam was an excellent scientist,[51] demonstrated by being selected for directing the first Project 'Ma' and overseeing Eve's development as a test subject. His capabilities extended to his utilization of the Venom drug to brainwash Eve, allowing him to more easily manipulate her for the project.[6] Outside of his scientific studies, he was proficient in magic as well. Among his magical abilities included the powerful Swap Technique, allowing Adam to transfer a nearby soul, including his own, to another nearby body or object at will;[52] he could also conjure illusions.[31]

After cohabiting with Seth in Grim the End, Adam began leeching off the demon and borrowing his power. As a result, he was able to use the Demon of Wrath's power, capable of possessing and contracting with humans wielding the vessel. He could also communicate with his host through telepathy.[23] Aside from this, Adam was capable of impersonating an individual, appearing before his host in the being's guise, and allow the host to release blasts of energy from the vessel.[25] He could also summon the vessels of sin to himself, countering the alleged repel between them.[31] Despite this, he was presented with the same weaknesses as the demon, able to be sealed inside Grim the End.[53]

As Gear, Adam wielded all the powers of the Marlon Spoon. After transferring his magical power to the clocktower and the Master of the Court, he was assumed to be largely powerless.[40] His skill as a Leviantan scientist also appeared to translate to mechanical skill, able to monitor and keep the clocktower running for years.[54]

Character Connections

Eve Moonlit: Adam's wife. Adam initially saw Eve just as a means of gaining power over the Senate, but over time grew to really love her. He experienced guilt for using her after her miscarriage, becoming subservient to the witch as a result; Adam also tried to act as Eve's voice of reason and comforted her whenever she was upset. After death, this turned into an obsession to find her, believing they were fated to be together.

Maria Moonlit: Adam's mother. Adam cared about Maria deeply, and he was angered by the Seth and Senate taking her away from him, making her like a doll to be used as a puppet. Her disappearance motivated him to seek revenge, driving him to brainwash Eve.

Seth Twiright: A fellow scientist. Adam hated Seth due to the latter's role in his mother's disappearance; it was his goal to get revenge on Seth that motivated him to brainwash Eve. After running away to live in Elphegort, Adam dropped his desire for revenge and appeared able to tolerate cohabiting with the demon while in the Vessel of Wrath.

Hänsel: Adam's foster son. Adam wished the best for Hänsel initially, urging Eve to take him back to his mother and raising him when it was explained this was impossible. As his father, he hoped to get the boy involved in his woodcarving business, although hampered by Hänsel's low intelligence. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the boy during the famine in Elphegort, Adam experienced great regret for doing so and was shocked when he returned.

Gretel: Adam's foster daughter. Adam wished the best for Gretel initially, urging Eve to take her back to her mother and raising her when it was explained this was impossible. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the girl during the famine in Elphegort, Adam experienced great regret for doing so and was shocked when she returned.

Cain: Eve's biological child. While initially seeing Cain and Abel as means to gain leverage over the Senate, Adam came to care about them and consider them his own children as an extension of his love for Eve.

Abel: Eve's biological child. While initially seeing Cain and Abel as means to gain leverage over the Senate, Adam came to care about them and consider them his own children as an extension of his love for Eve.

Gallerian Marlon: A man Adam made a contract with. Adam only saw Gallerian as a means for him to be together with Eve in the Doll, having no qualms with apparently deceiving him into thinking the Doll was his daughter. He additionally was contemptuous and mocking towards Gallerian in person.

Adam: A soul Adam Moonlit fused with. Their fusion allowed him to gain a will; he also retained some of Adam's original personality and memories.

Master of the Court: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Although initially treating her coldly due to her not being Eve, Adam eventually grew to become completely devoted to her as Gear, seeing her survival as his sole duty and becoming willing to sacrifice everything in order to save her. Despite this, he did not agree with her ultimate goal to unite the vessels of sin and was annoyed by the "trial" she held.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Adam Moonlit is inspired by Adam from Judeo-Christian mythology; like his biblical counterpart, Adam shares a relationship with his Eve counterpart and does not take direct part in the creation of the Original Sin.
  • Adam's name is derived from Hebrew for "from the ground", linking him to greed's representation as the "soil" as well as other characters portrayed by KAITO who are associated with greed.
  • Gear's name alludes to his role in maintaining Heartbeat Clocktower, keeping the gears turning to keep the awakened Clockworker's Doll alive and eventually powering the clock tower himself.


  • In the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition booklet, Adam's mother is mentioned to have sired a child allegedly of virgin birth before the skeptical Senate took away the baby and had the infant thrown into a river to hide the baby's existence.
  • Gammon, while organizing the "court cases" for the Master of the Court, speculates that Adam's dying wish possibly resided in the Marlon Spoon and manifested as Gear when the vessel awakened.[47]
  • In the Capriccio Farce PV, the Servants' cry to search for Grim the End is complemented with a small commentary, "That idiot's up above", explaining their reasoning for not searching there.




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