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The Abelard Family[note 1] was a noble family living in Rolled, Lucifenia. Its members became infamous for their association with the criminal organization Père Noël.


Early History[]

Sometime during the late EC 500s, Irina Clockworker took up the pseudonym "Julia Abelard" and gained enormous affluence, forming the criminal organization of Père Noël. Buying a position in the Lucifenian nobility, the woman became a senator for the Lucifenian Republic, living in Rolled.[1] On December 27, EC 600, the orphaned Lemy was adopted from the local orphanage by Julia.

Criminal Administration[]

On August 18, EC 609, Julia was successfully elected as president of Lucifenia.[2] Following his murder of Ton Corpa on October 6,[3] Lemy joined Père Noël as its chief assassin, Fifth Pierrot.[4] Enacting a series of murders in Rolled throughout the following two years, Lemy was finally shot in the heart by Eighth Sniper during the early morning of December 26, EC 610.[5]

Afterwards, Julia resigned from the presidency on January 26, EC 611 and fled to Merrigod Plateau, hiding out in Pale Noël's tomb at Apocalypse Cliff. On January 29, Lemy revived from his coma and traveled to Merrigod.[6] In the early morning of January 30, Julia and Lemy confronted Elluka Clockworker and Eighth Sniper Gumillia at the tomb and dueled.[7] Lemy was shot dead by Gumillia two hours later and Julia relinquished her puppet body before self-destructing her true body shortly after.[4]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Abelard is the surname of a French philosopher; Lucifenia, the family's native country, is inspired by France.


  • While living under a different surname, Mayrana Blossom was outwardly labeled as Julia's sister and Lemy's aunt to the family.




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