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"Commander Aai is an excellent sort. But no more, and no less."
―Bruno Marlon[src]

Aai Freezis was the second president of the Freezis Foundation and the grandniece of Shaw Freezis. Instrumental in expanding colonization of the New World, she was ultimately selected as the company's new leader in the wake of Shaw's death, working closely with Vice Presidents Bruno Marlon and Nob Nicole to expanding their business exploits.


Early Life[]

Born to the Freezis Family in the 6th century EC, Aai joined the Freezis Foundation and helped develop her great-uncle Shaw's massive business conglomerate. Following the discovery of Maistia in EC 592, Aai worked to expand the foundation's business into the "New World".[1]

Change in Leadership[]

After her great-uncle's death on October 17, EC 609, the elderly woman was selected to become the new foundation president the following month.[2] Afterward, Aai charged her newly appointed vice presidents with helping manage the Foundation, tasking Bruno Marlon with handling the foundation's Evillious affairs while Nob Nicole was charged with overseeing the development of the New World.

During the ensuing months, Aai witnessed the two vice presidents argue over the foundation's policy repeatedly. Later on, Aai was scheduled to join Nob and Bruno with meeting the Lucifenian government at the Lucifenian Palace's Hall of Sounds on May 23 of EC 610 to discuss the New World's criminal activity before having a formal dinner in the Hall of Mirrors afterward.[1]

Meeting in Lucifenia[]

"But wouldn't Bruno surely have more of a reason to target Nob's life?"
"We've seen Vice President Marlon makes some suspicious movements recently."
―Aai and Willus Zorach[src]

That May 23, Aai and her vice presidents arrived at the Lucifenian Palace and entered the Hall of Sounds for the meeting with President Julia Abelard. After two and a half hours Aai rose with the other officials save for Julia, Nob, and Bruno, intending to change for the following soiree. Before she left, however, a Justea unit burst into the room.

Surprised, she listened while Officer Willus Zorach introduced himself and his partner Ayn Anchor, and became upset when he explained to the assembly that Nob's life was being targeted. When Julia calmly asked if he had any basis for the claim, Willus revealed Justea had been secretly investigating Bruno. Once asked, President Aai also confirmed there was friction between Bruno and Nob before pressing Willus for a stronger basis for his claim.

She then listened while the officer revealed Bruno had been sending manpower to Maistia despite the New World being under Nob's jurisdiction, as well as trying to take over Nob's projects. Willus then explained to the assembly how he and his partner believed that Bruno was connected to Père Noël and considered Nob to be a threat to the organization.

After the outraged Bruno argued they had no evidence, Aai was witness as the Justea officer instead offered evidence for believing Bruno was actually the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim, having had his face changed by Père Noël's "Seventh Magician" and taken Bruno's place. The officer asked Bruno to remove his shirt to confirm whether he had Kaidor's distinct twin dragon tattoo on his back, and Aai watched with the others as Bruno remained silent shortly before being arrested.[1] As a result, the outraged Aai and Nob grew suspicious of President Julia's earlier meetings with Bruno and demanded she resign from office over the following months.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

"She favors only flashy projects, and never turns her eyes to dirty work. It’s for that reason that a man like me has to support her from the sidelines."
―Bruno regarding Aai[src]

Aai was a patient and business-oriented woman, dedicating herself to expanding the Freezis Foundation's various ventures. While proving herself diligent and hardworking,[1] Aai readily indulged in the more glamorous aspects of her executive position, typically inattentive of the more potentially unsavory side of doing corporate business. Because of this, she put a great amount of trust in her vice presidents to help manage the Freezis Foundation both profitably and lawfully.[3] She also detested Père Noël, naturally outraged to discover Bruno and Julia's apparent connection to the criminal organization.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

Aai was a proficient businesswoman, able to contribute to the Freezis Foundation's extensive growth and be a major contributor to the development of the New World colonies.[1] Despite her immense wealth and influence as the Freezis Foundation's president, Aai largely delegated leadership to her subordinates rather than manage much of the company herself.[3] Aside from this, Aai was a capable diplomat and maintained a polite and friendly conduct while doing business.[1]

Character Connections[]

Bruno Marlon: One of Aai's subordinates. Believing him trustworthy, Aai initially paid little heed to Bruno's secret black market dealings and trusted him to manage the Foundation's affairs, the two having a cordial business relationship. As a result, she was shocked and outraged by his revealed Père Noël connections.

Nob Nicole: One of Aai's subordinates. Believing him trustworthy, Aai trusted Nob to handle Foundation affairs in the New World and the two of them had a cordial business relationship.



  • Aai's name shares its romanization with the Vocaloid Kaai Yuki, the representative Vocaloid of Yukina.