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Adam, also known as Irregular, was one of the Irregular twins birthed by the Master of the Court. Born shortly before the world's destruction, he lacked a will, fusing with the soul of Adam Moonlit.


Early Life[]


Adam, along with his twin Eve, ended up in the womb of the Clockworker's Doll, Adam being shackled in red and blue chains.[1] While residing in the box-like space throughout the EC 990s, the Master of the Court sung the Clockwork Lullaby to the child.[2] In EC 999, Adam and Eve were born in the Millennium Tree Forest and burst out of the doll's womb area;[3] shortly after, they were destroyed by Punishment along with the rest of the forest.[4]

The End of Capriccio[]

At some point, Adam fused with the soul of Adam Moonlit, thus gaining a will. Returning to Elphegort, he used his power to rebuild Evil's Theater as his mother's new body, making it float. He then took up residence in the theater with Eve, Gammon Octo, Gallerian Marlon, and Michelle Marlon.[5] While there, he spoke with his twin Eve about their mutual desire to return everything to how it was.[6]

When Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, Sateriasis Venomania, Kayo Sudou, and Banica Conchita came to the theater to confront the "Sleep Princess", Michelle went to join Adam and Eve in the interior room of the theater and the three played while the confrontation played out. As Ma resurfaced from within Riliane and absorbed all the sin contractors, including Michelle, Eve and Adam ran to tell Gammon while he fought with the intruding Allen and Nemesis.

While Ma attacked the group, Adam heard his mother's voice from the ceiling; following her command, he prematurely initiated a Re_birthday on the theater despite Gammon's warnings.[5] Soon after, he and Eve collapsed,[7] being caught in the reformatting as part of their invocation of the Court ending; Adam then traveled to a repeat of the Third Period,[8] where he presumably became Adam Moonlit.

Personality and Traits[]

Due to dying almost immediately after his birth, Adam lacked a well developed consciousness, acting sluggishly and struggling to say more than a few words at a time. Despite this, he was a devoted child to his "mother"; this manifested in his persistence in acquiring the vessel of Sloth.[4]

After fusing with the spirit of Adam Moonlit, Adam gained a more pronounced will, as well as some of the original Adam's memories and personality; as part of this, he was a devoted child to the Master of the Court. However, his childishness still remained part of his behavior, such as whimsically making Evil's Theater float.[5] Most prominent among his motivations was to return the ruined world to how it once was, although aware that they could only do a repeat of things.[6]

Skills and Abilities[]

As an Irregular, Adam possessed the ability to perform the Re_birthday function with Eve, capable of remaking the world. Due to his component, Adam Moonlit, previously having been a "gear" in the clocktower, Adam was able to rebuild Evil's Theater from scratch and make it float.[5] He could also hear his mother Irina's voice via telepathy.[7]

Character Connections[]

Master of the Court: The vessel that held Irregular. Irregular viewed the Master of the Court as his mother, and was as a result loyal to her even before gaining a true will of his own.

Adam Moonlit: A soul that fused with Adam. Adam retained some of his personality and memories, including his devotion to the Master of the Court.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Adam is inspired by Adam from Judeo-Christian mythology; like his biblical counterpart, Adam shares a relationship with his Eve counterpart.
  • The term "irregular" means to not act according to established rules, laws, or customs; it also means to lack continuity or regularity in actions and also to not belong as part of a regular group or organization but rather be raised for a special purpose.


  • Prior to his fusion with the soul of Adam Moonlit, he was represented by Kagamine Len.
  • In the song Master of the Court, Irregular's name is written in Japanese kanji as 毒, meaning "poison", "evil influence", or "malice".
  • Incongruous with his later appearances, Adam's cameo in the Capriccio Farce PV depicts him with Allen Avadonia's clothing and the red and blue shackles attributed to the Kagamine Len character of Re_birthday; in the 2020 version of the Re_birthday PV, the song is attributed to Allen rather than Adam.
  • His clothes resemble Adam Moonlit's lab coat as it appears in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album.